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Kurt Russell / Films known for:
Death Proof, Grindhouse, Poseidon, Vanilla Sky, Soldier, Escape from L.A, Executive Decision, Stargate, Tombstone, Backdraft, Tango & Cash, Tequila Sunrise, Overboard, Big Trouble in Little China, The Mean Season, Swing Shift, Silkwood, The Thing, Escape from New York, Used Cars, Elvis


Donald Moffat / Films known for:
The Sleep Room, Clear and Present Danger, Regarding Henry, Class Action, The Bonfire of the Vanities, Music Box, Far North, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, The Best of Times, Alamo Bay, The Right Stuff, The Thing, The White Lions, Popeye, Land of No Return, Earthquake, The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid


Keith David / Films known for:
Cloud Atlas, Gamer, Coraline, Transporter 2, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Crash, The Chronicles of Riddick, The Replacements, Requiem for a Dream, Pitch Black, There's Something About Mary, Armageddon, Volcano, Dead Presidents, Clockers, The Quick and the Dead, The Puppet Masters, Marked for Death, Always, Road House, They Live, Platoon


Wilford Brimley / Films known for:
The Road Home, Comanche, Progeny, My Fellow Americans, Mutant Species, Heaven Sent, Hard Target, The Firm, Eternity, Cocoon: The Return, Jackals, Cocoon, Country, The Natural, Tough Enough, Tender Mercies, The Thing, Death Valley, Absence of Malice, Borderline, Brubaker, The Electric Horseman, The China Syndrome


Richard Dysart / Films known for:
Panther, Back to the Future Part III, Wall Street, Castle in the Sky, Warning Sign, Pale Rider, Mask, The Falcon and the Snowman, The Thing, Being There, Meteor, Prophecy, The Hindenburg, The Day of the Locust, The Terminal Man, The Hospital, The Sporting Club


David Clennon / Films known for:
J. Edgar, Flags of Our Fathers, Syriana, Constellation, Matinee, Betrayed, Legal Eagles, The Right Stuff, Star 80, The Thing, The Escape Artist, Missing, Hide in Plain Sight, Being There, Go Tell the Spartans, Gray Lady Down, Coming Home


T.K. Carter / Films known for:
Domino, The L.A. Riot Spectacular, Baadasssss!, My Favorite Martian, Space Jam, A Rage in Harlem, Ski Patrol, Runaway Train, The Thing, Southern Comfort, Seems Like Old Times, Seed of Innocence, The Hollywood Knights, Corvette Summer


Charles Hallahan / Films known for:
Mind Rage, Ambushed, The Pest, Dante's Peak, The Rich Man's Wife, The Fan, Executive Decision, Dave, Body of Evidence, True Believer, Fatal Beauty, Pale Rider, Vision Quest, Kidco, Silkwood, The Thing, Hide in Plain Sight


Peter Maloney / Films known for:
K-PAX, Requiem for a Dream, Boiler Room, Summer of Sam, The Object of My Affection, The Crucible, Thinner, JFK, Manhunter, Desperately Seeking Susan, The Thing, The Children, Hide in Plain Sight, The Amityville Horror, Breaking Away, Capone


Richard Masur / Films known for:
Palindromes, Multiplicity, My Girl 2, The Man Without a Face, Encino Man, My Girl, Walker, Rent-a-Cop, The Believers, My Science Project, The Mean Season, Risky Business, The Thing, Heaven's Gate, Scavenger Hunt, Hanover Street, Semi-Tough

Thomas G. Waites / Films known for:
The Life Zone, The Great Fight, The Grand Theft, The Look, Nailed, Most Wanted, An American Affair, Timelock, Money Train, McBain, Shakedown, Light of Day, The Clan of the Cave Bear, The Thing, The Warriors, On the Yard


Joel Polis / Films known for:
Fallen Angels, Alien Hunter, A Light in the Darkness, Attraction, Tumbleweeds, It's My Party, Fly by Night, The Rookie, My Blue Heaven, True Believer, Best Defense, The Thing

One of the film's associate producers, Larry J. Franco, has a credited cameo as the Norwegian rifleman from the beginning of the film.

Director John Carpenter and his then-wife Adrienne Barbeau have uncredited cameos as a man in the Norwegian video footage and the voice of the chess computer, respectively.

Although the production's helicopter pilots are not characters within the movie and only serve as body doubles when the helicopters are in flight, they are listed under the credits.

Nate Irvin is listed as Helicopter Pilot and William Zeman is listed as Pilot.

Two names were changed from Bill Lancaster's second draft of the script. The character Windows was originally named Sanchez, who was described as "hating it here" and "lousy at his job".

The second character changed is the Norwegian rifleman, who was identified as "Jans Bolan" in a deleted scene from his dogtags and named Lars according to the 2011 prequel.

The Thing was Carpenter's eighth time directing a full-length feature and his first movie under the production of a major film studio (Universal Studios). The Thing was the fourth film shot by cinematographer Dean Cundey (following Carpenter's Halloween, The Fog, and Escape from New York) and the third to feature Kurt Russell as the lead actor.

