The Exorcist - 1973 | Complete Story and Screenshots

Directed By William Friedkin - Screenplay by William Peter Blatty, Based on his own novel

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BELLEVUE PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL - HALLYWAY: We cut to Karras hurridly walking down a corridor being followed by his Uncle.

UNCLE: The edima affected her brain, you understand Dimmy? She don't let no doctor come near her. She was all the time screaming, even talking to the radio.

KARRAS: You should have called me the minute it happened.

UNCLE: Listen, regular hospital not going to put up with her Dimmy, understand? So we give her a shot and bring her here, till the doctors fix up her leg, then we take her out Dimmy, two or three months and she's out good as new.

They approach an office and Karras' Uncle walks in to speak to the nurse.

UNCLE: Miss?


UNCLE: We want to see Mrs. Karras.

NURSE: Do you have an appointment?


NURSE: Are you a relative?

UNCLE: Yes I am her brother, he's her son

NURSE: Just a minute.

The nurse grabs a set of keys and writes something in a note book. We then cut to Damien staring in the window of the ward. He's see's all sorts of people, all with mental problems.

UNCLE: You know it's funny. If you wasn't a priest you'd be famous psychiatrist now on Park Avenue, your mother she'd be living in a penthouse instead of here.

The nurse unlocks the door and opens it. Damien looks at his Uncle.

UNCLE: You go in Dimmy. I wait for you outside.

Karras walks in and leaves his Uncle behind.

NURSE: You'll find Mrs. Karras on the last bed on the left hand side.

As Damien enters, a few of the patients rush toward him. Two of them grab him, as the nurse tries to get them away. Damien barges them out of his way only to have another patient rush into him and take his collar. The nurse takes her away as bed bound patients look on with arms out stretched. Damien approaches his mother's bed.

KARRAS: Momma? It's Dimmy, momma.

MRS. KARRAS (slowly turns her eyes to him): Dimmy. Why they did this to me Dimmy? Why?

Damien rushes to comfort his mother.

KARRAS: Momma, I'm gonna take you outta here momma. (Mrs. Karras struggles to turn away from him) Momma I'm gonna take you home.

Mrs. Karras shouts at him in Greek as Damien tries to comfort her.

KARRAS: Momma, everything's gonna be alright, momma, I'm gonna take you home!

NEW YORK - CITY STREET: We cut to Damien talking to his Uncle face to face.

KARRAS: Couldn't you have put her some place else?

UNCLE: Like what? Private hospital? Who got the money for that Dimmy? You?

UNIVERSITY OF GEORGETOWN - BOXING GYM: We cut to Damien taking his frustration out on a punch bag. He throws a few hard punches before stopping for breath.

MACNEIL HOUSE - PROSPECT STREET: We see the house is lit up as there's a party going on inside. A car pulls up before we enter.

MACNEIL HOUSE: We see lots of people enjoying themselves, talking, laughing, eating. Music playing and people having a good time. We see Burke sitting on a couch with two people beside him, he's drunk and is sat twirling his finger around in his drink.

BURKE: There seems to be an alien pubic hair in my Gin.

ASTRONAUT: I beg your pardon?

BURKE: Never seen it before in my life. Have you?

We see more people having fun, laughing, and we then cut to Father Dyer, a young priest who is talking to the same guy Burke was.

ASTRONAUT: Well actually Father, we're pretty comfortable up there, at least compared to the Gemini and Mercury program. So they were tight for space, see we've got about two-hundred and ten cubic feet so we can move around.

FATHER DYER: Listen, if you ever go up there again, will you take me along?

ASTRONAUT (laughs): What for?

FATHER DYER: First missionary on mars.

We then cut to Burke who is approaching Karl, who is carrying a tray of drinks.

BURKE: Tell me, was it public relations you did for the Gestapo or community relations?

KARL: I'm Swiss.

BURKE: Yes of course. Never went bowling with Goebbels either I suppose, eh? (Karl walks away)

BURKE: Nazi bastard.

