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NEWT: Right up here. It's just up here.

RIPLEY: Hicks!

NEWT: We're almost there!

Ripley doesn't see the group and panics. Looking the other way, she notices that Newt is getting too far ahead.

RIPLEY: Newt! Wait! Newt!

She has to make a choice, to stay and wait for everyone or follow Newt. She decides and quickly runs to catch up with girl.

Vasquez comes to the intersection where Hicks and Gorman were, but they have moved on ahead. She blasts a few more creatures and the pulse-rifle go empty. Dropping the weapon, she pulls out her service pistol and runs up the shaft after the group. Vasquez passes under an overhead air duct and looks up just in time to see a warrior screeching down the vertical shaft, right towards her. She fires.

It falls next to her, rolling and writhing around. She wrestles it and manages to slam the thing's head against the wall with her foot.

VASQUEZ: Oh yeah!

She fires into it's head.

Acid-blood spills out and hits her ankle, searing into her leg. She grits her teeth against the white-hot pain. Vasquez pushes the creature away and moves clear of it, firing her last two shots into it. The alien rolls and bounces around the shaft in it's death throes. Hicks and Gorman stop at the corner Ripley was at earlier and look back for Vasquez.

HICKS: Vasquez!

Vasquez is sprawled out on the shaft's floor on her stomach. She moans out in pain, while managing to eject the magazine from her pistol.


Gorman hits Hicks on the back and runs back to help Vasquez. He comes up just as the pain hits her in full.

VASQUEZ: Ohhhhh! Ohhhh, nooooo!

Gorman grabs her underneath the arms and starts dragging her toward safety.

Just then, one of the creatures breaks through an air duct grating in the tunnel's floor in front of them. Gorman pulls out his pistol and fires at it's head.

The bullets just bounce off its armored skull.

INT. SHAFT JUNCTION: Ripley, Newt and Hicks reach a large metal housing and Newt crawls inside.


NEWT: Up there, there's a short-cut across the roof.

It is a junction of several shafts, including a vertical duct with ladder rungs leading up to an exterior vent hood.

The "floor" is actually the top of a large blower drum, a vained cylinder. The room is tall enough for all three of them to stand up fully. Ripley crosses to the ladder, seizes a rung to steady herself, and reaches back for Newt.

RIPLEY: Hicks!

Hicks lifts Newt up and hands her over to Ripley. Newt grabs onto the ladder and holds on firmly.

INT. AIR SHAFT: Gorman unloads his pistol into the alien. Finally killing it. But, it's too late. They are cut off on both sides as the tunnel is blocked by incoming aliens. They crawl along the shaft like multi-armed freaks.

VASQUEZ: You always were an asshole, Gorman.

Gorman pulls out an M-41A grenade and palms it. Vasquez is barely conscious. He looks around the tunnel, seeing the closing creatures, and pops off the safety top on the grenade, pressing the detonator stub. Vasquez hears it and looks over.

She seizes his hand in a deathly grip, but we recognize it as the "power greeting" she shared with Drake...something for the chosen few. Gorman returns the grip. One of the aliens begins to strike with it's jaws, but it's not fast enough.

The tunnel explodes in fire and debris. The explosion sends a powerful blast of flame up the tunnel.

INT. SHAFT JUNCTION: Hicks is crouched by the door to the ventilation room when it hits. The blast knocks him over and dislodges Newt from the ladder. She falls onto the blower drum, causing it to rotate.

Newt slips nightmarishly through a narrow gap into another duct, a chute angling into the depths at a 45 degree angle. She catches the lip of the chute and holds on.

RIPLEY: Newt! God!

NEWT: Ripley!

RIPLEY: Newt! Hicks! Hicks, get her! Hurry!

Hicks jams his pulse rifle into the drum, stopping the rotation. Then, both Ripley and Hicks lunge into the gap with their arms out to reach her.

RIPLEY: Hold on, Newt!

NEWT: I'm slipping!

RIPLEY: Don't let go!

NEWT: Ripley!

RIPLEY: Hold on!

NEWT: Heelllppp!

RIPLEY: I gotcha'! I gotcha'!

Ripley seizes the sleeve of Newt's oversize jacket, just as she looses her grip and slips out of it. With an echoing scream, Newt plummets, sliding down the chute into darkness, disappearing around a bend. Ripley yells after her.

RIPLEY: Newt! No!

The shaft recedes into darkness.

