SCRIPT: "TERMINATOR" by James Cameron

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CUT TO VUKOVICH'S OFFICE - NIGHT: Sarah, huddles in a blanket, is siting on a bench opposite Vukovich's desk. Motionless. Her eyes are fixed on the middle distance. She's been crying. Now she's emptied out. The door opens. At the sound of the latch Sarah jerks as if struck, and cringes involuntarily. Vukovich enters with Traxler and DR. PETER SILBERMAN, a criminal psychologist.

Silberman is smooth of skin and manner, young, ambitious and...fat. He is enthusiastic about the workings of the human psyche, as emotionally involved as someone pulling the wings off a fly. Vukovich sits beside Sarah and hands her a cup of coffee. He puts a paternal arm around her shoulders.

VUKOVICH: Here, drink some of this...

SARAH (voice flat, desperate): Lieutenant, are you sure it's them? Maybe I should see the ...bodies.

VUKOVICH: They've already been identified. There's no doubt.

Sarah begins to cry again, slowly and very quickly.

SARAH (to herself): Of, God...Ginger...kiddo, I'm so sorry.

Vukovich takes the coffee cup from her as her arms sag and it starts to spill.

VUKOVICH (gently): Sarah. . . . Sarah, this is Dr. Silberman. I'd like you to tell him everything Reese said to you. Do you feel up to it?

SARAH (almost inaudible): I guess so. (to Silberman) You're a doctor?

SILBERMAN: A criminal psychologist.

SARAH: Is Reese crazy?

SILBERMAN: That's what we're going to find out.

CUT TO DIVISION HQ/INTERROGATION ROOM - NIGHT: The room is small, furnished with only a table and two chairs. Reese, his arms handcuffed behind him, sits opposite Dr. Silberman. Behind Silberman is a large mirror. A DETECTIVE leans against the wall.

SILBERMAN: So. You're a soldier. Fighting for whom?

REESE: With the One Thirty Second under Perry, from '21 to '27--

SILBERMAN (interrupting): The year 2027?

In the Observation Room, Vukovich and Traxler are in the dark room, watching Reese through the two-way mirror. Just behind the glass is a video camera on a tripod, aimed at Reese, and a cart holding a small monitor and videocassetter recorder.

REESE (through speaker): That's right.

TRAXLER (quietly, to Vukovich): This is fucking great.


REESE: Then I was assigned Recon/ Security, last two years, under John Connor.

SILBERMAN: And who was the enemy?

REESE: SKYNET. A computer defense system built for SAC-NORAD by Cyber Dynamics. A modified Series 4800.

SILBERMAN (gravely): I see. And, thinks it can win by killing the mother of its enemy, killing him, in effect, before he is even conceived? A sort of retroactive abortion?


In the Observation Room, Traxler snorts and grins.

TRAXLER (to Vukovich): That Silberman just crack me up. . . . . He had this guy in here last week who set his Afghan on fire. Screwed it first, then set it on--

VUKOVICH (leaning forward): Shut up.


REESE: had no choice. The defensive grid was smashed. We'd taken the mainframes... We'd won. Taking out Connor then would make no difference. Skynet had to wipe out his entire existence. We captured the lab complex. Found the...whatever it was called...the time-displacement equipment. The Terminator had already gone through. They sent two of us to intercept, then zeroed the whole place. Sumner didn't make it.

SILBERMAN: Then how are you supposed to get back?

REESE: Can't. Nobody goes home. Nobody else comes through. It's just him and me.

CUT TO VUKOVICH'S OFFICE - NIGHT: TIGHT ON VIDEO MONITOR showing Reese in the Interrogation Room.

REESE (recorded): ...It's just him and me.

CUT WIDE revealing Sarah, Silberman, Vukovich and Traxler watching a monitor sitting amid incredible paperwork clutter on a desk top.

SILBERMAN (recorded): Why didn't you bring any weapons? Something more advanced. Don't you have ray guns?

Traxler, standing in the back, grins and nudges Silberman, who nods appreciatively. TIGHT ON REESE'S RECORDED IMAGE - He glares at Silberman. ON SARAH, as Silberman's voice is heard.

SILBERMAN (recorded): Show me a piece of future technology.

REESE (recorded/controlling his hostility): You go naked. Something about the field generated by a living organism. Nothing dead will go.

SILBERMAN (recorded): Why?

REESE (recorded): I didn't build the fucking thing.

SILBERMAN (recorded): Okay. Okay. But this... (consults his notes) cyborg...if it's metal...

REESE (recorded): Surrounded by living tissue.

SILBERMAN (recorded): Of course.

The real Silberman put the tape on "PAUSE".

SILBERMAN (excited): This is great stuff. I could make a career out of this guy. You see how clever this part it doesn't require a shred of proof. Most paranoid delusions are intricate...but this is brilliant.

He starts the tape again.

SILBERMAN (recorded): Why were the other two women killed?

REESE (recorded): Most official records were lost in the war. The computer knew almost nothing about Connor's mother. Her name. Where she lived, just the city. No scanner pictures. The Terminator was just being systematic.

REESE (recorded, continuing): You've heard enough. Decide. Are you going to release me?

SILBERMAN (recorded): I'm afraid that's not up to me.

REESE (recorded/voice rising): Then why am I talking to you? Get out.

Reese begins to shout.

SILBERMAN (recorded): I can help you...

REESE: Who is in authority here?

C.U. REESE, ON SCREEN, as he looks straight at the camera.

REESE (recorded): You still don't get it. He'll find her. That's what he does. All he does...

MEDIUM ON VUKOVICH, gesturing to Silberman, who is near the machine, to kill it.

REESE (recorded, continuing): You can't stop him. He'll wade through you...

C.U. - REESE, ON SCREEN, rising partway out of his chair, yelling.

REESE (recorded, continuing): ...reach down her throat, and pull her fucking heart out...

The screen goes black. Vukovich has cut off the tape.

SILBERMAN (glancing around): Sorry.

C.U. - SARAH staring at the empty screen.

SARAH (turning): So Reese is crazy.

SILBERMAN: In technical terminology, he's a loon.

SARAH: But...

Vukovich hands her something that looks like umpire's padding.

VUKOVICH: Sarah, this is body armor. Out TAC guys wear it. It'll stop a 12 gauge round. This other individual must've had one under his coat.

Sarah want to believe him. God help her if he's wrong.

SARAH: But what about him punching through the windshield?

TRAXLER (shrugs): Probably on PCP, broke every bone in his hand and won't feel it for hours. There was this guy once that...

Vukovich cuts him off with a gesture and sits beside Sarah on the bench.

VUKOVICH: Why don't you just stretch out here and get some sleep. It'll take your mom a good hour to get here from Redlands.

SARAH: I can't sleep.

VUKOVICH: Go ahead. You're safe. There're thirty cops in this building.

SARAH: Okay.

She lays her head on a wadded up blanket as everyone leaves the office.

Vukovich pauses outside the door, lost in thought. Traxler studies him for a second.

TRAXLER: What? . . . . . Ed, come on...the guy's a wacko.

Vukovich glances up.

VUKOVICH (quietly): He'd better be.

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