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Command Center Scientist's Gear

The science techs at the Command Center seem to be sporting some serious high tech gear on their outfits. No interviews or anything on the web suggests their function, only internet speculation from bloggers.

The techs in the warship have similar tech attached to various parts of their body. From the looks of all the tubes connected to the tech's head, perhap a precursor to The Borg?

Warship Scanners

In both Staedert and Tudor's warships, we see crew members in periscope-like turrets scanning space. You would think the advanced technology of this fictional future, computers could do a much more efficent job of detection.

Which likely in this scenario, no doubt computers assist in their scanning duties and they need a human there to make judgement calls.

The Dark Liquid

Neither the film nor the script clearly explain the details of the dark liquid that drips down Zorg and Staedert's head while in close connection to Mr. Shadow in some manner. Plenty of internet speculation suggests it's the essence or residue of evil seeping from the person.

Here's what the script did mention about the dark liquid: When Zorg is talking to Mr. Shadow on the phone, a black slimy liquid starts to ooze from the top of the computer screen. Zorg is feeling worse all the time. The black liquid oozes all over the screen which starts to melt.

For the story's climax in the temple, the script further describes: The heat in the temple is unbearable. All the walls start to ooze the same horrible black slimy liquid seen at Zorg's. A drop of liquid falls to the temple floor and begins to smoke, eating away at it like acid.

Ruby has to dodge another drop of the stuff. A bit of the black acid falls on Ruby's shirt setting it on fire. He rips if off. After the Divine Light zaps the Evil Planet, streams of black acid spurt from the pyramid and solidify like brilliant stalactites.

Robert Oates as Fhloston Commander

Put him in the docking garage and inform security.

John Sharian as Fhloston Captain

HELM 108!

? as Helmsman

Helm 108.

? as Fhloston Crew Member

Commander, I have a ship with a main malfunction. He requests permission to dock for repairs.

Laura De Palma as Fhloston Hostess

You have a seat reserved, front row, next to RU-BY RHOD! He's so talented, don't you think? I just love him... he's so sexy.

In the script, when the Fhloston Hostess brings Korben to his stateroom, she is looking him over, "Here's some champagne. I'll 'drop by' after the concert to open it. She gives him a blinding smile and closes the door.

Michael Culkin as Fhloston Host

Listed in credits as Hefty Man. In the script, when Leeloo enters the cruise ship, he leans down to kiss her. Leeloo bashes him on the forehead. The hefty man straightens up. He's still smiling, but his nose is bleeding. He falls slowly to the floor.

? as Fhloston Host

Ian Beckett as Baby Ray

To who?

He really is stone deaf. All the young ladies making a fuss over him are listed as Nymphettes in the script.

Eddie Ellwood as Roy von Bacon

In the script, he is described as the Center Forward for the Lions and the best paid player in the Laserball League. Also in the script, when Korben is in the gun battle with the Mangalores in the hall/balcony, Roy actually joins Korben in battling the Mangalores.

Roy rises from the floor behind a Mangalore, grabs him and smashes his head into a column, seizing the gun. Two Mangalores are watching Korben's action. Roy whistles behind them. The two Mangalores turn around. Roy bonks their heads together. After the Mangalores are defeated, Roy whirls his arm in victory.

Zeta Graff as Princess Aachen

While Princes Aachen has no lines in the film, she does have a line in the script. During the battle between Korben and the Mangalores in the hall, Aachen taps Ruby Rhod on the shoulder. He jumps with fright. Aachen, hot to trot, comments, "All this is terribly exciting, hmmm?" Ruby covers his mike.

Sonny Caldinez as Emperor Kodar Japhet

In the script, it was actually the Emperor who rolled the pool balls to Korben during the hall/balcony battle. Korben asked Ray to give him the pool balls. Ray doesn't understand what Korben was asking for.

The Emperor steps up to Ray, "He wants the balls! You deaf or something?" The Emperor rolls the balls over to Korben and relays his estimation they are about thirty yards to the left.

