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Addictive Pretzels
Davita Cookbook: Game Day Recipes

Considering how tedious it is to make this snack, I can't rate it higher than three stars. The finished product is no doubt very good, but there are other Davita snack recipes that are just as good or better and much less tedious to make. You basically have to prepare every single pretzel in coating it and since they bake in the oven for an hour, you have to flip them every fifteen minutes. There's no practical way to flip them in large volume, so you have to flip each individual pretzel . . . times three.

On the plus side, this is a snack that doesn't need left overs refrigerated or frozen. Just leave a bowl on your coffee table and snack any time. Ingredients include unsalted pretzels, garlic powder, dried dill weed, Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing and Seasoning mix, and canola oil.

Almond-Cranberry Celery Logs
Davita Cookbook: Brunch Lovers Recipes

These are quick, very little preparation, very low in nutrient values, and taste good enough, but frankly, I like the classic stuffed celery better, and it would likely have lower nutrient values. Ingredients include medium celery ribs, mixed berry whipped cream cheese, 24 dried sweetened cranberries, and 12 whole almonds, dry roasted, unsalted.

I altered the recipe a bit. The recipe instructs you to put two cranberries and one whole almond on each piece (ants on a log). Seems like an odd way to apply a topping. I mashed the 12 almonds into pieces and finely chopped the 24 cranberries. This allowed me to sprinkle both the almonds and cranberries evenly over each piece. Now you have almond and cranberry topping with every bite.

Are You Kidding Me Artichoke Dip
Davita Cookbook: Holiday Gatherings

This rich and creamy dip features excellent nutrient values. The recipe suggests you can use celery sticks or toasted baguette slices, but I used Matzos crackers. This dip can be served cold, but I prefer it warmed up. Davita lists this dip as an appetizer, but it would also serve well as lunch or brunch.

Ingredients include frozen artichoke hearts, mayonnaise, sour cream, cream cheese, hot sauce, garlic clove minced, and Parmesan cheese. Nutrient values - Sodium: 106 mg, Potassium: 99 mg, and Phosphorus: 36 mg.

Brunch Nachos
Davita Cookbook: Brunch Lovers Recipes

This is not a five star replacement of the original dish, but it's certainly good enough to make again. There's not much point in adding the cheddar cheese, it's so little amount to spread across a large batch of nachos, I couldn't even taste the cheese in the finished product. This recipe you might want to adjust the ingredient amounts to fix exactly what you plan to eat. It's really not ideal for reheating or freezing.

The nutrient values are high enough you would want to keep your servings small - Sodium: 195 mg, Potassium: 260 mg, and Phosphorus: 193 mg. Ingredients include bell pepper, red onion, Roma tomatoes, cilantro, cooked turkey bacon, limes, sour cream, unsalted large size tortilla, cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, and eggs.

Cranberry Dip with Fresh Fruit
Davita Cookbook: Hearty Winter Dishes

This is an excellent snack with excellent nutrient values. The recipe instructs you to slice the four apples and four pears for dipping, but I sliced only one apple and one pear. This keeps the remaining fruit whole to preserve it's freshness until I'm ready to have another serving.

Ingredients include sour cream, whole berry cranberry sauce, nutmeg, ground ginger, fresh pineapple, apples, pears, and lemon juice. Nutrient values - Sodium: 8 mg, Potassium: 101 mg, and Phosphorus: 15 mg.

Creamy Cucumber Spread
Davita Cookbook: Easy Quick Fix Recipes

Davita's image of the Creamy Cucumber Spread is white, but mine is green. However, the recipe calls for green food coloring which I added. I think Davita forgot to put in the coloring in their finished product. No matter, this is a great dip, maybe not my top favorite Davita snack, but this is ideal for a yummy movie snack.

Even better, the nutrient values are low - Sodium: 100 mg, Potassium: 73 mg, and Phosphorus: 36 mg. Ingredients include cream cheese, medium cucumber, onion, mayonnaise, and green food coloring. I don't know if this can be frozen, but in this instance, it was a moot point. I had this out as an appetizer while having friends over. By the time they left, the bowl was completely empty.

