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As our referenced quote states in SFMZ's Sci-Fi Subgenres A to Z feature, Apocalyptic features holocaust-like stories focus on the end of the world, or the world just after the end. What happens to humanity AFTER the world blows-up? This sub-genre usually tells the story of humanity's struggle to survive after some form of devastation.

The time frame may be immediately after the catastrophe, focusing on the travails or psychology of survivors, or considerably later, often including the theme that the existence of pre-catastrophe civilization has been forgotten or mythologized. The world may be wiped out by plagues, wars, or astronomical bodies, but however it happens, these stories focus on how we cope and the ways in which we rebuild society.

Post-apocalyptic stories are set well after some vast upheaval. Rather than showing the immediate aftermath, these tales depict a new society that has arisen from the ashes, usually here on Earth. Often the survivors remain leery of technology.

Post-apocalyptic often take place in an agrarian, non-technological future world, or a world where only scattered elements of technology remain. This sub-genre grew immensely popular in the late '70's and '80's portraying a band of survivors endure tremendous hardships.

A work of apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic fiction might also be called a ruined Earth story, or dying Earth if the apocalypse is sufficiently dire. This SFMZ feature highlights only films where apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic premises are the central theme of the film's plot, or at least plays an important part in the story.

Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi includes the following sub-sets, visit the SFMZ link above for their descriptions: GONZO APOCALYPSE SCI-FI and COZY CATASTROPHE SCI-FI.


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Apocalyptic Sci-Fi
- 1916 to 1959

The Day the Earth Caught Fire
- 1961

Crack in the World - 1965

Deep Impact - 1998

Armageddon - 1998

The Day After Tomorrow - 2004

2012 - 2009

Melancholia - 2011


Panic in the Year Zero - 1962

The Last Man on Earth - 1964

A Boy and His Dog - 1975

Mad Max Trilogy - 1979 to 1985

Escape From New York - 1981

Waterworld - 1995

I am Legend - 2007

Doomsday - 2008

9 (Nine) - 2009

Terminator Salvation - 2009

The Road - 2009

The Book of Eli - 2010

The Colony - 2013

Snowpiercer - 2013

Oblivion - 2013

Mad Max: Fury Road - 2015

Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Main

1916 to 1964

1965 to 1981

1995 to 1998

2004 to 2008

2009 to 2010

2011 to Present

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