The Exorcist - 1973 | Complete Story and Screenshots

Directed By William Friedkin - Screenplay by William Peter Blatty, Based on his own novel

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STUDY: We see Karras descending the stairs as we hear Chris on the phone with someone. Karras waits outside until Chris is finished.

CHRIS (on the phone): Okay, I'll talk to you some other time. No it's just that I'm going through something and... No, no there's nothing. Thanks alot. Bye.

Chris hangs up the phone. Karras enters and sits on the couch.

CHRIS: Wanna drink.

KARRAS: Please.

CHRIS: What do you drink?

Chris walks to the drinks cabinet.

KARRAS: Scotch, Ice, water.

CHRIS (pours the drink): No ice. I'll get some from the kitchen.

Chris walks toward the kitchen but Karras stops her.

KARRAS: No it's alright I'll take it straight.

CHRIS: Are you sure?

KARRAS: No, that's fine, please sit. (Chris sits down) Where's her father?

CHRIS: In Europe.

KARRAS: Have you told him what's happening?


KARRAS: Well I think you should.

KARRAS (holds up the empty vial): I told Regan that was holy water, I sprinkled it on her and she reacted very violently. It's tap water.

CHRIS: What's the difference?

KARRAS: Holy water's blessed. And that doesn't help support a case for possession.

Chris turns her head away and frowns. She looks at Karras again.

CHRIS (whispering): She...killed Burke Dennings.


CHRIS: She killed Burke Dennings. She pushed him out of the window.

Karras looks shocked.

LANGUAGE LAB: Karras is with the lab director. They are listening to Karras recording of Regan. Karras is tense. The director stops the tape.

LAB DIRECTOR: It's a language alright. It's english.

KARRAS (stands up): What do you mean english?

LAB DIRECTOR: It's english in reverse, listen. The lab director throws a switch and the tape starts again, in perfect english.

REGAN/DEMON (tape): Give us time! Let her die!

KARRAS' ROOM: Karras is listening to the eerie, unearthly voices on the tape.

REGAN/DEMON (tape): I am no one! I am no one! He is a priest!

KARRAS (tape): Uoy era ohw.

REGAN/DEMON (tape): Merrin! Merrin!

Karras stops the tape and rewinds it slightly. He plays it again.

REGAN/DEMON (tape): I am no one! I am no one! He is a priest!

KARRAS (tape): Uoy era ohw.

The phone rings and startles him. He answers the phone.

KARRAS (on phone): Yeah, yes?...I'll be right there.

PROSPECT STREET: It's very late, Karras is running down the street. He comes to the gate of the MacNeil house. Sharon opens the gate. She's holding a flashlight leads him to the house entrance.

MACNEIL HOUSE - STAIRWAY: They both ascend the stairs and creep toward Regan's room.

SHARON (whispering): I don't want Chris to see this.

KARRAS: Well what's wrong? What is it?

They stop at Regan's door. Sharon puts her coat on and turns on the flashlight. She opens the door and they enter.

REGAN'S BEDROOM: Sharon closes the door behind them. Karras reacts to the extreme cold. His breath, like Sharon's, is frostily condensing in the chill air of the room. He looks at Sharon with wonder. They both approach the bedside. They stop by the bed. Regan seems to be in a coma, heavily breathing.

Sharon is bending, gently pulling Regan's pajama top wide apart, exposing Regan's stomach. Sharon points the flashlight at Regan's stomach.

Karras looks in shock when we see on her stomach, rising up slowly on her skin are two words, HELP ME. Karras' eyes are fixed on these two words as we once again see them on Regan's stomach.

HEALY BUILDING - GROUND FLOOR HALLWAY: Karras walks down the hall toward the stairway. He climbs the stairs and we follow him to the top.

CARDINAL'S OFFICE: In the room, Karras and the Cardinal.

CARDINAL: You're convinced that it's genuine.

KARRAS: I don't know. No, not really I suppose. But I have made a prudent judgement that it meets the conditions set down in the Ritual.

CARDINAL: You'd want to do the exorcism yourself?


CARDINAL: It might be best to have a man with experience. Maybe someone who's spent time in the foreign missions.

KARRAS: I understand, your excellency.

CARDINAL: Let's see whose around. In the meantime I'll call you as soon as I know.

KARRAS: Thank you, your excellency.

Karras stands up and kisses the Cardinal's hand.


PRESIDENT: Well, he does know the background. I doubt there's any danger in just having him assist. There should be a psychiatrist present anyway.

CARDINAL: What about the exorcist? Have you any ideas?

PRESIDENT: How about Lankaster Merrin.

CARDINAL: Merrin? I had notion he was over in Iraq. I think I read that he was working on a dig near Nineveh.

PRESIDENT: Yea, you're right Mike, but he's finished. Came back three or four months ago, He's at Woodstock now.

CARDINAL: What's he doing there? Teaching?

PRESIDENT: No, he's working on another book.

CARDINAL: Don't you think he's too old, Tom? How's his health?

PRESIDENT: It must be alright. He's still running around digging up tombs. Besides, he's had experience.

CARDINAL: I didn't know that.

PRESIDENT: Ten, twelve years ago I think, in Africa. The exorcism supposedly lasted for months. I heard it damn near killed him.

We cut to Merrin walking in the woods. A young priest runs up to him. . .

YOUNG PRIEST: Father . . .

He hands Merrin a letter and runs off. Merrin reads the message and continues his slow walk.

The image dissolves to Regan/Demon's face.

PROSPECT STREET - MACNEIL HOUSE: A cab pulls up to the house in long shot. Out of the cab steps a tall, old priest, carrying a battered valise. A hat obscures his face.

As the cab pulls away, the priest stands rooted in the mist, staring up at the second floor window like a melancholy traveler frozen in time. We cut to another close up of Regan/Demon's face.

FRONT DOOR: Chris opens the door, disclosing the priest, face still shaded by the hat, and Roman collar by coat buttoned at the top.

MERRIN: Mrs. MacNeil?


MERRIN: I'm Father Merrin.

CHRIS: Come in.

MERRIN (removes his hat): Thank you. . . . Is Father Karras here?

Karras enters the foyer. Chris takes Merrin's hat and coat.

CHRIS: Yes. He's already here.

KARRAS: Father?

MERRIN (walks over to greet Karras): Father Karras.

They shake hands.

KARRAS: It's an honor to meet you, Father.

They both look up as the scream of the demon, booming, amplifying, comes from Regan's room.


MERRIN: Are you tired?


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