Deviled Eggs
Davita Cookbook: Autumn Recipes

I never actually made Deviled Eggs before, so this was my first crack at it. It's surprisingly simple and a tasty snack. Ingredients include eggs, mayonaise, pimentos, black pepper, dry mustard, and paprika.

This is one of the recipes I did not make a big batch. From what I read, deviled eggs are not a good candidate for freezing. But I will have no problem finish off this plate the next few days.

Fig and Goat Cheese Crostini
Davita Cookbook: Holiday Gatherings

Review will be added later.

Ingredients include .
Nutrient values -

Grilled Corn Cakes (Arepas) with Cheese
Davita Cookbook: Holiday Gatherings

Review will be added later.

Ingredients include .
Nutrient values - Calories: 356, Protein: 15 g, Carbohydrates: 49 g, Fat: 14 g, Cholesterol: 42 mg, Sodium: 267 mg, Potassium: 22 mg, Phosphorus: 276 mg, Calcium: 279 mg, Fiber: 0 g.

Holiday Cheese Ball
Davita Cookbook: Home Cooked Holidays

I used Davita's photo because I forgot to take a photo of my version. Review will be added later.

Ingredients include .
Nutrient values - Calories: 140, Protein: 2 g, Carbohydrates: 4 g, Fat: 13 g, Cholesterol: 24 mg, Sodium: 131 mg, Potassium: 55 mg, Phosphorus: 32 mg, Calcium: 6 mg, Fiber: 0.3 g.

Honey Apple Rice Cakes
Davita Cookbook: Lucky New Year Recipes

Review will be added later.

Ingredients include .
Nutrient values - Sodium: 62 mg, Potassium: 98 mg, Phosphorus: 50 mg.

Pan-Fried Tofu With Dipping Sauce
Davita Cookbook: Plant Based Eating

The fried tofu is rather plain, but the sauce is very tasty.

Ingredients include .
Nutrient values - Sodium: 200 mg, Potassium: 176 mg, Phosphorus: 132 mg.

Pimento Cream Cheese Sandwiches
Davita Cookbook: Brunch Lovers Recipes

Another dish that's pretty easy to make, it's tasty, and filling. Combining cream cheese with plain bread didn't sound appealing to me, but with the pimentos and spices, it very good.

This is not a dish you would want to eat multiple servings in one day considering the sodium is high - 411 mg. Ingredients include whipped cream cheese, canned pimento, sugar, pepper, and bread.

Quick 'n' Easy Cheese Dip
Davita Cookbook: Autumn Recipes

I normally don't put garnishes on Davita recipes that call for it, it's often just for looks. This recipe already has green onion in the blend, but this garnish goes so well with this dip, I chopped up some more for the rest of the batch. Ingredients include green onions, cottage cheese, sour cream, Tabasco hot sauce, dill weed, garlic powder, and crumbled blue cheese.

The amount of hot sauce this recipe calls for is just the right amount. It gives the dip a bit of a bite, but not overpowering. I altered this recipe by replacing the blue cheese with feta cheese. I try blue cheese every few years to see if my taste has changed, but I just haven't acquired a taste for it. This dip is best served after it has chilled overnight in the fridge.

Sugar and Spice Popcorn
Davita Cookbook: Autumn Recipes

In the Davita image, it showed every single kernel was heavily coated with the sugar and spice topping. In reality, the amount of topping the recipe calls for barely coats less than half the kernels. Even worse, that's only the top layer of popcorn. It calls for eight cups of popcorn, but I made only four cups because I wanted to eat this snack freshly made and eight cups is too large of a serving for me.

I think Davita cheated on their image showing eight cups of popcorn drowning in topping. The nutrient values are real low and to keep it that way, next time I will use the same volume of topping, but only two cups of popcorn. I would rather eat less and make it a more flavorable snack. Ingredients include unsalted butter, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and air-popped popcorn.


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