The Exorcist - 1973 | Complete Story and Screenshots

Directed By William Friedkin - Screenplay by William Peter Blatty, Based on his own novel

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MACNEIL HOUSE - STREET: We see leaves blow as we cut to a front shot of the house.

We start with a close up of Chris on the phone and slowly zoom out to see Regan overhearing the phone call.

CHRIS: Hello? Yes this is Mrs. MacNeil. Operator you have got to be kidding I have been on this line for twenty minutes. (to Sharon) : Jesus Christ, can you believe this, he doesn't even call his daughter on her birthday, for christ sake.

SHARON: Maybe the circuit is busy?

CHRIS: Oh circuit my ass, he doesn't give a shit!

SHARON (reaches for the phone): Why don't you let me?

CHRIS: No I've got it Sharon, it's all right. (on the phone) Yes. No, Operator don't tell me there's no answer, it's the Hotel Excelcia in Rome. would you try it again please and let it ring. Hello? Operator I've given you the number four times. What did you do, take an iliteracey test to get that job, for Christ sake. (shouting) No don't tell me to be calm, god damn it!

Regan sits on her bed and takes off her shoes.

CHRIS' BEDROOM: It's dark and we see Chris asleep in her bed. The silence is broken by the phone ringing. She clubs her hand on the reciever and picks it up. She holds it to her head.

CHRIS: Yeah? You're kidding me? I thought I just went to bed. Uh huh. What are we doing scene sixty one? (switches the light on) Okay, just remind him about that blue belt, huh?

She puts the phone down and rolls over to find Regan laying next to her.

CHRIS: What are you doing here?

REGAN: My bed was shaking, I can't get to sleep.

CHRIS: Oh, honey.

HALLWAY: We cut to a close up of the attic outside Chris' room. We then see Chris exit her room tying the cord on her robe. She walks toward the attic and looks as a crashing noise comes from the attic. She walks round to the entrance of the attic and pulls the steps down with a pole.

She flips the light switch but nothing happens, so she lights a candle and climbs the steps as Regan looks on from Chris' bed. When Chris reaches the attic, she walks around in the darkness, knocking things over and looking for what is making the recurring noise.

She looks for the rat traps to see if any rats have been caught but all of them remain in tact with the lumps of cheese still in place.

Chris hears the noise again and follows the sound, as she walks through the junk, her candle ignites with a billowing flame and she hears a voice. Chris turns around to see Karl standing on the steps of the entrance shining a flashlight toward her.

KARL: There is nothing.

CHRIS: Oh Karl! Jesus Christ, Karl, don't do that.

KARL: Very sorry, but you see, no rats!

CHRIS: No rats. Thanks a lot, that's terrific.

UNIVERSTIY OF WASHINGTON - DAHLGREN CHAPEL: We cut to an elderly bishop, walking across the campus carrying two large bouquet flower pots. He walks up to the entrance of the chapel and enters. The bishop walks into the chapel, and walks to the aisle. When he reaches the aisle, he bows and then approaches the altar.

He places one of the bouquets in front of one statue, but as he turns to the camera, he walks very slowly and we see him in shock as he gasps. . .

BISHOP (whispers): Oh my God!

We cut to what he has seen. It's the statue of the Virgin Mary, which has been horribly desecrated, by being given a clay penis and pointing clay breasts.

DR. KLEIN'S EXAMINING ROOM: Chris sits in a waiting room while Regan is given a physical by Dr. Klein and his staff. Regan is having her blood drawn by a nurse.

NURSE: Okay, open your fist. Arm up. There you go, that wasn't so bad, was it.

Regan smile and shakes her head no. Next, Regan is lying on a padded table as the nurse operates an electrocardiograph.

NURSE: Lay perfectly still, breath normally.

She flips a switch and print out rolls out.

Regan is staring at the ceiling, then suddenly her eyes widen and we see a brief a glimpse of Captain Howdy.

Klein continues the physical to Regan. Including opthalmoscope, simple coordination tests, and tuning fork. He taps a tuning fork to get it 'hum' and touches it to Regan's arm.

DR. KLEIN: Tell me if you feel a vibration. (Regan ignores him) Regan? (tries again) You feel anything? . . . Can you feel this?

REGAN (glares at him): I don't feel anything.

Dr. Klein has prepared an electronic thermometer.

DR. KLEIN: Put this in your mouth. Keep it there. (looking at the readout) This tells your temperature. When the red light goes on, that's your temperature.

The readout climbs to 97.2, then suddenly Regan yanks out the thermometer probe and slams the electronic device on the bench. Dr. Klein looks at her in shock.

REGAN (angry): I don't want it!

The nurse, her expression partly puzzled, partly disturbed as she observes Regan, who is in her slip and in constant motion; stepping, twirling, touching, making nervous movements while aimlessly humming.

DR. KLEIN'S OFFICE: Chris is seated on the edge of a chair. Klein enters.

DR. KLEIN: A disorder of the nerves. At least we think it is. We don't know yet exactly how it works, but it's often seen in early adolescence. She shows all the symptoms: the hyperactivity; the temper; her performance in math.

CHRIS: Yeah, why the math? What is that

DR. KLEIN (writing a prescription): It affects her concentration. (he tears the prescription away from the pad) Now this is for Ritalin. Ten miligrams a day.

CHRIS: What is it? A tranquilizer?

DR. KLEIN: A stimulant.

CHRIS: Stimulant? My God, she's higher than a kite right now!

DR. KLEIN: Her condition isn't quite what it seems. Nobody knows the cause of hyperkinetic behaviour in a child. The Ritalin seems to work to relieve the condition. As to how and why, we really don't know. But the symptoms could be an overreaction to depression, that's out of my field.

CHRIS: My daughter isn't depressed.

DR. KLEIN: Well, you mentioned her father...and the separation.

CHRIS: Do you think I should take her to a psychiatrist?

DR. KLEIN: No. I think we should wait and see what happens with the Ritalin. I think that's the answer. Wait two or three weeks.

CHRIS: And the lies she's been telling?

DR. KLEIN: Lies?

CHRIS: Ya know, those things to get attention, like saying that her bed shakes and stuff.

DR. KLEIN: Have you ever known your daughter to swear and use obscenities?

CHRIS: No, never.

DR. KLEIN: Hmm, interesting, that's similar to things like her lying, it's uncharacteristic for her.

CHRIS: I don't understand, she doesn't swear.

DR. KLEIN: Well, she let loose quite a string while I was examining her, Mrs. MacNeil.

CHRIS: I find that hard to believe. What did she say?

DR. KLEIN: Well, her vocabulary's rather extensive.

CHRIS: Well, give me an example? Like what? Specifically, what did she say?

DR. KLEIN: Well, specifically, Mrs. MacNeil, she advised me to keep my fingers away from her goddam cunt.

CHRIS (shocked, laughing): I can't believe it. You don't think a psychiatrist . . .

DR. KLEIN: I think the best explanation is always the simplest. We will wait and see. In the meantime, try not to worry.


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