The Exorcist - 1973 | Complete Story and Screenshots

Directed By William Friedkin - Screenplay by William Peter Blatty, Based on his own novel

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UNIVERSITY OF GEORGETOWN - HALLWAY: Father Dyer is walking down the long corridor to Damien's room. He reaches the room, knocks and then enters.

KARRAS: Where'd you get the money for the Chivas Regal? The poor box?

FATHER DYER: That's an insult, I got a vow of poverty.

KARRAS: Where'd you get it then?

FATHER DYER: I stole it.

KARRAS: I believe you.

FATHER DYER: College president shouldn't drink. Tends to set a bad example, I figure I saved them from a big temptation.

KARRAS: Oh Christ! I should of been there and I wasn't there, I should've been there.

FATHER DYER: There was nothing you could do. Lie down. C'mon.

Father Dyer helps Damien onto his bed, takes his cigarette and takes his shoes off.

FATHER DYER: Think you can sleep?

KARRAS: Are you gonna steal my shoes now?

FATHER DYER: No, I tell fortunes by reading the creases, now shut up and go to sleep.

Damien grabs Father Dyer's arm but slowly let's go. Father Dyer turns the light out and heads for the door.

FATHER DYER: Goodnight.

KARRAS: Stealing is a sin.

Dyer exits. We slowly zoom in on Damien while he's asleep. He starts to dream and we see the images that comes into his head. There is a falling medallion, a swing pendulum in a clock and a running dog. He then sees his mother ascending a subway tunnel to the street, Karras is on the other side of the street and although there is no sound, we can see that Damien is calling "Momma" and Mrs. Karras is calling "Damien".

Captain Howdy, the white demonic face, flashes a split second as Karras starts to run across the street to his mother, but we see her once again descend to the subway. We see the falling medallion again and as it hits the floor, the silence is broken by Regan's screamng.

HOSPITAL - DR. KLEIN'S OFFICE: Regan screams hysterically.

REGAN: I don't want it.

CHRIS: Honey, it's to help you.

We can see Dr. Klein preparing an injection.

REGAN: I don't want it, I don't want it.

Dr. Klein injects the needle into Regan's arm. She spits at him.

REGAN: You fucking bastard!!

UNIVERSITY OF GEORGETOWN - CHAPEL: Karras is doing a church service in the chapel.

KARRAS (whisper): Remember O Lord, Thy servant, Mary Karras... who has gone before us with the sign of faith, and sleeps the sleep of peace. (to the attendants) Lord I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the words and I shall be healed. May the body of Christ bring me to everlasting life.

HOSPITAL - CORRIDOR: Chris is waiting outside Dr. Klein's office. Dr.Klein enters.

DR. KLEIN: Well, It's a symptom of a type of disturbance in the chemico-electrical activity of the brain. In the case of your daughter in the temperal lobe, up here in the lateral part of the brain. It's rare, but it does cause bizarre hallucinations and usually just before a convulsion.

CHRIS: Convulsion?

DR. KLEIN: The shaking of the bed, that's doubtless due to musuclar spasms.

CHRIS: Oh no, that was no spasm. I got on the bed, the whole bed was thumping and rising off the floor and shaking. The whole thing, with me on it!

DR. KLEIN: Mrs. MacNeil the problem with your daughter is not her bed, it's her brain.

They both walk into Klein's office.

CHRIS: So, what causes this?

DR. KLEIN: Lesion, Lesion in the temperal lobe. It's a kind of seizure disorder.

CHRIS: Look doc, I really don't understand how her whole personality could change.

DR. KLEIN: In temperal lobe, it is very common. Could last for days, even weeks. It isn't rare to find destructive or even criminal behaviour.

CHRIS: Hey do me a favour will ya'. Tell me something good.

DR. KLEIN: Don't be alarmed. If it's a lesion, in a way she's fortunate. All we have to do is remove the scar.

OPERATING THEATRE: We see Regan being wheeled on a bed to the operating bench. They place the bed next to the bench and pull the bars down.

FEMALE NURSE: Let's move her.

MALE NURSE: Regan, could you sit up and scoot over here?

Regan does so and she lays back onto the operating bench. The male nurse pushes a button and the bench begins to move forward.

MALE NURSE: A little more. Good. Regan, I'm just gonna move you down on the table okay?

