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He falls over a railing, dropping like a lit match into the dark heart of the complex.


Hicks and Crowe turn, horrified, to see the human torch drop his flaming satchel of pulse-rifle magazines. Hicks grabs Crowe, pulling him away from the burning ammo.


They turn and run. BOOM! They are catapulted forward by the blast, with Crowe striking a pillar head-on.

INT. HOLD - APC: Ripley watches Crowe's monitor spin and go black. Frost and Dietrich's have turned to static break up. Their bio-readouts go flat-line.

GORMAN: Jesus Christ! Apone, what is going on?!

Hicks shows up on Hudson's P.O.V.

HICKS: Weirzbowski and Crowe are down!


APONE: Crowe!...

HICKS: Dietrich...Frost, off the board!

APONE: ...sound off! Frost! Frost!

Hicks turns over Crowe's dead body. He turns at the sound of someone yelling off to his side.

HICKS: Wierzbowski! Wierzbowski!

INT. HOLD - APC: We SEE Wierzbowski's P.O.V. spinning and then become static.

INT. COCOON CHAMBER: Vasquez looks over at Drake with a grim satisfaction.

VASQUEZ: Let's rooock!!

They OPEN UP simultaneously. Vasquez moves ferret-quick in a pivoting dance. Thunder and lightning. Better than sex for her.


GORMAN: Who's firing, goddamnit?! I ordered a hold fire!

INT. COCOON CHAMBER: TIGHT ON VASQUEZ as she and Drake blast the hive walls with bullets, their bodies illuminated by strobes of muzzle blasts from the weapons.


INT. HOLD - APC: Gorman stares at the APC monitors in shock, his mental state starting to collapse since he doesnít know what to do and his orders are not being met.

GORMAN: I ordered a hold fire!

HUDSON (voice over): They're coming out of the walls!

INT. COCOON CHAMBER: Vasquez and Drake start leading the other troopers toward the exit tunnel.

HUDSON: They're coming out of the goddamn walls! Letís book!

INT. HOLD - APC: Gorman looks as if he is going to lose it at any moment. He is pale and covered with sweat.

VASQUEZ (voice over, static): On your right, man!

GORMAN: Apone...

HUDSON (voice over, static): Do iiittt!!

GORMAN: ...I want you to lay down suppressing fire with the...


GORMAN (voice over, static): ...incinerators and fall back by squads to the APC, over.

APONE: Vasquez! Drake! Hold your fire, goddamnit!

GORMAN (voice over, static): Apone...are you copying this? Lay down a suppressing fire with the...


GORMAN: ...incinerators and fall back by squads...

INT. COCOON CHAMBER: Apone is spinning in place, looking all around him for the unseen enemy and trying to listen to Gorman.

GORMAN (voice over, static): the APC, over.

APONE: Say again! All after incinerator!


GORMAN: I said, I want you to lay down a suppressing fire with the incinerators and fall back...


GORMAN (voice over, static): squads to the APC, over.

Apone spins, isolated in the dense smoke. Can't see anything. Suddenly, his eyes snap upward to see one of the creatures above. He raises his flamethrower to fire. But, heís not fast enough.

INT. HOLD - APC: Apone's monitor whites out as his flamethrower fires, then SPINS CRAZILY. Sounds of a vicious struggle...then rolling static.

HUDSON (voice over, static): Eeeaahhh! Sarge! Sarge!

GORMAN: Apone?

HICKS (voice over, static): Sarge!

GORMAN: Talk to me?

HUDSON (voice over, static): He's dead, man!

HICKS (voice over, static): Top! You copy!

HUDSON (voice over, static): Ah, man! He's gone!


RIPLEY: He's gone!

CLOSE-UP ON MONITOR: Showing different soldiers' P.O.V.'s of the surrounding battle.


GORMAN: Shut up!



Ripley grabs a headset from the counter and yells into it.

