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ANGLE ON RIPLEY AND NEWT: as the Drop-Ship rises right behind them, its hovering jets roaring. Newt sees it first.

NEWT: Look!

Ripley sees it too. She looks back at the lift. The creature is screeching maddingly at them, moving forward.

Ripley lifts Newt onto the loading stairs extending from the ship's side. She crawls up, turning to help Ripley up.

NEWT: Come on! Come on!

Ripley grabs on and crawls up.

Just as Ripley gets half-way up the ramp, a tremendous explosion rips through the complex below. She quickly moves inside, hitting the close button on the ramp, while running to a flight seat with Newt.

The explosion hits the ship, slamming it sideways. Its extended landing legs foul in a tangle of conduit, grinding with a hideous squeal of metal on metal.

INT. / EXT. DROP-SHIP - STATION: Ripley cradles Newt and begins strapping in. Bishop wrestles with the controls.

The landing legs retract, ripping free, but still trailing some debris. Ripley slams her seat harness home.

RIPLEY: Punch it, Bishop!

The entire lower level of the station disappears in a fireball. The air vibrates with intense heat waves and concussions. The Drop-Ship engines fire. Ripley is slammed back in her seat.

The ship vaults out and up, Bishop standing it on it tail, pouring on the gees. Ripley and Newt see everything shake into a blur.

EXT. STRATOSPHERE: The Drop-Ship lunges up out of the cloud layer into the clear high night.

Below, the clouds light up from beneath from horizon to horizon. A sun hot dome of energy bursts up through the cloud layer, whiting out the frame. The tiny ship is slammed by the shockwave, tossed forward...and climbs, scorched but functioning, toward the stars.

INT. DROP-SHIP - COCKPIT / CLOSE ON BISHOP: as he checks over the instruments for damage. All is fine. They have survived. He picks up the inter-ship mike.

BISHOP: It's okay. We're okay.

INT. DROP-SHIP: Ripley hears Bishop's words and closes her eyes, relieved. They made it. She looks at Newt in her lap.


Newt looks over at her.

RIPLEY: We made it.

NEWT: I knew you'd come.

Ripley smiles and kisses her. They turn and look out at the welcoming stars of space.

EXT. DROP-SHIP - SPACE: The tiny ship rockets upward, heading back home to the Sulaco.

INT. SULACO CARGO LOCK - IN ORBIT - LATER: The scorched and battered ship once again sits in its drop bay, steam blasting from cooling vents beside the engine. Rotating clearance lights sweep around the large chamber.

INT. DROP-SHIP: Ripley inspects the comatose Hicks. Bishop and Newt are beside her.

BISHOP: He's going to be alright. He's just out. I had to give him another shot for the pain.

Ripley starts to lift the seat restraint to take him out, but Bishop stops her.

BISHOP: We need a stretcher…to carry him up to medical.

Ripley nods and lowers the restraint back. They leave the ship.

INT. CARGO LOCK - DROP-SHIP: The group appear, coming down the loading stairs.

BISHOP: I'm sorry if I scared you. That platform was just becoming too unstable. I had to circle and hope things didn’t get to rough to take you off.

He stops under the back landing leg of the ship. Ripley catches up and stops before him.

RIPLEY: did okay.

BISHOP: I did?

TIGHT ON RIPLEY: as she looks at Bishop. It's hard to admit it, but she does.

RIPLEY: Oh yeah.

They hear a sizzle sound from below Bishop. Looking down, they see a tiny innocuous drop of liquid splash onto the deck next to Bishop's shoe. SSSSS. A hole begins to form.

Acid. Something bursts from Bishop's chest, spraying Ripley with milk-like android blood. It is the razor-sharp scorpion tail of the Alien Queen. Driven right through him from behind. Ripley pushes Newt back out of the way, onto the floor. Bishop thrashes, spraying white blood out of his mouth. He seizes the protruding section of tail in his hands, as it slowly lifts him off the deck and up to the Queen's chest.

Above them, the Queen glowers from its place of concealment among the hydraulic mechanisms inside the landing-leg bay. It blends perfectly with the machinery until it begins to emerge.

Seizing Bishop in two great hands, it rips him apart and flings him aside, shredded, like a doll.

Bishop's upper-half lands hard on the deck near the front of the Drop-Ship. His milky blood covers him. Bishop looks over at what did this to him.

The Queen descends slowly to the deck, the rotating lights glistening across its shiny black limbs, dripping acid and rage. It is huge, powerful...and very pissed off. It descends, it's six limbs unfolding in inhuman geometries. Ripley moves with nightmarish slowness herself, staring hypnotized...terrified to break and run. Never taking her eyes off the creature, she motions to Newt with her hand.

RIPLEY: Go. Move.

Newt crawls slowly backward. The Queen sees her and HISSES.

Ripley waves her arms, decoying.

RIPLEY: No! Here! Here!

CLOSE ON QUEEN: as she turns her attention to Ripley and hisses. Her open jaws filled with long, sharp, translucent teeth. Drool drips from her open maw.

Ripley slowly backs away. She calls to Newt.


Newt gets up and runs to an open maintenance hatch in the deck, dropping in.

ANGLE FROM BEHIND RIPLEY: as she waves at the alien to keep its attention. The Queen looms in front of her, standing sideways on the landing strut, ready to attack.


Ripley slowly lowers her arms and backs up carefully. Not carefully enough. The Queen sees her movement and doesn't approve.

CLOSE ON QUEEN: as she hisses at Ripley again. Ripley notices an open cargo bay behind her.

She spins, sprinting toward it. The creature leaps for her, moving like an out-of-control locomotive. Its feet slam, echoing, on the deck behind her.

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