Russell would appear in two additional Carpenter films following The Thing: Big Trouble in Little China and Escape from L.A.. Most of the special effects were designed and created by Rob Bottin and his crew, with the exception of the dog creature, which was created by Stan Winston.

The film was shot anamorphically for the 2.39:1 "scope" ratio. Despite current trends leaning towards digital shooting, the 2011 prequel was also shot on film in the anamorphic format.

In the documentary Terror Takes Shape on the DVD, film editor Todd C. Ramsay states that he made the suggestion to Carpenter to film a "happy" ending for the movie, purely for protective reasons, while they had Russell available.

Carpenter agreed and shot a scene in which MacReady has been rescued and administered a blood test, proving that he is still human. Ramsay follows this by saying that The Thing had two test screenings, but Carpenter did not use the sequence in either of them, as the director felt that the film worked better with its eventual nihilistic conclusion.

The alternate ending with MacReady definitively proven to be human has yet to be released. According to the 1998 DVD release, the "Blair Monster" was to have had a much larger role in the final battle. However, due to the limitations of stop-motion animation, the monster appears for only a few seconds in the film.

The film's musical score was composed by Ennio Morricone, a rare instance of Carpenter not scoring one of his own films, although Carpenter did score a few pieces of music with Alan Howarth which were also used in the final film.


The Thing 1982 - Plot

A Norwegian helicopter hunting an Alaskan Malamute lands at an American Antarctic research station.

As the Americans run out, a thermite charge destroys the helicopter and kills the Norwegian.

Chattering madly in Norwegian, the other rifleman keeps firing at the dog and grazes Bennings. The Norwegian is killed by Garry, the station commander.

Helicopter pilot R.J. MacReady and Dr. Copper fly to the Norwegian camp for answers, but find a burned ruin, with the body of a man who committed suicide and a large block of ice with a hollowed cavity.

Outside the camp, they discover the burned remains of a mangled humanoid corpse with two faces.

They bring the corpse back for an autopsy, but Blair can only tell them the creature's body contains a normal set of internal organs.

Clark kennels the Malamute with the rest of the station's sled dogs where it metamorphoses and attacks them.

MacReady hears the fight and hits the fire alarm, calling for a flamethrower and Childs incinerates the creature.

When Blair's autopsy reveals that the creature can imitate other beings, he suspects that anyone could be replaced and begins withdrawing from the others.

The investigation of the Norwegians' records leads them to a massive crater containing a flying saucer and a hole left by the block of ice they suspect the creature came from.

Blair calculates that the alien can assimilate Earth within three years if it reaches civilization. Fuchs tells MacReady that the creature's "dead" remains are still active on a cellular level, according to Blair's journal.

Bennings is attacked by the creature's remains, but as he metamorphoses he is caught outside and burned before he can escape and they incinerate the rest of the remains.

Blair, who was conspicuously absent until he is seen running from the wrecked helicopter, has killed the sled dogs and is destroying the radio when the team corners him and locks him in the tool shed.

Determined to find out who is infected, they discover the blood stores are sabotaged before they can do the blood tests Copper recommends, and begin to turn on each other.

MacReady takes charge and orders Fuchs to continue Blair's work, but he disappears when the power goes out.

As a storm closes in, MacReady, Windows, and Nauls search outside and find Fuchs' burned body, but Nauls cuts MacReady loose from the tow line on the way back, assuming he has been assimilated when he sees a torn shirt with MacReady's name on it.

As the team debates MacReady's fate, he breaks in and threatens to dynamite the station if they attack him. Just then, Norris suffers a heart attack.

When Copper attempts to revive Norris by defibrillation, his chest gapes and closes like a giant mouth and bites off Copper's arms, who quickly dies from the injuries.

MacReady burns the creature then orders everyone tied up for a new test. Clark tries to stab MacReady, but MacReady shoots and kills him.

MacReady explains his theory that every piece of the alien is an organism with its own survival instinct that will react defensively when threatened.

One by one he tests everyone's blood, and they are all human except Palmer, who begins to metamorphose and attacks Windows, forcing MacReady to burn them both.

Leaving Childs on guard, the others head out to test Blair, only to find that he has tunneled under the tool shed.

They realize that Blair is an alien who has scavenged the equipment he appeared to destroy in order to build a small escape craft.

They see someone run outside just before the camp loses power, and MacReady speculates that the alien intends to freeze itself until a rescue team arrives in the spring.

They decide to dynamite the complex hoping to destroy the alien, but Garry is killed and Nauls disappears as they finish setting the explosives underground.

Blair transforms into a larger monster and attacks, but MacReady dynamites the monster and the base explodes as he escapes.

Stumbling through the burning ruins with a bottle of scotch, MacReady finds Childs, who claims he got lost in the storm while pursuing Blair.

Exhausted and with virtually no hope of survival, they acknowledge the futility of their distrust, sharing the bottle as the camp burns.

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