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Dolby 3D= Dolby 3D Cinema Theater
IMAX 3D= IMAX 3D Cinema Theater
RealD 3D= RealD 3D Cinema Theater

European Theaters Prepare
For Upcoming 3D Films

In another step on the road to cinema digitization in Europe, leading exhibition group Odeon-UCI said it is planning on digitizing 111 of its 200 cinemas in Europe. Move will cost Ł4 million ($6 million), chief exec Rupert Gavin told the Daily Telegraph.

Doremi Cinema to Equip Odeon/UCI’s Digital Cinema Expansion

Doremi Cinema has been selected by Odeon/UCI, Europe’s largest cinema operator, to supply the next phase of its Digital Cinema expansion with DCP-2000 servers enabling 3D playback. Beginning this month, Doremi will equip 70 new Odeon/UCI screens throughout the UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Austria bringing the total number of DCI compliant screens to 111.

Dutch indie theatres embrace digital cinema with AAM deal

Dutch independent chain the Amsterdam Booking Company (ABC) has signed a digital cinema rollout deal with Arts Alliance Media (AAM) to convert 68 screens in 20 theatres. AAM will hope it represents a significant breakthrough in a stalled D-cinema conversion programme in Europe.

ABC then plans to follow that up with a flurry of 3D specials such as Up (Pixar/Disney), Ice Age 3 (Twentieth Century Fox), Planet 51 (Sony Pictures), and James Cameron's Avatar (Twentieth Century Fox).

To date, AAM has installed 420 digital cinema screens in Europe across the UK, France, Spain and Norway. The company is currently completing the 400-screen rollout in France's Circuit George Raymond (CGR Cinémas).

RealD Partnering with Odeon and UCI for the Installation of 500 Digital 3-D Systems Across Europe

REAL D teams up with ODEON and UCI to bring 3D cinema to Spain and Italy, with aggressive expansion in UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, & Portugal. REAL D, has finalized an agreement with more than 1600 screens, to install up to 500 REAL D 3D cinema systems in theaters across Europe.

Sound Associates Installs 3D Projection Systems for Odeon Cinemas

ODEON and UCI Cinemas, Europe’s largest cinema operator, is currently installing dozens of new 3D screens as it further extends its network of DCI-compliant Digital Cinema screens in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany & Austria.

Sound Associates, the UK‘s leading cinema equipment integrator, is installing the 31 systems for phase 1 in the UK. As part of the strategy, ODEON & UCI will triple its coverage of 3D digital screens in response to the wealth of 3D blockbusters due for release in 2009.

By the end of March, over 100 sites across Europe will be equipped for 3D, with 52 screens in the UK alone, more than any other UK exhibitor. Following its site survey of each location, Sound Associates assembled, configured and tested each system at its facility in West London prior to installation.

XPAND powers 3D cinema in Xtreme Cinemas in Czech Republic

XPAND has powered four Xtreme Cinema theaters in the Czech Republic to provide 3D movie-going experiences. XPAND's new X101 series 3D glasses and other system components were installed by Xtreme Cinema's technical support and service arm, XCData Ltd., in theaters in Prague, Louny, Sokolov and Dobrany. Xtreme Cinemas Ltd is currently pursuing the expansion of its cinema network into the Slovak Republic, Hungary and Poland.

XPAND has just rolled out the X101 Series 3D active glasses in a sleek, new model providing increased efficiency, durability, customer comfort and exhibitor convenience. Having more than 400 installations in digital cinema venues worldwide, with a leading market position in Europe, XPAND has taken a commanding lead in the 3D technology race to deliver superior stereoscopic active technology.

Portugal Avatar Day

The IOLCinema and the Castello Lopes Multimédia have 80 tickets for the exclusive viewing of 20(?) minutes of “Avatar”, the film appears in Portugal December 17. Fans will have a chance to view select scenes in continuous sessions in two cinemas of Lisboa and two cinemas in Porto.

I translated this the best I could with a translator, but Portugal visitors should read the information below in Portuguese for accuracy. Also click on the source link above for more information . . .

