The Exorcist - 1973 | Complete Story and Screenshots

Directed By William Friedkin - Screenplay by William Peter Blatty, Based on his own novel

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STUDY: Chris has now confronted both Sharon and Willie in the study. She shows the crucifix to them.

CHRIS: This was under Regan's pillow. Did you put it there?

SHARON: Of course I didn't.

WILLIE: I didn't put it.

KARL (enters the room): Excuse me, Madam.

CHRIS (shouting): What!

KARL: A man to see you.

CHRIS (shouting): What man?

FOYER: Kinderman stands with his hat in his hand as Chris approaches.

KITCHEN: Chris and Kinderman both sit in the kitchen, coffee cups in hand.

KINDERMAN: Does your daughter remember if perhaps Mr. Dennings was in her room that night?

CHRIS: Why do you ask?

KINDERMAN: Oh, that she might remember.

CHRIS: No, she was heavily sedated.

KINDERMAN: It's serious?

CHRIS: Yes, I'm afraid it is.

KINDERMAN: May I ask...?

CHRIS: We still don't know.

KINDERMAN: Watch out for drafts. A draft in the fall when the house is hot is a magic carpet for bacteria.

KARL (enters the room): Excuse me Madam? Will there be anything else?

CHRIS: No Karl, we're fine, thank you. . . . It's allright, Karl.

Karl exits, her attention is back to Kinderman.

CHRIS: Why are you asking all this?

KINDERMAN: It's strange. The deceased comes to visit, stays only twenty minutes, and leaves all alone a very sick girl. And speaking plainly Mrs. MacNeil, it isn't likely he would fall from a window. Besides, a fall wouldn't do to his neck what we found except maybe in one chance in a thousand. Nope, my hunch, my opinion, he was killed by a very powerful man: point one.

And the fracturing of the skull - point two - plus the various other things we mentioned, would make it very probable - probable, not certain - that the deceased was killed and then pushed from your daughter's window. But nobdy was in the room except your daughter. So how could this be? It could be one way: if someone came calling between the time Miss Spencer left and the time you returned. The servants, they have visitors?

CHRIS: No. Not at all,

KINDERMAN: You were expecting a package that day? Some delivery?

CHRIS: Not that I know of.

KINDERMAN: Groceries, cleaning, a package?

CHRIS: I really wouldn't know, you see Karl takes care of all that.


CHRIS: Would you like to ask him?

KINDERMAN: No, never mind. It's very remote.

CHRIS: Would you like some more coffee?


Kinderman follows Chris into the kitchen. He notices some of Regan's artwork. He picks up a small sculpted Turtle and examines it.

KINDERMAN: That's cute. (Chris looks over at Kinderman) Your daughter, she's the artist?

Chris smiles. She hands him the coffee.

KINDERMAN: Thank you. Incidentally, you might ask your daughter if she remembered seeing Mr. Dennings in her room that night?

CHRIS: Look, he wouldn't have any reason in the world to go up to her room.

KINDERMAN: Oh, I know. I realize, but if certain British doctors never asked "What is this fungus?" we wouldn't today have penicillin. Correct?

CHRIS: Well, when she's better, I'll ask.

KINDERMAN: Couldn't hurt. In the meantime... (falters, embarrassed) I really hate to ask you this but... for my daughter could you please give an autograph?

CHRIS: Of course. Where's a pen?

Kinderman pulls out a pen and a calling card and gives them to Chris.

KINDERMAN: Right here. Oh, she'd love it.

CHRIS: What's her name?

Kinderman hesitates. His eyes are desperate and defiant.

KINDERMAN: I lied. It's for me. The spelling is on the back, Kinderman. You know that film you made, Angel? I saw that six times.

CHRIS: Really?

KINDERMAN (receives the autograph and chuckles): Thank you.

FOYER: Chris helps Kinderman put his coat on.

KINDERMAN: You're a very nice lady. (Chris gives his hat to him) Thank you.

CHRIS: You're a nice man.

Chris opens the front door.

KINDERMAN: I'll come back when she's feeling better.

Kinderman exits and Chris closes the door and locks it. She holds her hands to her mouth and slowly walks away. We suddenly here a crash from Regan's room, followed by loud voices.

REGAN: Please! No!


REGAN: Please no!

MALE VOICE: You bitch! Do it! Do it!

Chris races up the stairs and runs to Regan's room.

REGAN: No! Please! No!

Chris opens the door and sees objects rapidly flying around the room. We hear a last gasp scream from Regan until Chris turns to Regan and covers her mouth with horror.

REGAN/DEMON: Let Jesus fuck you!

