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GORMAN: Alright, I guess. One hell of a hangover. Look, Ripley... I just wanna...

RIPLEY: Forget it. Excuse me.

She shoulders by him into the Med-Lab. Burke watches her as she goes by. Gorman turns to see Vasquez staring at him with cold, slitted eyes.

INT. MED-LAB - ANNEX: Ripley crosses the deserted lab, passing through the annex to the small O.R. where she left Newt.

INT. SURGERY: Entering the darkened chamber, Ripley looks around. Newt is nowhere to be seen.

On a hunch, she kneels down and peers under the bed. Newt is curled up there, jammed as far back as she can get, fast asleep. Still clutching 'Casey'. Ripley stares at Newt's tiny face, so angelic despite the demons that have chased her through her dreams and the reality between dreams. Ripley lays the rifle on top of the cot and crawls carefully underneath. Without waking the little girl, she slides up behind Newt and slips her arms around the child. Newt cries out, a vague inarticulate plea.

RIPLEY: It's okay. It's okay.

EXT. UP-LINK TOWER - VIEW OF AP-STATION: A view of the processing station from the colony landing field. Great streaks of lightning shoot out from the station, lighting the sky and ground all around.

Pan over to Bishop f.g., standing in the wind at the base of the telemetry tower. He has a Test-Bay Panel open and the portable terminal patched in. His jacket is draped over the keyboard and monitor unit to protect it from the elements and he is typing frenetically.

One of the commands he types causes the dish on the array to swivel and stop. He watches it and then continues typing.

He punches a few more keys and then hits a white button marked 'ENABLE."

INT. SULACO CARGO LOCK - IN ORBIT: The drop-bay is empty and silent, with the remaining ship brooding in the shadows. Rotating clearance lights come on. Hydraulics whine to life.

Drop-Ship Two moves out on its overhead track and is lowered into the drop-bay for launch-prep.

INT. SURGERY: TIGHT ON RIPLEY as she awakens with a start. She checks her hour has passed. She sees something and freezes. Across the room, just inside the door to the Med-Lab, are two stasis cylinders. They are on their sides with the tops hinged open and the suspension fields switched off. They are both empty. Ripley realizes the inescapable certainty of a lethal presence.

RIPLEY: Newt. Wake up.

NEWT: Wha....?

RIPLEY: Be quiet. We're in trouble.

Newt nods, now wide awake. They listen in the darkness for the slightest betrayal of movement. Ripley reaches up and, clutching the springs of the underside of the cot, begins to inch it away from the wall. When the space is wide enough, she cautiously slides herself up between the wall and the edge of the cot, reaching for the rifle she left lying on top of the mattress.

Her eyes clear the edge of the bed. The rifle is gone. She snaps her head around. A scuttling shape leaps towards her. She ducks. The obscene thing hits the wall above her. Reflexively, she slams the bed against the wall, pinning the creature inches above her face. It's legs and tail writhe with incredible ferocity. Newt screams.

RIPLEY: Move, Newt!

Newt slides out from under the cot. Ripley, in a frenzied scramble, rolls from underneath the bed.

She flips it over, trapping the creature underneath. They back away, gasping. The creature scuttles out from beneath the bed and disappears under a bank of cabinets in a blur. Ripley and Newt head toward the door, moving as if every object in the room has a million volts running through it. They reach the door. Ripley hits the wall switch. Nothing happens. Disabled from the outside. They try pushing the door open manually, but it is jammed.

They move to the observation window. She and Newt pound on the window. From the outside, they look like mimes because no sound gets through the double thickness of the window. Ripley looks down on a table outside the room and sees her rifle laying on it.

NEWT (shouting): Help!

Ripley looks around and spies the surveillance camera. She quickly moves over to it and waves her arm in a circle while yelling.

RIPLEY (shouting): Hicks!

NEWT (shouting): Help! Somebody!

INT. OPERATIONS: TIGHT ON THE VIDEO MONITOR SHOWING Ripley waving her arms. There is no sound, a surreal pantomime.

HICKS (voice over, into mike): Uh, say again, Bishop. You've got it into outer refuel mode and the sequencing, right?

A hand enters frame and switches off the monitor. Ripley's image vanishes.

WIDER: As Burke straightens casually from the console. Hicks is talking via headset with Bishop in the background and hasn't noticed Ripley's plight or Burke's action.

BISHOP (voice over, static): That's right!

HICKS (voice over): Okay, good. Stay on it.