Korben jumps up and hurls the ball with blinding speed. The Mangalore catches it right in the head. He drops, firing in the air. The missile strikes the ceiling which collapses on him. The Emperor gives Korben a thumb's up.

Mia Frye as
Fhloston escort / TV Stewardess

The detailed story displayed here is a combination of the IMDB synopsis, script descriptions, and our own story descriptions.

Original script by Luc Besson
Revisions by Luc Besson
and Robert Mark Kamen
August 1995 Draft
Gaumont and Les Films du Dauphin


Detailed Story and Screenshots

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The nefarious planet in still there, immobile, even larger now, writhing like a serpent. Circular glowing ripples cover the planet. In General Tudor's starship, a technician confirms their sensors are picking up activity from the dark globe. In the president's office, the Head Scientist stands facing the President, who is looking more tired than ever.

He reports to the president the thing is sending out radio wavelengths. Lindbergh is puzzled, "What does it want with radio waves?" Another scientist approaches and suggests maybe it wants to make a call. The Head Scientist looks at him in astonishment just as we hear a phone ring. . . . .

. . . However, it's a phone ringing in the Zorg lobby. Zorg's secretary answers, she sends the call to Zorg announcing it is "Mr. Shadow." Zorg abruptly turns and stiffens when he hears Shadow's name. Zorg picks up the phone, both excited and uneasy. Mr. Shadow's voice is nearly inhuman. It comes from the far reaches of time, from the bowels of the universe. The surreal voice inquires about the Stones.

Zorg feels ill at ease, but assures him he'll have the Stones any time now. A black slimy liquid starts to ooze from the top of Zorg's head. Zorg is shaking so bad, he can barely hold the phone. Mr. Shadow emphasizes he wants the Stones. Zorg now near a catatonic state, can barely push out words, but manages to tell Shadow that he will see to it personally. Mr. Shadow, "I will be among you, soon."

The call ends, and the evil globe solidifies to a dark gray. In Tudor's starship, the mechanic reports they lost the signal, Tudor relays the message to the president. In the president's office, Lindberg is furious. Back at Zorg's office, Zorg slumps in his chair, wiping away the slimy black liquid. He looks like he has been raked through the coals.

Fhloston Paradise orbit: The space shuttle fills the screen. It banks left and Fhloston Paradise looms into view. The shuttle begins its approach toward the cruise ship, or floating hotel, as it glides above the vast ocean of Fhloston, the turquoise planet. Crystal blue water, perfect white sand beaches. A true paradise.

Inside the shuttle, a stewardess announces to the passengers they have begun their descent toward Fhloston Paradise. Stewardesses walk down the aisles waking the passengers one by one. They press a button on the door of each box.

The hotel is a massive vessel, a futuristic looking Titanic with the signature three stacks. It's covering is all polished metal from bow to stern. The shuttle draws near, looking ridiculously small next to the monster. Like a sardine next to a whale.

The huge vacation ship blares out a deep rumbling horn blast just like Earth's ocean ship air horns. From inside the cruise ship, we see the shuttle approaching to dock through a solar panel in one of the ship's liesure plazas. A cockpit view shows the pilot maneuvering the shuttle into it's docking area. Korben wakes up, still heavy with sleep. He looks over at Leeloo. She's not there.

He makes his way out of the box, the aisle is cramped with waking passengers. The passengers exit the shuttle and into the entrance hall, the view that unfolds is a site to behold, filled with Hawaiian dancers and musicians. Leeloo is among them. She appears quite impressed by the beauty and luxury of the 19th century decoration. Korben attempts to make his way up the shuttle's aisle.

A hefty man wearing a sarong, drapes some flowers around Leloo's neck. As she moves further in, Korben is just now reaching the entrance looking for Leeloo. A gorgeous hostess comes up to him, drapes a lei around his neck and plants a kiss on his cheek in welcome. Another hostess approaches and repeats the same welcome.

