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Our Comment: SciFi Squad is a great example of a sci-fi site offering a wide variety of features to their visitors. Special attention is given to fans/visitors with their Fan Zone section, which offers up a basketful of services including Fan Made, Fan Costumes, Fan Lists, Fan Picks, Fan Shows, Fan Movies, Fan Photos, Fan Fiction, and Message Boards.

Update: Site no longer active.

Features: Reviews (film, DVD, & book), movie news, TV news, videos, images, and scifi babes

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Our Comment: SciFi Cool is a compact content site focusing on the popular services typically offered by sci-fi sites. If you only had time to follow one site to keep updated on sci-fi, most of the sites featured here would be a good bet including Males fans will especially love their Sci-Fi Babes section.

Update: Site no longer active.

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Our Comment: This is an all around solid sci-fi news site, in fact that is mainly it's lone feature along with comments sections for site visitors. But for a no nonsense no frills site, delivers the goods. The navigation is super friendly and because it is not really a graphics intensive site, it loads instantly.

Update: Site no longer active.

Features: Sci-fi movie and TV overviews, posters, galleries, wallpapers, captions, online sci-fi gaming

Our Comment: Definitely one of the better sci-fi genre fan sites ran by fans. Their forum has grown to thousands of sci-fi fans. Being a fan site, it would probably not be your first choice for the latest news in sci-fi, but it's permanent features are plenty for visitors to explore.

Update: Site no longer active.

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SFMZ's Top Ten Sci-Fi Movie Websites

SFMZ's Top Ten Sci-Fi Movie Websites of 2010
By SFMZ Webmaster

There is a whole truck load of sci-fi movie websites on the web, but only a select few shine above the rest with diverse offerings to their site visitors such as exclusives, scoops, reviews, multimedia, galleries, and much more. Content is king, so we scoured several sites looking beyond just their popularity or Google standing and focused on what value they add to the online sci-fi movie experience.

Some of the factors we weighed in to determine the top ten include:

Exclusives - While we did not actually exclude sites that were more or less sci-fi movie portals, exclusives made a huge impact on our judging. Interviews, reviews, editorials, scoops, or first look images exclusively generated by the site are true value-adding features.

Multimedia and other content: This category at least gave the sci-fi portals to be considered for the top ten. Videos and galleries are popular features and we looked at what they offered, feature presentations, and image/video quality. Also, we weighed in their dedication to the sci-fi movie genre. Sites like we did not consider since sci-fi film is only one of many sections they offer. We didn't require that the sites be exclusive to sci-fi, but at least it was the major feature of their online presentation.

Design: Not quite as important as the two criteria above, site design was at least taken in consideration. Content may be king, but poorly designed packaging can diminish a website's visitor attraction. Site design factors we judged on include artistic style, site menu/navigation, loading time, and site accessories such as contact link, privacy policy statements, visitor's comments features, or forums.

Using the guidelines above and a few weeks of research, we narrowed it down to these ten sites and declare them the top ten sci-fi movie websites. Explore the highlights of each site below, random listing - no ranking order. - go to site

Features: Sci-fi upcoming movies, film, DVD, and Blu-ray reviews, trailers, feature editorials, and film scripts

Extra tools: Article comments sections for site visitors, Search, Contact link, About site, Privacy policy

Our Comment: Besides the standard features often seen, SciFi Movie Page also provides a sizeable inventory of film scripts, all presented in a pleasant design and easy navigation. Be sure to check out their editorial features where you can find articles on topics outside of their other menu categories. - go to site

Features: News on sci-fi entertainment, networked to SyFy, Fidgit, Dvice, and SyFy Games

Extra tools: Search, Contact link, About site, Privacy policy, FAQ, Newsletter Signup

Our Comment: Blastr is part of the SyFy Online Network - which is a nice compliment to SyFy Channel online. With the main site,, it's basically showcasing their programs. But with Blastr, they provide a rolling news service on the latest in sci-fi entertainment. Being networked to the SyFy features mentioned above, Blastr provides access to a wide range of resources. - go to site

Features: Movie and TV series overviews and reviews, trailers

Extra tools: Search, Contact link

Our Comment: You'll find a large inventory of movie and TV series overviews and reviews broken down into sub-genre categories at, along with accompanying posters. It makes for an intriguing way to explore movies when you can search by specific sci-fi sub-genres such as Mad Scientists, Robots, & Androids, Invasions, and many more. Pages load quickly and navigation is manageable for the most part. - go to site

Features: Essays, commentary, reviews, trivia

Extra tools: Search, Archives, FAQ, Contact link

Our Comment: I09 provides a wonderful mixture of sci-fi entertainment and real science. They are also known for many sci-fi lists with various themes - best of, worst of, verses, etc. IO9 is also networked with Kotaku and Gizmodo, giving you access to their resources. - go to site

Features: Sci-fi film-DVD-TV-books-game reviews, interviews, editiorials, news briefs, gaming, on stage, podcasts, contests,

Extra tools: Search, News Feed, About site, forums, fan mailbag, Contact link

Our Comment: Another top notch site loaded with sci-fi features, Slice of SciFi also offers their 'Listen Live!' podcast via UStream. From editorials to reviews to events, first time visitors will spend hours exploring their deep well of sci-fi resources. - go to site

Features: News, reviews, and overviews on sci-fi movies, television, music, books, games and more, contests, online sci-fi gaming

Extra tools: Search, sci-fi portal, shopping, EPostcards, Contact link

Our Comment: Just like the Breakfast Sampler, with, you are treated to a sample of just about everything sci-fi. The featured articles such as DVD overviews are quite extensive along with some accompanying graphics. A well rounded sci-fi site that should satisfy most fans.

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