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Biggs zooms off the surface and into space, closely followed by an Imperial TIE fighter. The TIE ship fires several laserbolts at Biggs, but misses.

Biggs see the TIE ship behind him and swings around, trying to avoid him.

BIGGS: He's on me tight, I can't shake him...I can't shake him.

Biggs, flying at high altitude, peels off and dives toward the Death Star surface, but he is unable to lose the TIE fighter, who sticks close to his tail.

LUKE: I'll be right there.

Biggs and the tailing TIE ship dive for the surface, now followed by a fast-gaining Luke. After Biggs dives out of sight, Luke chases the Imperial fighter. In the foreground, the Imperial fighter races across the Death Star's surface, closely followed by Luke in the background.

LUKE'S X-WING FIGHTER - COCKPIT - TRAVELING: There is a shot from Luke's X-wing at the TIE ship, exploding in a mass of flames.

DEATH STAR: Darth Vader strides purposefully down a Death Star corridor, flanked by Imperial stormtroopers.

VADER: Several fighters have broken off from the main group. Come with me!

MASSASSI OUTPOST - WAR ROOM: A concerned Princess Leia, Threepio, Dodonna, and other officers of the Rebellion stand around the huge round readout screen, listening to the ship-to-ship communication on the room's loudspeaker.

BIGGS: (over speaker) Pull in! Luke...pull in!

WEDGE: (over speaker) Watch your back, Luke!


WEDGE: (over headset) Watch your back! Fighter's above you, coming in!

Luke's ship soars away from the Death Star's surface as he spots the tailing TIE fighter. The TIE pilot takes aim at Luke's X-wing.

The Imperial TIE fighter pilot scores a hit on Luke's ship. Fire breaks out on the right side of the X-wing. Luke looks out of his cockpit at the flames on his ship.

LUKE: I'm hit, but not bad.

Smoke pours out from behind Artoo-Detoo.

LUKE'S VOICE: Artoo, see what you can do with it. Hang on back there.

Green laserfire moves past the beeping little robot as his head turns. Luke nervously works his controls.

RED LEADER: (over headset) Red Six, do you see Red Five?

Technicians work in front of many lighted glass walls. One of the officers working over a screen speaks into his headset. In the war room, Leia stands frozen as she listens and worries about Luke. Dodonna watches quietly from one corner.

RED TEN: (over speaker) There's a heavy fire zone on this side. Red Five, where are you?

Luke spots the TIE fighter behind him and soars away from the Death Star surface.

LUKE: I can't shake him!

Luke's ship soars closer to the surface of the Death Star, an Imperial TIE fighter closing in on him in hot pursuit.

WEDGE: I'm on him, Luke! . . . . . Hold on!

Wedge dives across the horizon toward Luke and the TIE fighter. Wedge moves his X-wing in rapidly. Inside his cockpit, Luke reacts frantically.

LUKE: Blast it! Wedge where are you?

The TIE fighter pilot watches Wedge's X-wing approach and unleash a volley of laserfire on the Imperial fighter. The TIE fighter explodes, filling the screen with white light. Luke's ship can be seen far in the distance.

Luke looks about in relief.

LUKE: Thanks, Wedge.

Leia, Threepio, Dodonna and other Rebel officers are listening to the Rebel Fighter's radio transmissions over the war room intercom.

BIGGS: (over speaker) Good shooting, Wedge!

GOLD LEADER: (over speaker) Red Leader...

Gold Leader peels off and starts toward the long trenches at the Death Star surface pole.

GOLD LEADER: This is Gold Leader. We're starting out attack run.

Three Y-wing fighters of the Gold group dive out of the stars toward the Death Star surface.

Leia and the others are grouped around the screen, as technicians move about attending to their duties.

RED LEADER: (over speaker) I copy, Gold Leader. Move into position.

Three Imperial TIE ships exit a Death Star docking bay.

DARTH VADER'S COCKPIT: Darth Vader calmly adjusts his control stick as the stars whip past in the window above his head.

VADER: Stay in attack formation!

MASSASSI OUTPOST - WAR ROOM: Technicians are seated at the computer readout table.

GOLD LEADER: The exhaust post is marked and locked in!

Gold Leader approaches the surface and pulls out to skim the surface of the huge station. The ship moves into a deep trench, firing laserbolts. The surface streaks past as laserfire is returned by the Death Star.

GOLD FIVE'S Y-WING: Gold Five is a pilot in his early fifties with a very battered helmet that looks like it's been through many battles. He looks around to see if enemy ships are near. His fighter is buffeted by Imperial flak.

Gold Leader races down the enormous trench that leads to the exhaust port. Laserbolts blast toward him in increasing numbers, occasionally exploding near the ship causing it to bounce about.

GOLD LEADER: Switch all power to front deflector screens.

Three Y-wing skim the Death Star surface deep in the trench, as laserbolts streak past on all sides.

GUN EMPLACEMENTS: An exterior surface gun blazes away at the oncoming Rebel fighters.

GOLD LEADER: How many guns do you think, Gold Five.

GOLD FIVE: (over speaker) I'd say about twenty guns. Some on the surface, some on the towers.

Leia, Threepio, and the technicians view the projected target screen, as red and blue target lights glow. The red target near the center blinks on and off.

MASSASSI INTERCOM VOICE: (over speaker) Death Star will be in range in five minutes.

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