The X-Files
Fight the Future Soundtrack

Original score composed by Mark Snow. All tracks have been digitally mastered using HDCD technology.

X Files: I Want To Believe Soundtrack

The X-Files
I Want To Believe Soundtrack

Having spent the bulk of the past few years scoring episodes of ONE TREE HILL and SMALLVILLE, Mark Snow luminously returns to his roots, providing the eerie backdrop to X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE.

Snow's ability to switch from white-knuckle tension to heart-pounding drama is prevalent throughout this score. Throughout, the haunting theme song from THE X-FILES television series makes its reappearance. Frightening and lively, Snow's score makes it difficult not to believe in the goings-on.

X Files - Fight the Future

Thirty-seven thousand years ago, a deadly secret was buried in a cave in Texas. Its discovery may mean the end of all humanity.

When a terrorist bomb destroys a building in Dallas, FBI Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) are drawn into a dangerous conspiracy surpassing anything they've ever encountered.

With the dubious assistance of a paranoid doctor (Martin Landau), Mulder and Scully risk their careers and their lives to hunt down a deadly virus which may be extraterrestrial in origin--and could destroy all life on earth.

Their pursuit of the truth pits them against the mysterious Syndicate, powerful men who will stop at nothing to keep their secrets safe, leading the agents from a cave in Texas, to the halls of the FBI and finally to a secret installation in Antarctica which holds the greatest secret of all.

The X-Files moves to the big screen, offering "everything a great action-thriller should: intelligence, excitement and awesome special effects." (Sixty Second Preview)

X-Files I Want To Believe

For the devoted viewers of THE X-FILES, there can be few things more exciting than hearing the familiar notes of Mark Snow's theme song at the beginning of THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE.

This cinematic follow-up to the series picks up years after it ended, but the characters are still the same ones that audiences loved. Fans who followed the show religiously (and was there any other way to watch it?) won't be surprised to learn that Mulder (David Duchovny) is currently living in hiding, still researching the paranormal while he grows a shaggy beard.

Meanwhile, Scully (Gillian Anderson) is working as a doctor at a Catholic hospital. When an F.B.I. agent goes missing, the bureau calls on the pair to return to their old work.

The paranormal element of their case is found in Father Joe (Billy Connolly), a former priest who is having psychic visions and leading the team from the F.B.I. to evidence to help them solve their case. Mulder and Scully return to their roles of believer and skeptic as they join in the search.

The X-Files Per Season DVD Sets

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The Real Science Behind the X-Files

Simon uses specific X-Files episodes as springboards for broader discussion. X-philes who enjoy these and similar stories will learn plenty of biology in the bargain; as Simon explains extraterrestrial bacteria, cloning, genetic mutations, biological warfare, the ominous decline in the world's population of frogs and the likelihood of extending the human life span.

Excerpt: It is interesting to speculate on why the hermaphroditic condition evolved in manysimple animals but not in mammals or birds. Some parasites like tapeworms spend theirentire life inside other organisms, living a bachelor existence while making theirhosts miserable.

Coming in contact with a tapeworm of the opposite sex would beproblematic if only single worms can infect hosts; evolution would therefore favorthe worm that was self-sufficient. Being a hermaphrodite also means that you canexplore new frontiers and colonize new habitats all by yourself. However, this isn'ttrue of all hermaphrodites. Many if not most animals that are hermaphrodites can'ttango alone and therefore need another member of their species for procreation.

X Marks the Spot: On Location with the X-Files

Having spent the bulk of the past few years scoring episodes of ONE TREE HILL and SMALLVILLE, Mark Snow luminously returns to his roots, providing the eerie backdrop to X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE.

A behind-the-scenes look at "The X-Files" and its stars, written by two location managers who worked on every episode during its five seasons in Vancouver. 40 photos.

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