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Kimball (inside Bateman's office): Do you remember where you were the night of Paul's disappearance? Which was on the 20th of December.

Bateman: God. I guess I was probably returning videotapes. (he looks at his datebook) I had a date with a girl named Veronica.

Kimball: That's not what I've got," says Kimball.

Bateman: What?

Kimball: That's not the information I've received.

Bateman: What information have you received? I could be wrong.

Kimball: When was the last time you were with Paul Allen?

Bateman: We'd gone to a new musical called 'Oh Africa, Brave Africa'. It was laugh riot. That was about it. I think we had dinner. I hope I've been informative. Long day. I'm a bit scattered.

Kimball: I'm a bit scattered too. How about lunch in a week or so, when I've sorted out all of this information?

Patrick says okay. Kimball asks him to sort out exactly where he was on the night of the disappearance.

Bateman: Absolutely. I'm with you on that one.

Kimball (takes a CD out of his briefcase): Huey Lewis and the News! Great stuff! I just bought it on my way over here! Have you heard it?

Patrick is stunned, and terrified of possibly becoming friends with this man.

Bateman: Never. I mean I don't really like singers.

Kimball: Not a big music fan, huh?

Bateman: No I like music, just they're... Huey's too black sounding for me.

Kimball: To each his own.

Kimball (closes his briefcase): So, lunch next week?

Bateman: I'll be there.

Patrick and Courtney are having sex. Patrick orgasms, then rolls off her. He pulls a stuffed black cat from underneath himself, putting it on Courtney's lap. He gets off the bed and starts getting dressed in front of a mirror.

Courtney: Will you call me before Easter?

Bateman: Maybe.

Courtney: What are you doing tonight?

Bateman: Dinner at uh, River Cafe.

Courtney (lighting a cigarette): That's nice.

Bateman: I never knew you smoked.

Courtney: You never noticed. Listen, Patrick, can we talk?

Bateman (shutting her out): You look... marvelous. There's nothing to say. You're going to marry Luis.

Courtney (a hint of depression in her voice): Isn't that special... Patrick? If I don't see you before Easter, have a nice one okay?

Bateman (starts to leave): You too.

Courtney: Patrick?

Bateman: Yeah?

Courtney: Nothing...

He leaves.

A club. Androgynous men and women pack the dance floor. The song 'Pump up the Volume' is playing. Bryce is telling Bateman about STDs while in line to use private stalls for drugs.

Bryce: There's this theory now that if you can catch the AIDS virus by having sex with someone who is infected, you can catch anything. Alzheimer's, muscular dystrophy, hemophilia, leukemia, diabetes, dyslexia!

Bateman: I'm not sure, but I don't think dyslexia is a disease.

Bryce: They don't know that. Prove it. (he snorts some white powder) Oh God. It's a fucking milligram of sweetener.

Bateman (sniffs some powder): It's definitely weak, but I have a feeling if we do enough of it we'll be okay.

A man in a stall leans over the divider.

Man in Stall: Could you keep it down? I'm trying to do drugs!

Bryce: Fuck you!

Bateman tells him to calm down.

Bryce: We'll do it anyway. That is if the faggot in the next STALL thinks it's okay!

Man in Stall: Fuck you!

Bryce: Fuck YOU!

A club balcony. The song 'What's On Your Mind' is playing. Three blonde women are seated across from Patrick. One of them asks where Craig went. Bryce tells them Gorbachev is downstairs and McDermott went to sign a peace treaty.

Bryce: He's the one behind Glasnost.

Bryce makes a 'he went to get cocaine' gesture to Bateman by tapping his nose.

Blonde woman 1: I thought he was in mergers and acquisitions?

Bryce: You're not confused are you?

Blonde woman 1: No, not really.

Karen: Gorbachev is NOT downstairs.

Blonde woman 2: Karen's right, Gorbachev is not down stairs. He's at Tunnel.

Bateman tells one of the girls to ask him a question.

Karen: So what do you do?

Bateman: I'm into uh, well murders and executions mostly.

Karen: Do you like it?

Bateman: Well that depends, why?

Karen: Well most guys I know, who work in mergers and acquisitions, really don't like it.

He asks her where she works out.

On the street, Patrick and the girl are talking.

Karen: You think I'm dumb don't you. You think all models are dumb.

Bateman: No. I really don't.

Karen: That's okay. I don't mind. There's something sweet about you.

They both get in the back of a cab. Somewhere a car alarm is going off.

Patrick is lounging on the sofa in his office. He has sunglasses on. Between his fingers is a lock of blonde hair. Jean knocks on his door, and he quickly stuffs the hair into his shirt pocket. He picks up a paper and starts twirling a pen. She enters slowly, wearing a baggy brown coat and beige shirt.

Jean: Doin' the crossword?

Every line of the crossword is filled in with either 'meat' or 'bones'. She asks him if he needs any help, but he ignores her.

She puts something on his desk. As she walks back to the door . . .

