SCRIPT: "TERMINATOR" by James Cameron

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Like a juggernaut, the truck follows, smashing through parked cars and flattening a pre-fab storage building. They enter an alley-like space between two buildings. Kyle is fumbling to open the satchel. The tanker enters the alley. It tears the corner off one building as it turns in. Terminator looks down from his mountain of steel. Terminator, looking down at a tiny figure below, running in the headlights' glare. It is Sarah, alone.

In an alley, Reese crouches in a trash dumpster which is sandwiched between the wall and the tanker. There are only inches of clearance as the trailers pass by. He lights a pipe charge, jumps up and wedges it under the tank-cylinder of the second trailer. He ducks as it rolls on. Sarah is stumbling in the glare of the truck's lights.

The pipe bomb fuse is burning. Terminator, through the windshield, his eye glowing. Reese huddles in the dumpster.

The rear trailer explodes. An unbelievable fireball erupts skyward, silhouetting Sarah's running figure. The dumpster is enveloped by fire and hurled, rolling, down the alley. Sarah makes it around a corner as the forward trailer explodes and an ocean of flame rolls forward, blasting by her. The dumpster topples and Kyle rolls out, surrounded by fire.

In the center of the inferno Terminator struggles violently. His skin fires and sizzles. He tears loose from the twisted wreckage and collapses to the ground. He sinks into a charred mass. Stops moving.

Terminator, mouth open, skull-like, motionless in the flames. In the alley, Sarah crawls away from the intense heat and lies watching the motionless figure in the blaze. Sarah rounds the corner, staggering, searching. She sees Kyle crumpled face-down near the dumpster, sheltered from the heat by its mass. She drags him away. Rolls him over. Reese, his head lolls. He opens his eyes.

REESE (weakly): Sarah.

SARAH: We did it, Kyle. We got it.

She hugs him. They hold the embrace, silhouetted by the diminishing flames. It would be a wonderful final image. Except...Terminator staggers out of the blaze behind them.

Terminator, the last flakes of flesh are falling from him like burning leaves. His gleaming structure is revealed in all its intricacy. No longer a 'He', but an 'It'. It looks like Death rendered in steel. A chrome skeleton with hydraulic muscles and tendons of flexible cable.

In the sockets of the metal skull, the eyeball swivels with a whir of tiny servos, both glowing red now. It turns slowly and fixes its gaze directly into camera. Sarah chokes on a scream, crams knuckles in her mouth. The Terminator takes a step toward them, dragging one malfunctioning leg. Kyle and Sarah stagger to their feet and run to the nearest building. They come to a glass door. Kyle kicks it in. Unlatches it.

They enter dark offices to the sound of alarms and distant sirens. Sarah and Kyle run down a corridor. Through a door, which they close and lock. They move off down a cross-corridor. The Terminator blasts the door off its hinges and staggers through. It starts after their receding figures as they round the corner at the end of the hall. Wracked, exhausted, they stumble through a maze of partitione office cubicles.

The Terminator catches sight of them through a floor-to-ceiling window. It makes an unhesitating right turn through the glass. Sarah and Kyle look back at the sound of shattering glass. The Terminator crashes forward, line-of-sight, through the maze. It splinters partitions. Flings desks out of the way. Sarah and Kyle reach a heavy firedoor and go through.

Manufacturing area: Kyle slides the bolts on the metal firedoor. Behind them are acres of machinery in darkness. Silence. Crash! The Terminator hits the door from the far side. Hinges squeal.

Kyle goes to a large breaker panel and opens it. Starts throwing switches. Behind them, machines start up one by one.

SARAH (panting): What are you doing?

REESE (weakly): Cover...our footsteps...

He sags, sliding down the wall. She pulls him up. Half-carries him into the maze of machines. The dark gallery is filled with whirring, clanking shapes, shattering conveyor belts and improbable mechanisms lashing mindlessly. Reese slips to the floor and Sarah is no longer able to support him.

REESE (faintly): Leave me here.

Sarah crouches beside him. Grabs his shirt front. Yells over the machines.

SARAH: I'm not leaving you anywhere you jerk. Haven't you figured it out? Kyle, John is our son.

Reese's eyes refocus.

SARAH (continuing): There isn't going to be anybody else...I don't want anybody else. Listen to me!

She pauses, then resumes in a commanding, military shout.

SARAH (continuing): Move! Reese! Let's go. Move your ass!

She drags him to his feet and he staggers on. Hinges shatter and the firedoor is hurled inward. The Terminator scans the darkness. Sarah and Kyle move through the machines. The cyborg steps forward, scanning methodically. Sarah and Kyle move in a crouch through the treacherous tangle of pipes and machinery.

As they climb out onto a catwalk between the two huge mechanisms, Sarah clambers over an innocuous control panel. Her hand inadvertently hits a red push button. With a roar the stamping-plate of a hydraulic press slams down an inch from her hand. Startled, she tumbles to the catwalk.

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