The female nurse fits here with a blood pressure wrap.

FEMALE NURSE: Let me do this. Okay. There we go.

The bench comes to a halt.

MALE NURSE: It's just for a short time.

Both nurses, male and female, loosen Regan's gown around the neck to prep her for the doctor. They place monitors on her arms.

FEMALE NURSE: You're doing fine.

MALE NURSE: Very sticky.

The doctor approaches Regan with a pot of betadine and puts a sponge into the pot.

DOCTOR: Now Regan you're going to feel something a little bit cold and wet.

He dabs the sponge onto her neck making it a light brown colour. The doctor then picks up a hypodermic needle and moves toward her. We can see Chris and Dr. Klein in the viewing room.

DOCTOR: Okay, now you're gonna feel a little stick here. Don't move.

The doctor injects the needle into Regan's neck.


He then picks up a a needle head without the syringe, and moves toward her.

DOCTOR: Okay, you're gonna feel some pressure here, now don't move.

The doctor places the needle into the hole he made with the syringe. Regan is quietly yelping in pain, and Chris is in pain watching her daughter suffer. The doctor takes the tiny cap from the needle, Regan's clothing is squirted with blood and places a tube into the needle's head. We see the blood rush from Regan's neck through the tube. The male nurse then tapes Regan's chin down to prevent her from moving.

The nurses then moves in a huge machine, two pieces either side of Regan's head and a piece above. The lights fade out in the theatre and all we can see is Regan's face illuminated by this huge machine above her.

DOCTOR: Hook up.

We see a finger flip a switch and the machine comes to life. A guy in the view room pushes another button and the machine lets off several loud bangs. In the theatre, we can see Regan crying.

X-RAY ROOM: We see an X-ray slide of Regan's skull appear on an illuminated screen. Then more more appear one after the other.

We see Dr. Tanney is controlling the slides as he examines them, Dr. Klein is with him.

DR. TANNEY: There's nothing there. No vascular displacement at all. You want me to run another series?

DR. KLEIN: I don't think so. I'd like you to see her again.

NURSE (enters the room): Excuse me Doctor. Chris MacNeil is on the phone, she says it's urgent.

DR. KlEIN: Got some time?

DR. TANNEY: Of course.

MACNEIL HOUSE: We hear the doorbell ring and Sharon racing down the stairs to answer it, but no sound could block out Regan's screaming from up stairs. Sharon opens the door.

SHARON: Dr. Klein?

DR. KLEIN: Yes I'm Dr. Klein, this is Dr. Tanney.

DR. TANNEY: How do you do?

SHARON: Hi Sharon, things have gotten worse since we called you, I better take you up stairs.

DR. KLEIN: Is she having spasms again?

SHARON: Yes but they've gotten violent.

DR. KLEIN: Did you give her the medication she needed?


DR. TANNEY: What was that?

DR. KLEIN: Thorazine. Before that it was Ritalin.

They approach Regan's door. Sharon knocks.

SHARON: Chris, Doctors.

Chris opens the door.

DR. KLEIN: Mrs. MacNeil, this is Doctor Tanney.

We see Regan is laying on her bed, thrashing her torso against the mattress and up again.

REGAN: Mother please! Oh please mother make it stop! It's burning, it's burning please mother!

CHRIS: So something please Doctor, Help her!

REGAN: Make it stop,it really hurts! Mother! Make it...

Regan suddenly growls, her eyes roll back and her throat swells abnormally. She stands up on the bed.

DR. KLEIN: Alright then Regan, let's see...

Regan back hands Dr. Klein and he flies backward.

CHRIS: Oh Regan!

REGAN/DEMON: Keep away! The sow is mine! (she pulls up her dress and mimes masturbation): Fuck me! Fuck Me! Fuck me!

She falls back and starts to scream again.

DR. KLEIN: Get my bag!

Sharon grabs Dr. Klein's bag and Karl slaps Regan to stop her from screaming. Chris screams with horror in reaction to what she's just seen. Karl and Dr. Tanney hold Regan down as Dr. Klein prepares a syringe to knock her out.

REGAN: Stay away from me! Stay away! Mother!

DR. KLEIN: Hold her steady, Hold her tight!

Dr. Klein injects the needle and Sharon takes Chris outside. When the door is closed, Regan's screaming becomes dead silence.

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