The Exorcist - 1973 | Complete Story and Screenshots

Directed By William Friedkin - Screenplay by William Peter Blatty, Based on his own novel

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SECOND FLOOR HALLWAY: Chris and Sharon sit in the hallway with their heads in hands. Klein and Tanney exit Regan's room and approach them. Chris stands.

DR. KLEIN: She's heavily sedated. She'll probably sleep through tomorrow.

CHRIS: What was going on in there, how could she fly off the bed like that?

DR. TANNEY: Pathological states can induce abnormal strength, accelerated motor performance. For example, a ninety-pound woman sees her child pinned under the wheel of a truck, runs out and lifts the wheels half a foot up off the ground. You've heard the story, same thing here. Same principle, I mean.

CHRIS: So what's wrong with her?

DR. KLEIN: We still think the temporal lobe...

CHRIS: Oh. What are you talking about for Christ sake! Did you see her or not? She's acting like a fucking out of her mind psychotic or a split personality or...

DR. TANNEY: There haven't been more than a hundred authentic cases of so called split personality, Mrs. MacNeil. Now I know the temptation is to leap to psychiatry, but any reasonable psychiatrist would exhaust the somatic possibilities first.

CHRIS: So what's next?

DR. TANNEY: A pneumoencephelogram, I would think, pin down that lesion. It will involve another spinal.

CHRIS: Oh, Christ.

DR. TANNEY: What we missed in the EEG and the arteriogram could conceivably turn up there. At the least, it would eliminate certain other possibilities.

MEDICAL LABORATORY: We see a piece of heavy machinery swivelling above the camera. We then see Regan strapped to a table, hooked up to the machine. She's yelping in pain.

DR. KLEIN'S OFFICE: Dr. Klein is looking over the lab reports and seems baffled.

DR. KLEIN: Dr. Tanney says the X-rays are negative. In other words, normal. (Chris sighs) Do you keep any drugs in your house?

CHRIS: No. Of course not, nothing like that.

DR. KLEIN: Are you sure?

CHRIS: Well of course I'm sure. I'd tell you. Christ, I don't even smoke grass.

DR. KLEIN: Are you planning to be home soon? LA, I mean.

CHRIS: No. I'm building a new house, the old one's been sold. I was going to take Regan to Europe for a while, after she finished school here. Why'd you ask?

DR. KLEIN: I think it's time we started looking for a psychiatrist.

CHRIS' CAR: Angle from driver's seat - 'M' Street and 36th. Through the windshield, dead ahead, a crowd has gathered by the base of the steep steps beside the house, and an ambulance is pulling out into traffic. Police car lights are flashing. As Chris rounds off the bridge on to Prospect street, the ambulance pulls out and then gets ahead of her, siren wailing. We follow the ambulance for two beats.

MACNEIL HOUSE- KITCHEN: The lights are blinking on and off and the phone is ringing. Chris enters the kitchen and answers the phone.

CHRIS (on the phone): Hello?

But there is no answer. She puts the phone down and wanders further into the kitchen. The lights are still blinking, again we see a glimpse of the white demonic face.

CHRIS: Sharon? (the lights come back on) Sharon?

Still no response. Chris exits to the lounge.

SECOND FLOOR HALL: As Chris reaches the landing she halts, her eyes warily scanning around, then she continues down the hall toward us, and opens the door to Regan's bedroom.

REGAN'S BEDROOM: There is silence as Chris stands by the door a moment. Chris hugs herself, shivering from the cold. Regan is sound asleep and uncovered from the bed sheets. Chris sees that the window is wide open.

Chris moves to the window and closes it, but still feels cold.

CHRIS (whispers): Shit.

She walks to Regan and pulls the covers back over her.

SECOND FLOOR HALL: Chris exits and walks toward the stairs when we hear the front door close, followed by a call.

SHARON (downstairs): It's Sharon!

FOYER: Sharon enters with a brown pharmacy bag.

CHRIS: What the hell do you mean going out and leaving Regan by herself! Are you crazy, her window's wide open. The whole room is freezing!

The doorbell rings, Chris is too angry and ignores it at first.

SHARON: What, didn't he tell you?

CHRIS: Didn't who tell me?

SHARON: Burke.

CHRIS: What's Burke got to do with it?

SHARON: Look, there wasn't anybody here, so when I went to get the Thorazine, I had him stay with her and... Oh, I should of known better. I'm sorry . . .

CHRIS: Yeah, well I guess you should've.

Chris makes her way to the door.

SHARON: How were the tests?

CHRIS: We have to start looking for a shrink.

She opens the door. It's the assistant director. Chris goes to hang her coat.

CHRIS: Hi Chuck, c'mon in.

CHUCK: I suppose you've heard.

CHRIS: Heard what?

Chuck takes his hat off, he gives a solemn look. Chris turns around to face him and looks baffled.

CHUCK: You haven't heard. . . . . . Burke's dead. . . . . He must of been drunk. He fell down from the top of the steps right outside, by the time he hit 'M' Street he . . . . broke his neck.

CHRIS (puts her hands to her mouth): Oh God!

Chris breaks into tears and press up against the wall. Chuck gently hugs her from behind.

CHUCK: Yeah, I know. (Chuck backs away and exits)

CHRIS: Oh Burke! Poor Burke!

SHARON: I can't believe it.

Chris lowers her brow into her hand, leaning against the door. She shakes her head, exhales.

CHRIS: I guess everything . . .

She breaks off, staring with horror at something descending the stairs.

CHRIS (whispers): Oh my God!

It's Regan on all fours. She's gliding, spiderlike, noiselessly and swiftly, down the staircase.

She halts directly at the bottom and blood gushes from her mouth.

CHRIS: Oh my God!

We fade to black.

PSYCHIATRIST: Now when I touch your forehead, open your eyes.

We fade back with a full face shot of Regan, with two fingers wiping her brow. We stay fixed on Regan's full mug shot.

PSYCHIATRIST: Are you comfortable Regan?


PSYCHIATRIST: How old are you?

REGAN: Twelve.

PSYCHIATRIST: Is there someone inside you?

REGAN: Sometimes.


REGAN: I don't know.

We now get a view of the whole room. Chris and Dr. Klein are also present.

PSYCHIATRIST: Is it Captain Howdy?

REGAN: I don't know.

PSYCHIATRIST: If I ask him to tell me, will you let him answer?



REGAN: I'm afraid.

PSYCHIATRIST: If he talks to me, I think he'll leave you. Do you want him to leave you?


We get a close up of the psychiatrist.

PSYCHIATRIST: I'm speaking to the person inside of Regan now. If you are there you too are hypnotized and must answer all my questions. Come forward and answer me now.

A framed picture of Regan drops to the floor.

We switch to a close up of Regan who is growling like some kind of animal.

Chris and Dr. Klein both cover their nose and mouth as if a foul stench is circulating the room.

PSYCHIATRIST: Are you the person inside of Regan?

Regan's eyes are fixed on the psychiatrist. Her arm is propped up like a cobra ready to strike.

PSYCHIATRIST: Who are you?

Regan's hand drops and grips the psychiatrists scrotum, squeezing like a vice. The psychiatrist screams in pain.


Dr. Klein grabs Regan and pulls her away. Regan falls back and screams extremely loud.

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