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IMDB GOOF: Norwegian pulls the same grenade out of the box twice.

"Bullshit, Bwana." . . . Nauls

A number of things wrong with this bogus goof:

1) First of all the grenades are identical, nothing distinguishes one from the other.

2) This is not a case of reusing the same footage, he holds the grenade release trigger in a different angle, in the second shot. So undoubtedly two separate scenes were filmed.

The first grenade (left image), he yanks the pull pin. The second grenade (right image) the pull pin remains attached even after he gets out of the helicopter.

3) When he opens the box, we naturally assume the latch seen is placed at the center of the box. You can count at least three slots above the latch, therefore there should be at least three slots below the latch. . . .

Unless Norwegians defy the standard the entire world uses of putting single latches on the center of boxes, and for some weird reason place the latch off to the side somewhere.

4) The first grenade is grabbed from the third slot from the bottom. The bottom slot is always off screen, there is no proof the goof submitter can claim the bottom slot is empty. This is where the second grenade must be pulled from.

His arm blocks the entire view from the point of retrieval, so there's no proof that goof submitter can claim it was pulled from the same slot. . . . unless the goof submitter has X-Ray eyes and can see through a coat arm.

Also, the scene of the second grenade, it starts with the grenade already pulled out of it's slot, there's no visual showing what slot it came from.

IMDB GOOF: When they have the Norwegian in the US base on the medical table, you can see the "dead" man blink once.

"This is bullshit, Mac!" . . . Palmer

When the Norwegian is on the medical table, his face is seen for less than a half second before Doc pulls the sheet over his head.... and not a single blink.

The same for the earlier scene when they have him placed on the ping pong/pool table - not a single blink.

Now just a note to add, there is a deleted scene where Garry is inspecting the dead Norwegian and the actor blinks.

A deleted scene shouldn't even qualify as an official goof. But if they must insist, at least explain it's a deleted scene!


Firearms in the Antarctica

This is not actually listed as a goof, but I thought I would add this side note here. Why would a science team require firearms?

It's been suggested if food supplies are depleted, they could hunt the local animals for food. But hunting is banned in the Antarctica since 1959 recognized by numerous countries including the U.S.

However an IMDB forum member came up with a logical solution, providing this link - Antarctica Firearms Management. This would certainly explain why firearms are necessary - to collect animal specimens.

From the script, "In the winter of 1982 these men were commissioned by the United States National Science Foundation to gather data concerning the physical and natural sciences on the continent of Antarctica."

Considering they had geophysicist, meterologists, and biologists, that should include the study of Antarctica's indigenous creatures (natural sciences).


The Thing 1982 Bogus Goofs

Now don't get me wrong, IMDB is a great resource for movie info online. But keep in mind, just like Lord Wiki, some sections are visitor submitted . . . which requires no cinematic expertise or authority to submit info such as Goofs seen in a given movie. It amazes me the goofs IMDB members have fabricated for John Carpenter's The Thing 1982.

So let's break down the inventory of discrepencies listed in IMDB and explore the alleged goofs they claim. And to add commentary flavor, I allowed the characters of John Carpenter's The Thing to give first response to these bogus goof accusations. After all, it is the actors of these characters being put on trial for . . . . .

"Allright, cut the bullshit!!!" . . . MacReady

Point taken. Let's begin!

IMDB GOOF: The front part of the rifle used by the Norwegian at the beginning is different than the rifle shown when he is seen from the front.

"You gotta be fuckin' kidding!" . . . Palmer

Bogus. The "front part of the rifle" is identical in both scenes. In the left image, this is when the Norwegian first extends the rifle outside the helicopter. The right image, or view from the front, the gun barrel is right up and close to the camera lens, giving the illusion it may look bigger. I can only guess that's what the goof submitter must be going on about. Perhaps that member doesn't understand the concept of depth perception.

IMDB GOOF: When the helicopter is chasing the dog, you can see two shadows that are not from the dog.

"This is a crock of shit." . . . Childs

There is only one scene where you can see two shadows that are not from the dog. It's the scene where the helicopter flies into view, seeing it's tail. The shadow is from the helicopter. Now the goof submitter is correct that it appears to be two shadows. But that's because of the low angle view, the pock mark snow drifts break up the helicopter's main shadow giving it the illusion there's more than one shadow.

An alternative explanation, the right pontoon is casting it's own shadow, the braces are too small to detect a shadow from them, giving the illusion the right pontoon is not "attached."

IMDB GOOF: When Mac Ready plays Chess Wizard, he spill his drink into the circuit board and we see one big ice cube. The problem is he had taken only 3 small ice cubes for his drink and also, they are almost fully thawed right before he spills the drink.

"Now I'll show you what I already know." . . . MacReady

This is just dumb. Almost thawed? You can clearly hear the clanking of the ice against the glass as he's moving it. Never heard of almost thawed ice still able to clank your glass. The left image, you can even see one of the cubes extending above the surface of the drink like a small iceberg. How that classifies as almost thawed is beyond me.

Secondly, the game moves made and MacReady losing to the PC, spans just a few seconds. I guess the goof submitter must think ice melts in a matter of seconds.

And lastly, it was not "one big cube", it was multiple cubes fused together (right image). Perhaps the only legitimate beef the goof submitter has - it's questionable the actual number of cubes.

IMDB GOOF: When the helicopter explodes there are almost no parts near it. Later while it is getting extinguished, there are many small parts burned near it.

"I just cannot believe any of this voodoo bullshit." . . . Childs

What? You can see several parts being blown every which way from the explosion.

IMDB GOOF: In the scene where the men are gathered around the dead Norwegian, Fuchs is seen standing among the group and Palmer is also there offering Copper a ride. In the very next scene, Copper is walking towards the helicopter wreck telling Mac to get his things on and Fuchs and Palmer are already standing by the wreck dressed in their snow parkas.

How much more of this crap is there? . . . Bennings

Wouldn't that fall under the script description of "CUT TO / SOMETIME LATER:"? Are today's viewers no longer able to distinguish instantaneous switch-to another scene and a different setting as a time lapse in the film story's time line?

IMDB GOOF: Right after MacReady and Copper bring the burned body from the Norweigian base. When they uncover the body on the table you see Blair and Norris standing directly in front of a series of cabinets on the wall. In the next shot, you can see there is an entire room behind them.

"This is pure nonsense. It doesn't prove a thing." . . . Garry

This one makes no sense at all. Of course the next shot you can see an entire room because it was a completely different camera angle. And it's not exactly "right behind them". You can still see glimpses of the cabinets further to the left.

IMDB GOOF: As Dr. Copper puts the defibrillator onto Norris' "chest mouth", in the next shot when the mouth bites Copper's arms, the defibrillator cord disappears.

"My God, what the hell happen here?" . . . Copper

Well duh. Did the goof submitter think those huge lethal canines can cut through human flesh and bone but can't cut a small electrical cord? The earlier frames clearly show the cords are directly behind Copper's arms. No way the goof submitter can prove the cut cords are not retracting back behind the Doc's arms.

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