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INT. CORRIDOR: Sebastian and Pris walk down the corridor towards his apartment.

SEBASTIAN: Watch out for the water.

PRIS: Must get lonely here J. F.

SEBASTIAN: Mmm... Not really. I make friends. They're toys. My friends are toys. I make them. It's a hobby. I'm a genetic designer. Do you know what that is?


Sebastian is unlocking his door. He opens the door and ushers Pris into the apartment.

INT. SEBASTIAN'S APARTMENT: Sebastian locks the door behind him. The apartment has high walls, elegant moulding and strange contents. A three foot high Kaiser Wilhelm figure and a teddy bear dressed as Napoleon march into view from another room.

SEBASTIAN: Yoo hoo, home again!

TOY BEAR: Home again, home again, jiggity jig. Good evening J. F.

SEBASTIAN: Good evening, fellas.

The Bear and Kasier Wilhelm stare woodenly for a moment, then turn away disappearing into the gloom. Pris smiles as the Kaiser bumps into the room entrance.

SEBASTIAN: They're my friends. I made them. Where are your folks?

PRIS: I'm sort of an orphan.

SEBASTIAN: Oh, what about your friends?

PRIS: I have some, but I have to find them.... I'll let them know where I am tomorrow.


There is a silence. He steals a glance at her.

SEBASTIAN: Can I take those things for you? They're soaked aren't they?

CUT TO DECKARD'S APARTMENT - NIGHT: Light is flooding in the dark apartment while Deckard, half asleep or half drunk, is resting his head on the piano, hitting keys lightly.

He's day dreaming - or reflecting on memories of dreams - or he is asleep with his eyes stuck open and dreaming, it's hard to tell which.

The vision of this dream is a unicorn running in slow motion in a smoky forest. Back to reality, he picks up one of Leon's pictures and studies it. He grabs his booze and takes the picture over to the ESPER machine.

A blurry photograph, unclear, fills the screen. The photograph intensified. The foreground blurs and sharpens. it's the "man" in Leon's room with the wardrobe behind him. The head is turned away and downward, the face unreadable. We see that Deckard is studying the picture in the viewer. A transparent grid with vectors is superimposed over the photo. Deckard's eyes move over it carefully.

Deckard gives it voice commands to control the imaging effects while pouring himself another drink.

DECKARD: Enhance 224 to 176..

The machine beeps and burps as the photo of the man enlarges.

DECKARD: Enhance . . . stop.

Slowly the view tracks the man's shoulder and arm . . .

DECKARD: Move in. . . stop

The line is retraced.

DECKARD: Pull out track right . . . stop.

Nothing unusual to be seen.... yet.

DECKARD: Center in, pull back . . . stop.

Still nothing.

DECKARD: Track 45 right. . . stop

A round wall mirror catches his eye.

DECKARD: Center and stop.

Something glistening just below the mirror.

DECKARD: Enhance 34 to 36.

It's just a drinking glass.

DECKARD: Pan right and pull back . . . stop

He's looking at the round mirror again

DECKARD: Enhance 34 to 46.

The maching zooms in on something reflective like sequins.

DECKARD: Pull back

The machine obeys. It looks like a costume with sequins.

DECKARD: Wait a minute . . . go right . . . stop.

A person's arm can be seen.

DECKARD: Enhance 57 to 19.

It zooms in on the arm.

DECKARD: Track 45 left . . . stop

A woman sleeping can be seen.

DECKARD: Enhance 15 to 23.

The image zooms into a close up of her face. She has a tattoo of a snake on her left jaw area.

DECKARD: Give me a hard copy right there.

The machine makes a series of beeps and spits out a Polaroid type photo. He studies the photo then looks at the flake he found in the bathtub.

CUT TO EXT. ANIMAL ROW - NIGHT: The camera zooms into Animal Row, a very hectic scene filled merchant booths and kiosks along with a wide variety of animals. The market area is trimmed with colorful neon glowing with Asian text.

The streets are jam packed with vehicles and a police spinner is among them flashing it's multi-colored lights of authority.

Deckard is at the market to investigate the flake he found in the bathtub. A merchant walks by carrying a hawk or eagle, it's flapping it's wings frantically, Deckard ducks out the way of the large wings.

He is at a kiosk talking to one of the merchants, a Cambodian lady. She is a withered woman in black wearing a cap that appears to have devices pertaining to her trade.


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