Tron: Legacy: It's Your Call: Initiate Sequence [Paperback] - click for details

Tron: Legacy: It's Your Call:
Initiate Sequence [Paperback]

In this It's Your Call format, the reader is the main character, Sam Flynn. The books are written in second person and allow you to choose the protagonist's path-- for good, or ill!

Tron: Legacy: Out of the Dark [Paperback] - click for details

Tron: Legacy:
Out of the Dark [Paperback]

Twenty years ago, Sam Flynnís father vanished without a trace. Left alone, Sam grew into a young man. Haunted by the events from so long ago, Sam searches for clues that might shed light on his fatherís disappearance. He finds none.

Still, every year, he marks the anniversary of his fatherís disappearance with a daredevil stunt. The routine--and the result--is always this same. But this year, he receives a mysterious message that will change everything . . . and perhaps get him out of the dark.

Tron: Betrayal: An Original Graphic Novel [Paperback] - click for details

Tron: Betrayal:
An Original Graphic Novel [Paperback]

This 128-page graphic novel prequel will bridge the story between the first Tron film from 1982 and the upcoming Walt Disney Studioís film, Tron: Legacy.

The Art of Tron: Legacy [Hardcover] - click for ordering details

The Art of Tron: Legacy [Hardcover]

The160-page high-end book, The Art of Tron: Legacy takes fans inside the art and design of the upcoming film Tron: Legacy. The book will showcase beautiful concept illustrations, set designs, character bios, images from the film, and an afterword by the film's director, Joseph Kosinski. The landscape trim format, striking jacket image and a color treatment made specifically to bring the world of Tron to life, make this stunning addition to anyone's collection.

Tron: Legacy: Derezzed [Paperback] - click for details

Tron: Legacy: Derezzed [Paperback]

Sam Flynn is about to enter a new world. It is a world full of unknown enemies, hi-tech gadgets, and mysterious allies. There is danger at every turn. But you are in luck! Unlike Sam, you have this insiderís look at all things Tron. Find out what powers the Grid and what a Recognizer is and how Sam might survive this new landscape. Everything you need to know will be . . . derezzed.

Tron: The Movie Storybook [Paperback]

Sam Flynn is the rebellious 27-year-old son of Kevin Flynn, a computer programmer who disappeared when Sam was just a child.

When Sam looks into his fatherís disappearance, he finds himself pulled into the same world of brutal programs and gladiatorial games where his father has been living for almost 25 years.

Along with Kevinís loyal confidante, Quora, Kevin Flynn and his son Sam must embark on a life-and-death voyage across a visually-stunning cyber universe to put an end to the evil Clu and his reign of this digital world.

Tron: The Movie Storybook [Paperback] - click for details

Tron Volume 1: Ghost in the Machine (v. 1) [Paperback]

Jet Bradley, son of original TRON programmer Alan Bradley, has recently escaped the computer world.

But his experiences within cyberspace have left him emotionally scarred - vivid nightmares plague him, and he's become paranoid and unstable.

He shuns technology wherever possible, leaving him effectively crippled in the modern world.

And now something within the computer world wants him back!

Inspired by Disney's groundbreaking, science-fiction motion picture classic, TRON: Ghost in the Machine takes place in present day, over two decades after the events of the original film.

Tron Volume 1: Ghost in the Machine (v. 1) [Paperback] - click for details

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