No answer. Hicks pulls her up out of the gap.

HICKS: Come on! We can find her with this!

He shows her the Locator from his belt, it beeps slowly. Ripley nods, then yells down the chute into darkness.

RIPLEY: Stay where you are, Newt!

A plaintive call from the darkness is heard. Echoey, distorted, terrified.

NEWT (o.s.): Ripley!

RIPLEY: We're coming!

INT. STAIRWELL / CORRIDOR: Kicking out a ventilator grille, Hicks emerges onto a stairwell landing, followed by Ripley. They rush down the stairs as fast as possible.

INT. SUB-BASEMENT: Newt is in a low grotto-like chamber, filled with pipes. It is flooded, almost up to her neck. She looks around, stroking the doll's head that she is still carrying.

NEWT: Ripley!

INT. STAIRWELL / CORRIDOR: Hicks and Ripley reach the bottom of the stairs and sprint along a corridor, intent on the locator's signal. The signal beeps faster as they close in on Newt.

HICKS: This way. She's close.

RIPLEY (shouting): Newt!

INT. SUB-BASEMENT: Newt is wading around, looking everywhere for unexpected visitors.

NEWT: Ripley!


RIPLEY: Where are you! Can you hear me!

INT. SUB-BASEMENT: Newt hears footsteps and voices. She looks up.

RIPLEY (o.s.): Newt!

NEWT: Here!

She climbs up on some pipes toward the overhead grilling.

NEWT: I'm here!

RIPLEY (o.s.): Where?

INT. CORRIDOR: Newt's tiny fingers wriggle up through the bars of the grate work in front of Ripley and Hicks. They stop and drop down by them.

Ripley squeezes the child's precious fingers and shines her light through the floor grating to see Newt's face.

RIPLEY: Newt. Are you okay?

Newt nods. Hicks grips the grating and tries to pull it up. No success.

HICKS: Let's cut it.

RIPLEY: Climb down, honey. We've gotta' cut through.

Hicks unsnaps his welder and flips up the guard screen.

INT. SUB-BASEMENT: Newt climbs back down into the water. She looks up and watches Hicks.

INT. CORRIDOR: Hicks cuts into the bars. The torch emits a blinding blue light that illuminates the corridor. Ripley blocks off the glare to her eyes with her light as she looks down into the sub-basement.

RIPLEY: Newt...

INT. SUB-BASEMENT: Newt looks around as the blue sparks rain down into the water next to her.

RIPLEY (o.s.): ...Now, don't move. Stay very still.

NEWT: Okay.


RIPLEY: We're almost there. Hang in there, okay?

Hicks' motion tracker comes to life. It's beeping doesn't go unnoticed. Ripley looks over and picks it up. A blob of white dots are moving onto the screen.

RIPLEY: Hicks!

HICKS: I know.

RIPLEY: Hurry!

HICKS: I know!

RIPLEY: I mean it!

TIGHT ON TORCH FLAME as it quickly cuts through the bars on the grating.

INT. SUB-BASEMENT: Newt is starting to look very frightened now as she continuously scans the room. The blue sparks showering blindly beside her. Tight on underside of grating as the flame cuts through, turning the metal into liquid and sparks.

INT. CORRIDOR: Ripley is watching the motion tracker closely. She jerks away and looks down at Newt.

RIPLEY: Newt! Newt, just stay still!

INT. SUB-BASEMENT: Newt, standing shoulder deep in water, watches sparks fall as Hicks cuts. Silently, a glistening shape rises in one graceful motion from the water behind her. It stands, dripping, dwarfing her tiny form. She turns and screams as the shadow engulfs her.

INT. CORRIDOR: Ripley panics, hearing the screaming below, then splashing.

HICKS: All most there!


She and Hicks kick desperately at the grating, smashing it down.


Ripley lunges into the hole with her light. The surface of the water reflects the beam placidly. Newt is gone. Bobbing in the water, eyes staring, is "Casey", the doll head. It sinks slowly, distorting, vanishing in darkness.

Hicks pulls Ripley away from the hole. She struggles furiously, trying to tear out of his grip.

RIPLEY: Nooo! Nooooo!

HICKS: Let's go!

RIPLEY: They don't kill you! They don't kill you! They...she's alive! she's alive!

HICKS: Alright! I believe you! She's alive! But, we've gotta' go! Now!

He drags her down the corridor toward an elevator, not far away at the end of the tunnel.

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