Dia 21 de Agosto, em Portugal - e um pouco por todo o mundo - serăo apresentados 20 minutos de «Avatar» aos făs de James Cameron, o realizador responsável pelo ęxito de «Titanic», o filme mais visto de sempre no cinema. o filme tem estreia marcada para Portugal a 17 de Dezembro.

Oferecemos-lhe a possibilidade de assistir em primeira măo e em 3D as imagens do filme numa das oito sessőes previstas para o efeito em dois cinemas de Lisboa e dois do Porto. Serăo duas sessőes contínuas em cada um dos cinemas.

Dia 21 de Agosto: Lisboa - Uci El Corte Inglés, ŕs 18h45 - 20 convites duplos; Zon Lusomundo Colombo, ŕs 19h00 - 20 convites duplos; Porto - Zon Lusomundo Norte Shopping, ŕs 19h00- 20 convites duplos; Uci Arrabida, ŕs 18h45 - 20 convites duplos

Movieplex Cinema Bucharest Bulevardul Timisoara 26 BucharestDolby 3D
Alucine Sagunto ValenciaDolby 3D
Cinema Andalucia 2000, SL Ctro Com. Neptuno, Local 33 18004 GranadaDolby 3D
Cines El Moro PetrerDolby 3D
Kinepolis Granada Blvd. Billy Wilder s/n 18197 Pulianas, GranadaDolby 3D
Kinepolis Calle de Edgar Neville s/n Ciudad de la Imagen Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid Dolby 3D

Spain Avatar Day

Cinesa theaters will feature the highly anticipated 15 minute selected scenes of Avatar at Cinesa Diagonal - Barcelona, Cinesa Projections - Madrid, Cinesa Festival Park - Palma de Mallorca, and Cinesa Artea - Bizkaia.

Here is their announcement in Spanish: CINESA te invita el 21 de agosto a disfrutar en nuestros cines de CINESA Diagonal (Barcelona), CINESA Proyecciones (Madrid), CINESA Festival Park (Palma de Mallorca) y CINESA Artea (Bizkaia) de un avance en 3D de AVATAR de la mano de James Cameron. Sé el primero en viajar a Pandora!

En la aventura épica AVATAR, James Cameron, el director de “Titanic”, nos lleva a un espectacular nuevo mundo más allá de nuestra imaginación.

En una lejana luna llamada Pandora, un héroe inesperado se embarca en un viaje de autosalvación y descubrimiento mientras lidera una heroica batalla para salvar una civilización. La película fue ideada por Cameron hace 14 ańos, cuando los medios técnicos, no permitían hacer realidad su visión.

XpanD and Yelmo Cines Strengthen Spain’s 3D Marketplace With Major Expansion of 3D Cinema Chains

XpanD, a worldwide authority in 3D cinemas and technology platforms, announced today their collaborative venture with Yelmo Cines, one of Spain’s largest cinema chains and the country’s second largest programmer, in conjunction with Suministros Kelonik, Spain’s leading equipment installer.

Considered distinctive trendsetters that deliver quality and cutting-edge cinema technologies, Yelmo Cines will heighten their movie-going experience with plans to add several unique 3D theatres in the coming year.

Yelmo Cines, which has a prominent presence with 370 screens and growing, a driving annual attendance over 12 million and a leading position, will continue to help drive the digital expansion by installing 29 XpanD 3D screens in 2009, six which are already operating. XpanD 3D technology perfectly unites through a seamless system, the most absolute realism in 3D imagery available in today’s market.

Spanish cinema to show off its wares

The message Spanish cinema is pushing about itself these days is that there is an industry beyond the familiar names of Pedro Almodovar and Alejandro Amenabar. And as the Madrid de Cine Spanish Film Screenings kick off Sunday, the industry is looking to show buyers there's more to Spanish cinema than its two favorite sons.

"It was very important that Isabel Coixet was in Competition at Cannes," said Beatriz Setuain of Imagina Sales, which will screen its thriller "25 Karats." "That generates more interest in the industry from abroad and we can show how international and varied our productions are."

