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They are blown off the walls that they cling to by Ripley's pulse-fire.

She keeps firing, now focusing all her rage on the burning eggs. They explode on contact with the bullets. Ripley fires until there is only 12 rounds left in the gun.

She stops and pumps the slide on her grenade launcher. Fires. The grenade punches deep into the Queen’s egg sac and explodes, ripping it open from within. Eggs and tons of gelatinous matter spray across the chamber floor.

Ripley pumps and fires again and again and again. Four times into the egg sack. The Queen is crazy with rage.

NEWT: Let's go!

Ripley and Newt begin backing into the exit tunnel. She continues to fire the flame unit into the chamber, igniting eggs. Newt looks behind them.

NEWT: Behind us!

Ripley turns and blows away an approaching drone. It drops to the floor. Ripley unloads the rest of her ammo into it. Grabbing Newt, she moves around a corner.

Unslinging the bandolier of grenades, Ripley primes one, and throws the whole thing as far as she can into the egg chamber.

Scooping up Newt, she dashes into the catacombs and is hurled forward by the shock wave of multiple explosions.

INT. EGG CHAMBER: The explosions around the Queen have caused her supports to break, dropping her into the flames around her. She lashes out in pain and anger, and pulls herself free from the egg sac, ripping away and dragging torn cartilage and tissue behind her.

INT. CATACOMBS - CORRIDOR: Ripley and Newt run, blindly, with panting intensity verging on hysteria. She sees one of the flares dropped earlier and turns.

Sees another, Ripley sprints toward it as the foundations of the world shake. Rounding a corner, Ripley finds the stairs she came down and dashes up them.

At the top, the entire superstructure rocks as another explosion ignites within the heart of the station. Ripley holds on and then keeps going.

Upon rounding a corner, she sees the lift. Ripley sprints to it, gasping for breath, and hits the up button. Nothing. She hits it again and looks up the shaft for the elevator.

RIPLEY'S P.O.V.: as she SEES the lift slowly coming down the shaft. Flame billows all around it.

Ripley moves to the adjacent lift and hits the up button. The sound of lift motor's whine as it begins its slow descent as well from several floors up. She is frantic, hitting the buttons over and over again, hoping for some faster action.

An enraged screech echoes in the corridor behind them. Ripley turns, eyes wide with terror. She begins hitting the buttons again.

RIPLEY: Come on! God damn it!

The SCREECH again. Closer. She looks up the corridor once more and sprints for a nearby ladder going up.

RIPLEY: Hold on to me!

She begins to climb, just as the silhouette of the Queen rounds a corner and slowly makes it's way up the corridor. Ripley backs down the ladder.

The Queen sees them and hisses. Ripley hears the lift and looks back to SEE it stop and open for them. She races into it and jams the up button.

RIPLEY'S P.O.V.: as the Queen quickly moves it's way up the misty corridor, screeching at the top of it's lungs. Ripley drops Newt and readies her weapons to fire.

The lift cage slides closed just in time as the Queen comes up to it. Ripley fires her flame thrower through the cage. The Queen screeches and reels back. Ripley continues firing until the unit runs dry. The Queen notices this, but the lift doors close to quickly for an attack.

The elevator starts upward quickly. Ripley and Newt hug the back wall, terrified. A large explosion nearby rocks the lift.

ANGLE DOWN THE SHAFT: We see the elevator coming up. Some debris falls on its roof with a bang as a huge fireball slightly engulfs the lift.

INT. CORRIDOR: The second lift reaches bottom, the doors rolling open for anyone. The Queen looks over and freezes, as if contemplating the open lift cage.

INT. ELEVATOR - PLATFORM: The ride up is not comforting as explosions constantly shake the tiny lift and its occupants. The mechanical voice of the warning system is heard again. It is much shorter now.

VOICE: You now have two minutes to reach minimum safe distance.

The lift reaches the top and Ripley and Newt hustle out onto the platform. Ripley looks around through wind-whipped streamers of smoke and she sees...nothing. The ship is gone.


The platform is completely empty. Ripley looks up and shouts an outrage at the final betrayal.

RIPLEY: Bishop! God damn you!

She slumps over in defeat, breathing heavy. A sound behind her catches her attention. She moves over to the adjacent lift cage and looks down.

ANGLE DOWN THE SHAFT: showing the second lift slowly coming up. Clouds of fire explode all around it. Ripley and Newt back away from the doors. She checks her gun. The counter reads empty. Ripley drops the weapons.

Picking up Newt, they back up toward the railing. There is no place to run.

Multiple explosions detonate in the complex far below and all around.

Huge fireballs well upward through the machinery. The platform bucks wildly.

Nearby, a cooling tower collapses with a thunderous roar and the shriek of rending steel. Chaos and destruction totally surround them, offering no reprieve. The lift stops. Ripley and Newt stare transfixed as the safety cage opens.

Flashes from the explosion give a glimpse of the apparition within. Then, it moves in full view. The Queen has come.

RIPLEY (to Newt, low) Close your eyes, baby.

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