RIPLEY: Hicks! Who's ever left, get the hell out of...

Gorman rips the headset out of her hand.

GORMAN: Just shut up!

RIPLEY: God Damn it!!

TIGHT ON P.O.V.'s: As we see the soldiers' running around and yelling into each other's helmet cameras.

HICKS: Where's Apone?! Where's Apone?!

HUDSON: The sarge is gone! Let's get the fuck out of here!

HICKS: Hudson! Move it! Let's go, Marines!

DRAKE: Let's move it, Vas! Let's move it!

GORMAN: Hudson? Vasquez?

HICKS: Hudson! Look out!

HUDSON: Get it!

We SEE Hicks come up and blow away one of the o.s. creatures with his twelve-gauge on the monitor.

HICKS: Hudson!

GORMAN: Hi-Hicks...

HICKS (voice over, static): Move it! Fall back! Fall back!

Gorman is ashen. Confused. Gulping for air like a grouper. How could the situation have unraveled so fast?

GORMAN: I told them to fall back.

HICKS (voice over, static): Fall back, goddamn it, now!

VASQUEZ (voice over, static): Come on! Move it! Move it!

GORMAN: I told them to fall back.

RIPLEY: They're cut off! Do something!

But, he's gone. Total brain lock.

HICKS (voice over, static): Let's go, Marines! Let's move it!

TIGHT ON RIPLEY: As she struggles with a decision. She's terrified...of what she knows she's about to do. But, more than that, she's furious. Shouldering past a paralyzed Gorman and a stunned Burke, she runs up the isle of the APC.

HICKS (voice over, static): Come on! Keep moving, baby!

Ripley comes up to Newt, sitting in one of the soldiers' seats, and locks the harness down over her.

RIPLEY: Hold on, Newt.

Ripley jumps into the driver's seat of the APC. Taking a deep breath, she starts slapping switches. Gorman suddenly comes back to his senses upon hearing the APC startup.

GORMAN: Ripley, what the hell are you doing?!

She slams the tractor into gear.

EXT. APC : As the drive-wheels spin on the wet ground, the massive machine leaps forward, moving down the narrow corridor.

INT. DRIVER'S CABIN - APC: Gorman lunges into the driver's cabin and grabs the steering controls, causing Ripley to loose control of the vehicle momentarily.

GORMAN: Turn around!

EXT. APC: The temporary loss of control scraps the APC along the corridor's wall. Sparks fly.

INT. DRIVER'S CABIN - APC: Gorman is trying his best to stop Ripley from going any further.

GORMAN: Thatís an order!

Newt pushes up the seat's harness and moves down into a corner on the floor of the APC.

GORMAN (voice over): Turn this thing around!

RIPLEY (voice over): Get off me, damnit!

GORMAN: Goddamnit! That's an order!

Burke rushes up and pulls him off Ripley and places him in co-pilot seat.

BURKE: You had your chance, Gorman!

INT. / EXT. APC: Ripley comes to a descending rampway and slams the left and right drive-wheel actuators viciously, spinning the machine in a roaring pivot. The APC hits the corridor's wall sideways and then keeps on moving.

INT. ESCAPE CORRIDOR: Hicks, supporting a limping Hudson, appears from a smoky corridor. Drake and Vasquez bring up the rear, taking out the closing creatures with accuracy.

HICKS: Come on!

VASQUEZ: Come on, Drake!

EXT. APC: The APC roars down into the smoky structure. Emerging from a cloud of smoke that covers the corridor.

INT. DRIVER'S CABIN - APC: TIGHT ON RIPLEY: As the smoke from the cloud clears, Ripley looks out and SEES a wall of alien-encrustation directly in path of the vehicle. She braces for impact.

EXT. APC: The APC smashes through the wall, showering debris everywhere. Another wall is broken as the APC continues to move forward into the chamber beyond. As the APC comes to a halt, alien debris is scattered all around the vehicle.

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