CHRIS (talking to Father Dyer): Over behind the church, you know where I mean over there, it's a red brick wing?

FATHER DYER: St. Mike's.

CHRIS: What goes down there? I mean who's the priest I keep seeing, he's there all the time. He has black hair and he's very intense looking?

FATHER DYER: Damien Karras.

CHRIS: Karras.

FATHER DYER: That's his office back of St. Mike's. He's our psychiatric counselor. He had a pretty rough knock last night poor guy, his mother passed away. She was living by herself and I guess she was dead a couple of days before they found her.

We cut to the kitchen where Burke is once again taunting Karl.

BURKE: Cunting Hun! Bloody damn butchering Nazi pig!

Karl lunges at Burke and grabs him by the throat.

KARL: Bastard! I will kill you.

CHRIS: Karl!!

Chris, Sharon and Willie pull Karl away from Burke. Willie takes Karl into another room.

KARL: You fiend!

BURKE (laughs and claps his hands): What's for dessert?

REGAN'S BEDROOM: We see Regan is tucked up in bed with her eyes closed. Chris pulls the covers up to her shoulders.

CHRIS: You sleeping?

There is no reply so Chris kisses her and exits. As Chris disappears Regan's eyes open suddenly.

We cut to Chris and Sharon who are trying to help (a very drunk) Burke to the front door. Burke is trying to mumble a song. Sharon opens the front door for him.

CHRIS: Listen Burke, your car is on the curb. Luis is waiting. It's nice and warm.

Burke hugs her. Chris looks confused and hugs him back. Burke pulls away and points his finger as if he wants to say something, but he forgets.

CHRIS: What, honey?

BURKE: Fuck it.

Burke walks off and Chris and Sharon close the door and return to the party. Father Dyer is sitting at the piano and everyone is singing songs.

FATHER DYER: Hi Chris. Great party.

CHRIS: Yeah, don't stop. Keep going.

FATHER DYER: Listen, I don't need any encouragement, but my idea of heaven is a solid white night club, with me as the head liner, for all eternity and they love me.

Everyone laughs. Father Dyer starts to play a song and everyone sings along.

EVERYONE: "Down on the east side of Toyd..."

FATHER DYER: Toyd, Toyd.

EVERYONE: "Toyd, that's my home, sweet home. Can we both think it's..."

Regan appears in view and Father Dyer notices her first.

FATHER DYER: Hey, I think we got a guest.

Everyone turns to Regan as she stands and stares at the astronaut guy.

REGAN: You're gonna die up there.

The guy looks puzzled and Regan begins to urinate on the floor.

CHRIS: Regan, oh my God honey. What's the matter? (to the guests) I'm sorry, she's been sick. She didn't know what she was saying.

ASTRONAUT: It's okay.

CHRIS (to Regan): C'mon. (Chris takes Regan out)

REGAN'S BATHROOM: Regan is in the bath tub, hunched forward, staring in front of her. Chris has a sponge and is rinsing water on Regan's back.

CHRIS: What made you say that Regan? Do you know sweetheart?

REGAN'S BEDROOM: Chris tucks Regan in and walks to the door.

REGAN: Mother? What's wrong with me?

CHRIS (walks back to her): It's just like the doctor said, it's nerves and that's all. Okay, you just take your pills and you'll be fine really. Okay?

Regan nods and Chris exits the room.

HALLWAY: Chris walks to the stairs where we see Willie downstairs cleaning up Regan's mess.

CHRIS: Is it coming out Willie?

WILLIE: Yes, I think so.

All of a sudden we here Regan screaming along with a constant crashing sound. Chris rushes to Regan's room.

REGAN: Mother! Mother! Mother!!! Mother, help!

Chris opens the door and gasps in shock. We then see Regan on her bed, but the bed is thumping and shaking ferociously.

CHRIS: Oh my God!

REGAN: Make it stop! What's wrong!! I'm scared!!!

Chris jumps on the bed to comfort Regan and they both sit screaming as the bed continues to rapidly jump around.

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