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Jabba's Throne Room: Silence. The room is deserted, only the awful debris of the alien celebration giving mute witness to the activity here before. Several drunk creatures lie unconscious around the room, snoring loudly. A shadowy figure moves stealthily among the columns at the perimeter of the room and is revealed to be Boushh, the bounty hunter. He picks his way carefully through the snoring, drunken monsters.

Han Solo, the frozen space pirate, hangs spotlighted on the wall, his coffin-like case suspended by a force field. The bounty hunter deactivates the force field by flipping a control switch to one side of the coffin. The heavy case lowers to the floor of the alcove. Boushh steps up to the case, studying Han, then turns to the controls on the side of the coffin. He activates a series of switches and, after one last, hesitant look at Han, slides the decarbonization lever.

The case begins to emit a sound as the hard shell covering the contours of Han's face begins to melt away. The bounty hunter watches as Han's body is freed of its metallic coat and his forearms and hands, previously raised in reflexive protest, drop slackly to his side. His face muscles relax from their mask of horror. He appears quite dead. Boushh's ugly helmet leans close to Han's face listening for the breath of life. Nothing. He waits.

Han's eyes pop open with a start. The bounty hunter steadies the staggering newborn.

BOUSHH: Just relax for a moment. You're free of the carbonite.

Han touches his face with his hand and moans.

BOUSHH: Shhh. You have hibernation sickness.

HAN: I can't see.

BOUSHH: Your eyesight will return in time.

HAN: Where am I?

BOUSHH: Jabba's palace.

HAN: Who are you?

The bounty hunter reaches up and lifts the helmet from his head, revealing the beautiful face of Princess Leia.

LEIA: Someone who loves you.

HAN: Leia!

She leans in and kisses him.

LEIA: I gotta get you out of here.

As Leia helps her weakened lover to stand up, the relative quiet is pierced by an obscene Huttese cackle from the other side of the alcove.

HAN: What's that? I know that laugh.

The curtain on the far side of the alcove opens, revealing Jabba the Hutt, surrounded by Bib and other aliens. He laughs again, and his gross cronies join in a cacophony of alien glee.

HAN: Hey, Jabba. Look, Jabba, I was just on my way to pay you back, but I got a little sidetracked. It's not my fault.

JABBA (in Huttese subtitled): It's too late for that, Solo. You may have been a good smuggler, but now you're Bantha fodder.

HAN: Look...

JABBA (cont Huttese subtitled): Take him away!

The guards grab Han and start to lead him away.

HAN: Jabba... I'll pay you triple! You're throwing away a fortune here. Don't be a fool!

Han is dragged off, as Lando quickly moves forward and attempts to lead Leia away.

JABBA (in Huttese subtitled): Bring her to me.

Jabba chuckles as Lando and a second guard drag the beautiful young princess toward him.

LEIA: We have powerful friends. You're gonna regret this...

JABBA (in Huttese subtitled): I'm sure.

Inexorably her lovely face moves to within a few inches of Jabba's ugly blob of a head, and Leia turns away in disgust.

LEIA: Ugh!

THREEPIO: Ohhh, I can't bear to watch.

Dungeon Cell: The heavy metal door of the dungeon whines and slowly creaks open. A guard throws the blinded star captain into the dark cell and the door slams shut behind him, leaving only a thin sliver of light from a crack in the door. Han is trying to collect himself when suddenly a growl is heard from the far side of the cell. He jumps back against the cell door and listens.

HAN: Chewie? Chewie, is that you?

The shadowy figure lets out a crazy yell and races toward Han, lifting him off the ground with a big hug that carries them into the light, revealing Chewie.

HAN: Chewie!

The giant Wookiee barks with glee.

HAN: Wait. I can't see, pal. What's goin' on?

Chewie barks an excited blue streak.

HAN: Luke? Luke's crazy. He can't even take care of himself, much less rescue anybody.

Chewie barks a reply.

HAN: A...Jedi Knight? I'm out of it for a little while, everybody gets delusions of grandeur.

Chewie growls insistently. He holds Han to his chest and pets his head.

HAN: I'm all right, pal. I'm all right.

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By Lawrence Kasdan & George Lucas, December 1, 1981 | Resources:,,

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