Organized by Spain's Producers Federation, FAPAE, this year's screenings will showcase more than 50 recent Spanish productions to 132 buyers from 31 countries, including 11 confirmed acquisition executives from the U.S. Sellers agree that while they would prefer the dates to be somewhere in winter, coming straight after Cannes has its benefits.

Directory of 3D Theaters Worldwide

World Map Africa region Asia Pacific region Middle East region South Asia region Europe region North American region South American region

Europe | Austria | France | Germany | Italy | Poland | Russia | United Kingdom

Kinepolis Brugge Konig Albert I-Lann 200 B 8200 Brugge Dolby 3D
Kinepolis Eeuwfeestlaan 20 1020 Brussels Dolby 3D
Kinepolis Gent Ter Platen, 12 9000 Gent Dolby 3D
Kinepolis Hasselt Via Media, 1 3500 Hasselt Dolby 3D
Kinepolis Imagibraine Boulevard de France 1420 Braine l'Alleud Dolby 3D
Kinepolis Kortrijk President Kennedylaan 100a 8500 Kortrijk Dolby 3D
Kinepolis Leuven Bondgenotenlaan, 145 3000 Leuven Dolby 3D
Kinepolis Ličge Multi NV Chaussee de Tongres 200 4000 Rocourt Ličge Dolby 3D
Kinepolis Oostende Koningin Astridlaan 12 8400 Oostende Dolby 3D
Imagix Mons, Boulevard Andre Delvaux 1, Mons RealD 3D

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Belgium Avatar Day

Here is the Google translated message from . . .

Avatar 3D - You want absolute avant-premičre attend a preview of long-awaited "Avatar 3D"? Then this is your chance! James Cameron and Twentieth Century Fox organize the world on Friday 21 August a unique showing of extraordinary footage from the movie 10 minutes in 3D.

Sign up now for this exceptional preview, because the number of places is limited. Moreover, the tickets for free, so what are you waiting for?

After your registration will be confirmed after a few days if you follow the happy part. Deze zal je nodig hebben om toegang te krijgen tot de zaal. This will need you to access the room.

Sofia - Arena VarnaDolby 3D
Sofia - Mtel IMAX Theatre, 101 Stamboliiski Blvd. IMAX 3D

Bulgaria Avatar Day

Our Bulgaria visitors should click on the link above for accuracy. Here is the Google translated message from Cinema City. . .

Answer the question correctly and be one of the 150 - you viewers watched scenes of the long-awaited film "Avatar." Be among the first to see exclusive shots of the long-awaited 3D epos James Cameron - Avatar. 150 responded correctly selected at random will be able to attend the event.

The invitation is valid only for one. If you want to share the experience with your friends, invite them to register. The event will be held on August 21 from 19:00 at Cinema City Mall of Plovdiv. Deadline August 20, 12:00. The winners will be announced at 13:00 and will receive their invitation by e-mail. It is valid only for participants from Plovdiv.

Bio Rex Verkatehdas Helsinki FinnKino HelsinkiDolby 3D
Tapio Kauppakatu 27b 80100 JoensuuDolby 3D

Marousi Attiki - Odeon Kosmopolis, 73 Kifisias & PournaraDolby 3D
Attiki - Odeon Starcity 111 Syngrou & Leondiou 11 745 Dolby 3D
Ioannis Rendis - Village Park 20 Cinemas, 228 Thivon Av. And ParnassouRealD 3D
Maroussi - Village Cinemas at the Mall 35, Andrea Papandreou StreetRealD 3D
Paleo Faliro - Village 9 Cinemas, Moraitini StrRealD 3D
Village Cinemas at Mediterranean Cosmos, 11th Kilometer N.R. - Neon Moudanion PyleaRealD 3D
Odeon Cineplex Plateia 43, Tsimiski Ave. & 38 Vasileos Irakleitou Str.Dolby 3D

Arena Plaza Kerepesi Str. 9 Lajos Str. 48-66Dolby 3D
Corvin Budapest FilmpalotaDolby 3D
Palace West End Cinemas, West End Shopping Mall; Vaci u. 1-3, BudapestRealD 3D

Hungary Avatar Day

Cinemacity's Avatar Day message for Hungary did not translate very well at all thru the Google translator, so I simply copied and pasted the site's info here for our Hungary visitors . . .