Regan has the crucifix gripped in her hand and is plunging it into her bloodied vagina. There are fresh cuts all over her face, streaming with blood.

REGAN/DEMON: Let Jesus fuck you! Let him fuck you!!!

Chris runs over to Regan and tries to pry the crucifix from her hand. They struggle for the crucifix. Regan then grabs Chris' head and pushes it into her bloodied crotch.

REGAN/DEMON: Lick me! Lick me!

Chris' face emerges covered with Regan's blood. Regan slaps her mother and sends her flying to the floor. Chris screams in pain. Sharon and Willie race up the stairs.

SHARON: Chris!

The door closes by itself being held shut by a chair. They both bang on the door. Chris looks up to see that Regan's wardrobe is moving toward her. Chris scurries out of the way.

We turn back to Regan who is sitting with her back to us, but she has spun her head in a 180-degree angle, facing backward. Chris looks up at her.

REGAN/BURKE: Do you know what she did, your cunting daughter?

Chris turns away and screams, bursting into tears.

35th STREET BRIDGE AND CANAL: Chris is standing on the bridge alone. She's wearing oversized dark glasses. Father Karras approaches her, he is wearing khakis, sweater and sturdy, scuffled tennis shoes.

KARRAS: Chris MacNeil?

CHRIS: Please go away.

KARRAS: I'm Father Karras.

CHRIS (turns around and shakes his hand): Oh, I'm very sorry Father. Hi.

KARRAS: That's allright. I should've told you I wouldn't be in uniform.

CHRIS: Yeah, it would've helped. Have you gotta cigarette, Father?

Karras searches his pocket and pulls out a pack of cigarettes. Chris takes one and Karras lights it for her. They walk down the steps to the canal side.


CHRIS: Yeah. . . . . So, how'd a shrink ever get to be a priest?

KARRAS: It's the other way around. The society sent me through med school.

CHRIS: Where?

KARRAS: Harvard, Bellevue, John Hopkins. Place like that.

CHRIS: I see. You're a friend of Father Dyer, right?

KARRAS: Yes, I am.

CHRIS: Pretty close?

KARRAS: Pretty close.

CHRIS: Did he tell you about my party?

KARRAS: Sure did.

CHRIS: About my daughter?

KARRAS: No, I didn't know you had one.

CHRIS: He didn't mention it?


CHRIS: Didn't tell you of what she did?

KARRAS: He didn't mention her.

CHRIS: Priests are pretty tight mouthed then?

KARRAS: That depends.

CHRIS: On what?

KARRAS: The priest.

CHRIS: Sure. I mean, what if a person was a murderer or a criminal of some kind, and they wanted some kind of help, would you have to turn him in?

KARRAS: If he came to me for spritual advice, I'd say no.

CHRIS: You wouldn't.

KARRAS: No I wouldn't. But I'd try to convince him to turn himself in.

CHRIS: And how do you go about getting an exorcism?

KARRAS: I beg your pardon?

CHRIS: If a person was possessed by a demon or something, how do they get an exorcism?

KARRAS: Well, the first thing, I'd have to get them into a time machine and send them back to the sixteenth century.

CHRIS: I didn't get you?

KARRAS: Well it just doesn't happen anymore, Mrs. MacNeil.

CHRIS: Oh yeah, since when?

KARRAS: Well, since we learned about mental illness, paranoia, schizophrenia. All those things they taught me in Harvard. Mrs. MacNeil, since the day I joined the Jesuits, I've never met one priest who has performed an exorcism, not one.

CHRIS: Yeah well, it just so happens that somebody very close to me is probably possessed, and needs an exorcist. (bursts into tears) Father Karras it's my little girl.

Karras grabs Chris' arm and walks her over to a bench.

KARRAS: And that's all the more reason to forget about exorcism.

CHRIS: Why, I don't understand?

KARRAS: To begin with, it could make things worse.

CHRIS: But how?

They both sit. Chris is still crying.

KARRAS: Secondly, the church approves an exorcism, it conducts an investigation to see if it's warranted. That takes time. Meanwhile your daughter . . .

CHRIS: You could do it yourself...

KARRAS: No I couldn't, I need church approval, and that's rarely given,-

CHRIS: Could you see her?

KARRAS: Yes I could, I could see her as a psychiatrist...

CHRIS: Not a psychiatrist! She needs a priest! She's already seen every fucking psychiatrist in the world and they sent me to you, now you're gonna send me back to them! Jesus Christ, won't somebody help her!

KARRAS: No, you don't understand. Your daughter . . .

CHRIS: Oh, will you help her! Just help her!

Chris bursts into tears again and buries her head into Karras shoulder. Karras puts his arm around her.

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