Back in the shuttle cockpit, a blinking light goes on. The co-pilot reports there are parasites in main ventilation. The mechanic replies he will get it and heads off. In the area where the parasites were detected, the mechanic punches a code on a keypad that opens the door to an overhead panel. Cornelius falls out, hanging in a jumble of wires.

Later, Korben's Stateroom: The door opens. The hostess turns on the light and enters. Korben follows her, gaping at all the luxury. Trailing behind them is the baggage boy, both arms filled with suitcases. The hostess describes the attractions of Fhloston Paradise - twelve swimming pools and two on the roof top. The planet Fhloston has 400 beaches, all accessible until five PM.

Then the air ship goes higher, to offer a better view during dinner. Korben grabs the notice announcing Diva Plavalaguna's concert at 5:30 that evening. Dress: formal attire. Korben asks the hostess about show details. She answer that he has reserved front row tickets next to Ruby Rod. She obviously has a fan girl adulation for Ruby, Korben scowls at her as she gushes on about Ruby.

When asks about getting proper attire, the hostess pulls back the closet door revealing a row of tuxedos. She gives him a smile and closes the door. Just at that moment, the phone rings, snapping him out of his reverie. It's his mother and she launches another one of her scathing attacks on her son, rappng off insults like an Oozi. Korben sinks onto his bed and sighs.

Fhloston Paradise corridor: we see Diva Plavalaguna, her manager, her bodyguards, and a gaggle of porters carrying trunks. A chiffon veil covers the face of the Diva. A security member by the name of Fog, waits at the entrance of the Diva's suite. He's practicing his welcome speech, obviously very nervous. He sees the entourage turn the corner and now in his view. He swings the suite double doors open.

The Diva approaches him, towering over Fog. His focus unravels from the jitters, he spits out a slew of half coherent words. His practiced welcome speech come unglued, "ulo . . my nam-uh . . . Fog . . . welcome to the uh . . . I'm a . . . security . . . I have uh . . . welcome to the . . . tall." The Diva looks at Fog in silence, then looks beyond him down the hall, she senses something.

The Diva turns to whisper something to her assistant and retires in her suite. The Diva's manager slaps Fog on the shoulder, startling him, requesting a word with him, they move on into the suite. The Diva's Assistant strolls down the hall within earshot of Leeloo tucked away in a corner. She informs Leloo that the Diva will give her what she came for after the concert and to remain there.

Fhloston Paradise control room: The cruise ship's commander checks his watch and orders instructions to the captain, "Helm to 108." The captain relays the order, actually shouts it to the Helmsman, despite being just a few inches from his face. The Helmsman repeats the order to confirm and complies.

The Helmsman station is a mixture of futuristic and yesteryear visuals. The Helmsan faces a flourescent digital screen displaying a virtual grid of the planet's horizon. But his hands rest on a steering wheel that is an ornate wood spoke often seen in old Cutter or sailing ships. The Helmsman gives the wheel a brisk spin.

We hear a radio announcer broadcasting Ruby's live show at the opera as the ship cruises high in planet Fhloston's orbit. The vessel is teeming with lights in the night sky. In the president's office, Lindberg, joined by his staff, takes a seat to monitor the mission, speakers placed in front of him.

Fhloston Paradise Opera: Ruby Rhod pops up in full view shouting a loud welcome. The opera house is an extravaganza of ornate architecture designed as a replica of the Garnier Opera in Paris. Korben, now in a tuxedo, is being pushed along behind Ruby by his doting assistants.

Ruby goes into another one of his rhythmic, poetic announcements describing this and that as he works his way through the opera house. A hostess escorts them, carrying a box of Gemini Croquettes for marketing presence. They enter the auditorium seating area as Ruby points out a list of who's who celebrities attending the concert:

A row of ministers, more sinister than minister. Baby Ray, star of stage and screen, drowning in a sea of nymphets. He's not going to get much out of this concert, because he's stone-deaf. Baby Ray is bending his ear to a girl asking for an autograph. Roy Von Bacon, the king of laserball. Ruby gives him a high five as he goes by. Emperor Kodar Japhet and his lovely daughter who loves to sing.

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