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Batty smiles. His coat is already covered with ice. RRRRRIIIIIIPPPP. Leon removes Chew's jacket. Chew screams. It splits along the back seam and falls away like a banana peel. Chew is suddenly totally scared, totally cold and totally co-operative.

BATTY: Morphology, longevity, incept dates.

CHEW: Don't know -- I, I don't know such stuff. I just do eyes, see. Just eyes -- Just genetic design -- just eyes. You Nexus, huh? I design your eyes.

BATTY: Chew, if only you could see what I've seen with your eyes. . . now . . . Questions.

CHEW: I don't know answers.

BATTY: Who does?

CHEW: Tyrell. He -- He knows everything.

BATTY: Tyrell corporation?

CHEW: He's big boss. Big genius. He, he design your mind, your brain.

BATTY: Ah, smart.

CHEW: Very cold.

BATTY: Not an easy man to see--

CHEW: Very cold.

BATTY: I guess...

Leon is placing frozen eyes on Chew's shoulders and head.

CHEW: Se-, Sebastian he take-- take you there, he take you there.

BATTY: Sebastian who?

CHEW: J. -- J. F. Sebastian-- Sebas... Sebas...

BATTY: Now--where... would we find this.... J. F. Sebastian?

CUT TO STREET TUNNEL: In the spinner, Deckard listens to Leon's video.

It's the recording of Holden asking Leon about his mother, and then the sound of the shot fired.

CUT TO EXT. DECKARD'S APARTMENT BUILDING - NIGHT: Deckard's car pulls up into a drive of a condominium block.

CUT TO INT. ELEVATOR NIGHT: The elevator is gloomy, poorly lit, full of shadows. Deckard is tired, he can't stop yawning.

ELEVATOR INTERCOM: Voice print identification. Your floor number please.

DECKARD: Deckard, ninety-seven.

ELEVATOR INTERCOM: Ninety-seven, thank-you.

The elevator starts upward. Something is wrong. He is suddenly very alert, ready. Deckard goes for his blaster, gets it out quick and whirls. Rachael is there, in the shadows. Deckard's blaster is pointed at her. One more second..... Deckard pulls away the blaster.

INT. CORRIDOR NIGHT: Deckard exits the elevator and approaches his door. Rachael is behind him, she's desperate. Deckard takes out his wallet, it drops to the floor scattering his cards. Rachael picks up the cards.

RACHAEL: I wanted to see you -- So I waited. Let me help.

RACHAEL: Let me help you.

DECKARD: What do I need help for?

Deckard takes the card from her and starts to open the door.

RACHAEL: I don't know why he told you what he did.

DECKARD: Talk to him.

He slams the door in her face.

RACHAEL: He wouldn't see me.

Deckard opens the door again, gives her a look and leaves the door open for her to enter.

DECKARD: You want a drink? Huh? No?

He heads to kitchen, pours himself a drink.

RACHAEL: You think I'm a replicant, don't you.

Deckard takes a swig of his drink and walks to the couch.

RACHAEL: Look. . . It's me with my mother.

She holds out a picture in her hand. Deckard looks at it. It's an old snapshot.


Deckard removes his wet raincoat, throws it on a chair and sits down.

DECKARD: Remember when you were six? You and your brother snuck into an empty building through a basement window. You were going to play doctor? He showed you his and when it got to be your turn, you chickened and ran. Remember that? You ever tell anybody that? Your mother, Tyrell, anybody, huh?

Rachel finds herself speechless.

DECKARD: You remember the spider that lived in a bush outside your window? Orange body, green legs - - watched her build a web all summer. And then one day there's a big egg in it. The egg hatched . . .

RACHAEL: The egg hatched. . .


RACHAEL: and a hundred baby spiders came out . . . and they ate her.

DECKARD: Implants. Those aren't your memories, they're somebody else's. They're Tyrell's niece's.

Rachael doesnt say anything, she can't. Her eyes are glassy. Deckard sees he's gotten through. . . maybe too far.

DECKARD: Okay. Bad joke. I made a bad joke, you're not a replicant. Go home, okay. No really, I'm sorry. Go home.

Rachael just stares at him, stunned and barely holding on. A tear trickles down her cheek. Deckard looks away.

DECKARD: Wanna drink?

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