AVATAR exkluzív összeállítás – digitális 3D

LÉGY AZ ELSO KÖZÖTT, AKIK FELFEDEZHETIK A PANDORA BOLYGÓT!: AUGUSZTUS 21. 20.00 - Foglalj jegyet magadnak és a barátaidnak*, hogy elsoként nézhessétek meg az exkluzív és egyedülálló összeállítást 3D-ben James Cameron legújabb alkotásából, a világpremierrel egy idoben!

Musoron: A film rendezojének rövid, 3D-s köszöntoje - Kb. 15 perces különleges, 3D-s összeállítás az év végén mozikba kerülo, Avatar címu filmbol. Látványos akcióelemekkel dúsított footage, amibol kiderül, hogy mit várhatunk az idei év egyik legnagyobb durranásának ígérkezo filmbol.

Különleges, ingyenes és egyszeri vetítés csak a Cinema City Arénában! * foglalásonként (on-line, telefonos) / jegyvásárlásonként egy tranzakció alatt max. 4 jegy adható ki. A jegyeket egy órával a filmkezdés elott legyenek szívesek átvenni, mert felszabadítjuk a foglalásokat. Megértésüket köszönjük!

Reykjavik - Myndform Kvikmyndahusid ehf / LaugarasBio, LaugarasiRealD 3D
Reykjavik - Sambioin Kringlunni, Kringlunni 4-6RealD 3D
Reykjavik - Samboin, Alfabakki 8RealD 3D

Iceland Avatar Day

For Iceland's Avatar Day, I don't have a proper translator to convert this site's message. All I do know is that it says, 'Iceland Lucky to have Avatar Day.' So I simply copied and pasted the site's info here for our Iceland visitors . . .

Íslendingar heppnir ađ fá Avatar daginn: Kvikmynda -unnendur, -nerđir sem og ađdáendur James Cameron um heim allan hafa veriđ ađ blogga síđustu daga af mikilli sorg.

Ţetta kemur fram á helstu kvikmyndasíđum á netinu um helgina. Ástćđan er sú ađ ţađ eru bara alls ekkert öll kvikmyndahús sem ćtla sér ađ halda Avatar daginn, annađhvort nenna ţeir ţví ekki eđa hafa ekki réttu grćjurnar til ađ sýna myndina í ţrívídd. Ţađ komast ţví fćrri ađ en vilja á heimsvísu til ađ sjá ţennan merkilega viđburđ.

Cork - Gate Cinema, The GateRealD 3D
Dun Laoghaire Lower Georges St.Dolby 3D
Limerick - Odeon Storm Cinemas - Limerick, Castleroy Shopping CentreRealD 3D
Meath - Showtime Cinemas, Ashbourne Retail Park, CoRealD 3D
Waterford - SGC Cinema Dungarvan, Town Centre, Dungarvan, CoRealD 3D
Wexford - OmniPlex Wexford, North Drinagh Strand, Rosslare RoadRealD 3D
Cineworld Cinemas Dublin, Parnell Centre; Parnell StRealD 3D
Movies @ Dundrum, Green Car Park; Town Centre, Co 14RealD 3D
Movies @ Swords, Unit F24, Pavilions Shopping Centre, Swords, Co RealD 3D

Ireland: Omniplex cinema rolls out digital 3D in Galway

The Omniplex Cinema in Galway, along with its sister cinemas across Ireland, will be the first in the country to lead the way in the digital 3D revolution. The following feature films will be available in Galway in digital 3D format during the remainder of 2009:

Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (opening July 3), G-force (July 31), Final Destination (August 28), Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (September 18), Toy Story (October 2), Up (October 16), A Christmas Carol (November 6), and Avatar (December 18).

Through Omniplex’s providers Digital Cinema Limited, Omniplex will use the latest BARCO digital projection equipment with MASTERIMAGE 3D technology for the above films. Audiences viewing a film presented in Masterimage 3D will be given a pair of plastic 3D glasses to watch each film. There will be a total of 13 digital 3D feature films released in 2009 and this number will increase by 50 per cent in 2010.