BISHOP (voice over, static): That's where I am now!

HICKS: Get back to me when you've activated the launch cycle.

BISHOP (voice over, static): Roger!

HICKS: He's at the up-link tower.


BURKE: Terrific.


RIPLEY (shouting): Hicks! Hicks! Hicks!

NEWT (shouting): Help! Help!

RIPLEY (shouting): Hicks! Help us!

NEWT: Break the glass! Break it. Break it.

RIPLEY: I'll try.

Ripley picks up a steel chair and slams it against the observation window. It bounces back from the high-impact material. She tries again to no success, knocking over some equipment. She drops the chair and backs against the window. Ripley studies the room. She hears the facehuggers scurrying around on the floor.

NEWT: Ripley...I'm scared.

RIPLEY: Me too.

Ripley steadies herself, realizing Newt's horror and the child's dependence on her. She gets an idea.

RIPLEY: Stay here.

She removes her lighter from a jacket pocket. Moving cautiously across the room, she lifts the lighter and strikes it under the temperature-sensor of a fire-control system sprinkler head. It triggers, spraying the room from several sources with water. An alarm sounds throughout the complex. Newt runs to her, hugging her tight.

INT. OPERATIONS: Hicks jumps at the sound of the alarm, finally identifying its source among the lights flashing on his board.

HICKS: It's the Med-Lab!

He bolts for the door, yelling into his headset as he moves.

HICKS: Hudson, Vasquez, meet me in Med-Lab! We've got a fire!

HUDSON (voice over, filtered): We're on our way!

Hicks grabs a fire extinguisher as he quickly runs to the source of the problem. Gorman following him.

INT. SURGERY: Ripley and Newt are drenched as the sprinklers continue to drizzle in the darkness.

RIPLEY: They're coming, Newt.

Ripley is eye-level with a complex surgical multi-light. She looks into its tangle of arms and cables, inches away. Looks away. Her eyes snap back. Something leaps at her face.

She screams and falls, splashing to the floor. Newt shrieks and scrambles away as Ripley hurls the creature off of her. It slams against a wall, uprights itself, then skitters across the floor straight toward her. She scrambles desperately, pulling equipment over as she moves, clawing across the floor in a frenzy of motion.

The creature leaps at her face. She grabs it with both hands, forcing the pulsing body back for her face. Newt screams abjectly, backing away, until she is pressed up against a desk next to a wall. The thing's tall whips around Ripley's throat and begins to tighten, forcing the underside of its body close to her. Ripley thrashes about, knocking over equipment, sending instruments clattering.

ANGLE ON NEWT: As crab-like legs appear from behind the desk, right behind her. She sees it and, thinking fast, jams the desk against the wall, pinning the writhing thing’s tail. The desk jumps and shudders against all the pressure her tiny body can bring to bear on it.

She wails between gritted teeth as the second creature’s segmented tail slowing pulls free an inch at time as it works toward her. The team of soldiers' appear outside the room, with Hicks leading. He immediately sees what's going on inside.

HICKS (to Hudson): Shoot it out!

Hudson shoots a burst of pulse-fire into the observation window, shattering the tempered glass. Hicks dives into the crazed spider-web pattern and explodes into the room. He hits rolling, and slides across to Ripley. Hudson, Gorman and Vasquez leap into the room after Hicks. Gorman and Vasquez rush to help Hicks pull at the creature and Ripley.

NEWT: Hudson!

HUDSON: Jesus! . . . . . Christ kid, look out!

He flings Newt away from the desk to go skidding across the wet floor, and blasts the second creature against the wall and floor. Point-blank. Acid and smoke.

HUDSON: Fucking die!

Hicks and Gorman have got their fingers around the thrashing legs of the vicious beast and are pulling it away from Ripley's face, though Ripley is losing strength as the tail tightens sickeningly around her throat. Vasquez appears at Ripley's side and grabs the tail, helping to unwind it's writhing length like a boa constrictor coil from her throat. Hicks gets the rest of it free. All of them grip the struggling shrieking creature.

HICKS: Over there! Ready?!



Hicks and Gorman hurl the thing into a corner. WHAM! Vasquez gets it clean with her rifle. Ripley collapses in Hicks’ embrace, gagging. The alarm and sprinklers shut off automatically. Newt runs up and hugs her.

HICKS: Hudson?!

HUDSON: Yeah, all clear. I nailed the other one. It's history, man.

HICKS: Jesus.

RIPLEY (coughing): was Burke.

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