The Exorcist - 1973 | Complete Story and Screenshots

Directed By William Friedkin - Screenplay by William Peter Blatty, Based on his own novel

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RUNNING TRACK - GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY: In training gear, Karras is running laps. Seated on a bench at the edge of the track, watching Karras, is Lt. Kinderman. Karras seems curious, if not disturbed, by Kinderman's presence. When Karras stops, panting, Kinderman rises and moves toward him.

KINDERMAN: Father Karras?

KARRAS (picks up his towel and wipes his brow): Have we met?

KINDERMAN: No we haven't met, but they said I could tell; that you looked like a boxer. (he shows his badge) William F. Kinderman. Homicide.

KARRAS: What's this all about?

KINDERMAN: Yeah, it's true. You do look like a boxer. John Garfield, in Body and Soul. Exactly John Garfield. People tell you that, Father?

KARRAS: Do people tell you look like Paul Newman?

KINDERMAN: Always. (Karras walks away toward the campus) You know this director was doing a film here, Burke Dennings?

KARRAS: I've seen him.

KINDERMAN: You've seen him. You're also familiar with how last week he died?

KARRAS: Only what I read in the papers.

KINDERMAN: Father, what do you know on the subject of witchcraft? From the witching end, not the hunting.

KARRAS: I once did a paper on it


KARRAS: From the psychiatric end.

KINDERMAN: I know. I read it. Father, this desecration in the church, you think they have anything to do with witchcraft?

KARRAS: Maybe. Some rituals used in Black Mass. Maybe.

KINDERMAN: And Dennings, you read how he died?

KARRAS: Yeah, a fall.

KINDERMAN: Let me tell you how, and please, Father, confidential. Burke Dennings, good Father, was found at the bottom of those steps leading to 'M' Street with his head turned completely around. Facing backwards.

KARRAS: Couldn't it of happened on the fall.

KINDERMAN: It's possible. Possible however . . .

KARRAS: Unlikely.

KINDERMAN: Exactly. So on the one hand we've got a witchcraft kind of murder and on the other hand, a Black Mass type of desecration in the church.

KARRAS: You think the killer and the desecrator are the same?

KINDERMAN: Maybe somebody crazy, someone with a spite against the church, some unconscious rebellion.

KARRAS: Sick priest, is that it?

KINDERMAN: Look, Father this is hard for you, please, I understand. But for priests on the campus here, you're the psychiatrist; you'd know who was sick at the time, who wasn't. I mean this kind of sickness. You'd know that.

KARRAS: I don't know anyone who fits the description.

KINDERMAN: Ah, doctor's ethics. If you knew you wouldn't tell, huh?

KARRAS: No I probably wouldn't.

KINDERMAN: Not to bother you with trivia, but a psychiatrist in sunny California no less, was put in jail for not telling the police what he knew about a patient.

KARRAS: Is that a threat?

KINDERMAN: No, I mentioned it only in passing.

KARRAS: Incidentally, I mention only in passing that I could tell the judge that it was a matter of confession.

Karras walks off toward his dormitory and Kinderman chases him.

KINDERMAN: Hey, Father? You like movies?

KARRAS: Very much.

KINDERMAN: I get passes to the best shows in town. Mrs. K though, she gets tired and never likes to go.

KARRAS: That's too bad.

KINDERMAN: Yeah, I hate to go alone. You know, I love to talk film; discuss the critique. D'you wanna see a film with me? I got passes to The Crest. It's Othello.

KARRAS: Who's in it?

KINDERMAN: Who's in it? Debbie Reynolds, Desdemona, and Othello, Groucho Marx. Are you happy?

KARRAS: I've seen it.

KINDERMAN: One last time: Can you think of some priest who fits the bill?

KARRAS: Come on!

KINDERMAN: Answer the question, Father Paranoia.

KARRAS: Alright. You know who I think really did it?


KARRAS: The Dominicans. Go pick on them.

KINDERMAN: I could have you deported, you know that?

Karras walks to the front door.

KINDERMAN (shouts to Karras): I lied!

Karras turns around.

KINDERMAN (shouting to Karras): You look like Sal Mineo!

Karras smiles and walks inside.

BARRINGER CLINIC: The leaves blow as the camera zooms in on the Barringer Clinic.

CLINIC DIRECTOR: It looks like a type of disorder that you rarely ever see anymore, except in primitive cultures.

WARD: We see Regan on a monitor screen. She's in another fit, in bed and restrained by straps.

CLINIC DIRECTOR: We call it a somnambuliform possession.

We cut to another angle of Regan who has slightly visible welts on her face. She's still screaming. We then cut to Regan, now flat on her back, mumbling to herself.


CLINIC DIRECTOR: Quite frankly, we really don't know much about it at all, except that it starts with a conflict or guilt that leads to the patient's delusions that his body's been invaded by some alien intelligence; a spirit if you will.

CHRIS: Look, I'm telling you again and you'd better believe it, I'm not going to lock her up in some goddamn asylum!


CHRIS: And I don't care what you call it! I'm not putting her away!


CHRIS: You're sorry! Jesus Christ, eighty-eight doctors and all you can tell me is all of your bullshit...

CLINIC DIRECTOR: There is one outside chance for a cure. I think of it as shock treatment. As I said, it's a very outside chance...

CHRIS: Will you just name it, for God's sake? What is it?

MALE DOCTOR: Do you have any religious beliefs?


FEMALE DOCTOR: What about your daughter?

CHRIS: No, why?

CLINIC DIRECTOR: Have you ever heard of exorcism? (Chris looks at him baffled) Well, it's a stylized ritual in which the rabbi or the priest try to drive out the so-called invading spirit. It's pretty much discarded these days, except by the Catholics who keep it in the closet as a sort of embarrassment, but it has worked. In fact, although not for the reasons they think, of course. It's purely a force of suggestion. The victim's belief in possession is what helped cause it; and so in that same way this belief in the power of exorcism can make it disappear.

CHRIS: You're telling me that I should take my daughter to a witch doctor? Is that it?

The Clinic Director nods and looks at Chris.

PROSPECT STREET - MACNEIL HOUSE: A car has pulled up and Karl is exiting the driver's seat and opening the rear door while Sharon exits on the right rear side. Karl reaches in and picks up Regan wrapped in a blanket from Chris' back seat.

M STREET: Kinderman is examing the area where Burke was found dead. He walks to the steep concrete steps and looks up them. We feel and eerie atmosphere surrounding these steps.

REGAN'S BEDROOM: Regan is tucked in bed. Chris moves slowly forward to the bedside and looks down at Regan. Chris then leans and tenderly adjusts her pillow. In the process, she uncovers a crucifix under it. She lifts it out, examining it.

M STREET: Kinderman begins to climb the stairs but stops and turns back. He looks down in a small ditch beside the steps. He clears the grass with his feet and reaches down for something. He picks up a small sculpture of an animal made of clay. He examines it and then climbs the steps.

SECOND FLOOR HALLWAY: Chris exits Regan's room and approaches Karl who is descending the stairs. Chris leans over the bannister.

CHRIS: Karl? Did you put this in Regan's bedroom?

KARL: She is going to be well?

CHRIS: Karl, if you put this in Regan's bedroom I want you to tell me, now did you?

KARL: No, not me. I didn't.

M STREET: Kinderman continues to climb the steps, breathing heavy and pauses to look at Regan's bedroom window.

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