Ireland: Limerick cinema to go 3D

LIMERICK'S OMNIPLEX is to go 3D next month, becoming the first cinema in the area to offer movie-lovers the complete cinema experience. Omniplex Cinemas have announced a €1,000,000 rollout of Digital 3D installations in Omniplex Limerick, as well as Newry, Santry and Galway.

Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs will be the first film to be shown in 3D in the Omniplex, opening on Friday, July 3. "The Omniplex will be the first cinema in Limerick to have 3D - we are really looking forward to it, it will be fantastic," said Omniplex manager Olivia White when contacted by the Limerick Leader.

Screen Five in the Dooradoyle cinema - the Omniplex's second biggest theatre - is currently undergoing work to change it over to the 3D standard, with the installation of a special screen. The cinema are to use the latest Barco digital projection equipment with Masterimage 3D technology. Digital projection is the key enabler for modern 3D technology, making the viewer's experience more seamless and enjoyable.

Ireland: Multiplex Cinemas and RealD Announce Exclusive Digital 3D Partnership

Irish Multiplex Cinemas (IMC), one of Ireland’s leading innovators in the film entertainment business, and RealD, the world’s leading outfitter of 3D-enabled theatres, announced that IMC will add RealD 3D capabilities to each of its multiplex locations for a total of fourteen RealD 3D-enabled screens.

Servicebioscoop Zien, Keizergracht 19, Eindhoven 5611 GCRealD 3D

Bergen Kino Neumannsgate 3 5015 BergenDolby 3D

Norway Avatar Day

Our Norway visitors should click on the link above for accuracy. Here is the Google translated message from . .


Be among the first in the world to see 3D images from James Cameron (Titanic) new movie AVATAR epos. The view is free and lasts for about 20 minutes. Get tickets for all of Oslo's cinemas, first come, first serve! Tickets can not be ordered online.

In this fantastic action adventure is the creator of Titanic, James Cameron, with us at Pandora, a new and spectacular world. Jake (Sam Worthington), a paraplegic soldier goes on a journey that will change his life forever.

Movieplex Cinema Bucharest Bulevardul Timisoara 26 BucharestDolby 3D
Hollywood Megaplex, Str. Calea Vitan Vitan Nr. 55-59, Bucharest, Sector 3RealD 3D
Hollywood Megaplex Cinema Pro, Str. Ion Ghica Nr. 3, Bucharest, Sector 2RealD 3D
Hollywood Multiplex Lotus Oradea, Str. Nufarului NR. 30, Oradea, Judetul BihorRealD 3D

Stockholm - Cosmonova, Museum of Natural History IMAX 3D
SF Bio Bergakungen, Sk,gatan 16 B, 40222RealD 3D
SF Bio Filmstaden Malm., Storgatan 22, Malm.142RealD 3D
SF Bio Filmstaden Malm., Fredsgatan 14, Malm.2 12RealD 3D
SF Bio Heron City 8, Dialoggatan 2, Kungens Kurva, Sk.olmen (Stockholm) 14175RealD 3D
SF Bio Sergel, H.get, Stockholm 10391RealD 3D
SF Bio Filmstaden Ume., .tra R.usgt. 2D, Ume.0109RealD 3D
SF Bio Filmstaden Uppsala, V.ra .atan 16, Uppsala 75149RealD 3D

Aargau - Cinema 8 AG, Feldackerstrasse 1, SchoftlandRealD 3D
btwil - Cinedome - KITAG Kino-Theater St. Gallen AG, BildstrasseRealD 3D
Bern - Jura - KITAG Kino-Theater Bern AG, BankgaesschenRealD 3D
Emmenbruecke - Maxx - KITAG Kino-Theater Luzern AG, SeetalplatzRealD 3D
Lucerne - IMAX® Theatre, Swiss Transport MuseumIMAX 3D
Wetzikon - Palace, BahnhofstrasseRealD 3D
Zuerich - Abaton - KITAG Kino-Theater Zuerich AG, HeinrichstrasseRealD 3D
Zuerich - Metropol - KITAG Kino-Theater Zuerich AG, BadenerstrasseRealD 3D

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