The Exorcist - 1973 | Complete Story and Screenshots

Directed By William Friedkin - Screenplay by William Peter Blatty, Based on his own novel

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SUBWAY: We cut to a train screaming through a subway station. When the train goes past we see the young Jesuit priest standing at the platform.

As things get quiet, he hears an Irish voice behind him.

HOMELESS GUY: Fa-dah! Can you help an old altar boy? I'm a Cat-lick!

A train goes past illuminating the homeless guys face. The young priest just walks on.

NEW YORK STREET: The young priest walks down a garbage infested, New York city street. Kids are making noise and jumping on cars. The young priest walks up a porchway and enters a building.

Through the hallway, the young priest enters the apartment, turns on the light and takes off his jacket, and his collar. He calls for his momma. He walks into the living room where an old woman sits listening to a radio.

KARRAS: Momma? (leans over the chair) Momma?

MRS.KARRAS (stands up with joy): Dimmy! Damien!

They greet each other in Greek as Mrs. Karras hugs him.

MRS. KARRAS: I'm so happy to see you.

KARRAS: You look good.

MRS.KARRAS: I'm all right.

KARRAS: How's your leg?

MRS. KARRAS: How about you Dimmy? Are you all right?

KARRAS: I'm fine mom, I'm fine.

We cut to Karras eating his supper and his mom rocking in her chair with the radio on still playing in the background.

MRS.KARRAS: Your Uncle John stopped by to visit me.

KARRAS: Oh really, when?

MRS.KARRAS: Last month.

We now cut to Karras putting a bandage around his mothers leg.

KARRAS: Is that too tight?


KARRAS: Now momma you have to stay off it, you can't keep go up and down those stairs you have to give it rest.


KARRAS: Momma I can take you somewhere to a place where you wouldn't be alone. There'd be people around, you know you won't have to sit here listening to the radio.

Mrs. Karras responds by first talking in Greek.

MRS.KARRAS: You understand me? This is my house and I'm not going no place.

Damien stands up and lights a cigarette.

MRS.KARRAS: Dimmy, you worry for something?

KARRAS: No momma.

MRS.KARRAS: You're not happy. Tell me, what is the matter?

KARRAS: Momma I'm allright, I'm fine, I really am.

We cut to the bedroom light going out, with Damien walking out back in uniform. He puts some money on the table and turns up the radio so that his leaving doesn't wake his mother. He kisses her and walks out.

MACNEIL HOUSE - BASEMENT: Regan is in the basement making a model. Chris is decending the steps.

REGAN: Here it comes..................There

She holds up a clay model of an orange bird. Chris and Regan both laugh.

CHRIS: Oh look at that.

REGAN: You like it?

CHRIS: Oh it's so funny.

Chris places the clay model on a nearby appliance to dry since it's still wet. Regan walks over to the ping pong table and bounces a ping pong ball. Chris notices an ouija board and picks it up.

CHRIS: Hey, where'd this come from?

REGAN: I found it.

CHRIS: Where?

REGAN: The closet

Chris walks toward the ping pong table with the ouija board in hand.

CHRIS: You've been playing with it?

REGAN: Yeah.

CHRIS: You know how?

REGAN (places the board down on the table): Here I'll show you.

CHRIS (drags a chair over and sits down): Wait a minute, you need two.

REGAN: No you don't. I do it all the time.

CHRIS: Oh yeah, well let's both play. (the pointer pulls itself away from Chris)

CHRIS: You really don't want me to play, huh?

REGAN: No I do, Captain Howdy said no.

CHRIS: Captain who?

Regan explains that she makes the questions and Captain Howdy does the answers.

CHRIS: Oh, Captain Howdy....

REGAN: He's nice.

CHRIS: Oh, I bet he is.

REGAN: Here I'll show you.

REGAN (places the magnifier on the board and closes her eyes): Captain Howdy, Do you think my mom's pretty? Captain Howdy? Captain Howdy, that isn't very nice.

CHRIS: Well, maybe he's sleeping.

REGAN: You think?

MACNEIL HOUSE - REGAN'S BEDROOM: Regan is lying in bed looking at a magazine which has Chris and Regan on the cover. Chris is tucking Regan in.

CHRIS: Regan, why are you reading that?

REGAN: Cause I like it.

CHRIS: It's not even a good picture. Looks too mature.

REGAN: I wouldn't talk.

CHRIS: Oh you wouldn't talk, well I didn't have my make up man there.

CHRIS (sits down on Regan's bed leaning over her): Just gotta get this eye lash off of you.

CHRIS (tries to get an eye lash from Regan's eye lid): No I didn't get it.

CHRIS (tries again and gets it): What are we gonna do on your birthday, isn't that nice it's on a Sunday this year, what can we do?

REGAN: I don't know.

CHRIS: Well what would you like to do? Got any ideas? (Regan shakes her head) Let me think, let me think, what can we do? Hey, you know we never finished seeing all the sights in Washington, the Lee Mansion, lots of stuff, shall we to do that? Go sight seeing. If it's a nice day.

REGAN (nods): Yeah.

CHRIS: Okay. And tomorrow night, I'll take you to a movie, okay?

REGAN (hugs Chris): Oh I love you.

CHRIS: I love you Rags. We'll have a good day, yeah?

Regan tells Chris she can bring Mr. Dennings if she likes. Chris asks why would she want to bring Burke on her birthday.

REGAN: You like him.

CHRIS: Yeah I like him. Don't you like him? Hey what's going on? What is this?

REGAN: You're gonna marry him, aren't you?

CHRIS: Oh my god, you kidding, me marry Burke Dennings? Don't be silly, of course not.

REGAN: What?

CHRIS: Where'd you ever get an idea like that?

REGAN: But you like him.

CHRIS: Course I like him, I like pizzas to but I'm not gonna marry one.

REGAN: Do you not like him like daddy?

CHRIS: Oh Regan I love your daddy. I'll always love your daddy. Burke just comes around here a lot because he's lonely, don't got nothin' to do.

REGAN: Well I heard differently.

CHRIS: Oh you did. What did you hear?

REGAN: I don't know, I just thought.

CHRIS: Well your thinking's not so good.

REGAN: How do you know?

CHRIS: Cause Burke and I are just friends. Okay, really.

REGAN: Okay. (Chris kisses Regan) Goodnight.

UNIVERSITY OF GEORGETOWN - CAMPUS BAR: Damien is walking away from the bar with two beers. He sits at a table and puts one beer in front of the president of the university. Loud trendy music is playing in the background and the bar is full of students.

KARRAS: It's my mother, Tom. She's alone, I never should have left her. At least in New York I'd be nearer, I'd be closer.

PRESIDENT: Could see about a transfer, Damien.

KARRAS: I need reassignment Tom, I want out of this job. It's wrong, it's no good.

PRESIDENT: You're the best we've got.

KARRAS: Am I really? It's more than psychiatry and you know that Tom, some of their problems come down to faith, their vocation, the meaning of their lives and I can't cut it anymore. I need out, I'm unfit. I think I've lost my faith, Tom.

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