Bateman: Jean, would you like to accompany me to dinner? That is, if you're not doing anything.

She says she doesn't have any plans. He sits up and crosses his legs.

Bateman: Well! Isn't this a coincidence. Listen, where should we go?

She says she doesn't care where.

Bateman: How about anywhere you want?

Jean: I don't know Patrick, I can't make this decision.

Bateman (chuckling and pointing his pen at her): Come on!

Bateman: Where do you want to go? Anywhere you want, just say it, I can get us in anywhere.

Jean (thinks for a minute): How about...

Patrick flips through his Zagat booklet.

Jean: Dorsia?

Bateman (looks up): So. Dorsia is where Jean wants to go.

Jean: I don't know, we'll go wherever you want to go.

Bateman: Dorsia is fine.

He picks up a phone and dials the restaurant.

Dorsia Host: Dorsia, yes?

Bateman: Can you take two tonight at, oh, say nine o'clock?

Dorsia Host: We're totally booked.

Bateman: Really? That's great.

Dorsia Host: No I said we are totally booked!

Bateman: Two at nine? Perfect! See you then!

He hangs up. Jean gives him a quizzical look.

Bateman (taking off his sunglasses): Yeah? . . . You're... dressed okay.

Jean: You didn't give a name.

Bateman (lying): They know me. Why don't you meet me at my place at 7:00 for drinks?

She smiles and starts to leave.

Bateman: And Jean? You might want to change before we go out.

Bateman's Apartment: Jean looks out the window of Patrick's place. A telescope is pointed out the window. She's dressed in a pretty, strapless dress.

Jean: Patrick it's so elegant. What a wonderful view.

Patrick gets some frozen sorbet out of the fridge. Next to the sorbet is a severed head wrapped in plastic.

Bateman: Jean, sorbet?

Jean: Thanks Patrick. I'd love some.

He gives it to her.

Jean: Do you want a bite?

Bateman: I'm on a diet, but thank you.

Jean: No need to lose any weight. You're kidding right? You look great. Very fit.

Bateman: You can always be thinner... look better.

Jean: Well, maybe we shouldn't go out to dinner. I don't want to ruin your willpower.

Bateman: That's alright. I'm not very good at controlling it anyway.

He goes over to a kitchen drawer and starts running his finger over some steak knives.

Bateman: So, what do you want to do with your life? Just briefly summarize. And don't tell me you enjoy working with children.

She tells him she'd like to travel and maybe go back to school.

Jean: I don't really know. I'm at a point in my life where there seems to be so many possibilities.

Patrick runs his hand across some stainless steel meat cleavers on a triangular base.

Jean: I'm just so unsure.

He asks her if she has a boyfriend.

Jean: No, not really.

Bateman: Interesting.

Jean: Are you seeing anyone? I mean, seriously?

Bateman (smiles): Maybe. I don't know. Not really.

Bateman: Jean, do you feel, fulfilled? I mean, in your life?

Jean: I guess I do. For a long time I was too focused on my work. But now I've really begun to think about changing myself, developing and growing.

Patrick reaches into a closet and takes out some silver duct tape.

Bateman (laughs): Growing. I'm glad you said that. Did you know that Ted Bundy's first dog, a collie, was named Lassie?

Jean: Who's Ted Bundy?

Bateman: Forget it.

Jean: What's that?

Bateman: Duct tape. I need it for... taping something.

Jean: Patrick, have you ever wanted to make someone happy?

She starts to put her spoon down on his coffee table.

Bateman: No! Put it in the carton!

Jean: Sorry.

He takes something else out of the closet and walks behind her. She repeats her question.

Bateman: I'm looking for uh...

He holds up a nail gun and points it at the back of her unsuspecting head.

Bateman: I guess you could say I just want to have a meaningful relationship with someone special.

His finger moves toward the trigger. The phone rings, and the answering machine picks it up. It's Evelyn.

Evelyn: Patrick... Patrick! I know you're there. Pick up the phone you bad boy. What are you up to tonight?

He puts the nailgun down behind the couch.

Evelyn: It's me. Don't try to hide. I hope you're not out there with some number you picked up because you're MY Mr. Bateman. My boy next door.

Jean sips some wine, looking at Patrick as she listens.

Evelyn: Anyway you never called me and you said you would, and I'll leave a message for Jean about this tomorrow to remind you, but we're having dinner with Melania and Taylor, you know Melania she went to Sweetbriar. And we're meeting at the Cornell club. So I'll see you tomorrow morning honey! (Bateman winces) Sorry I know you hate that. Bye Patrick. Bye Mr. Big Time CEO. Bye bye.

Jean: Was that Evelyn? Are you still seeing her?

He doesn't answer.

Jean: I'm sorry. I have no right to ask that. Do you want me to go?

Bateman: Yeah, I don't think I can control myself.

Jean: I know I should go. I know I have a tendency to get involved with unavailable men.

Bateman: I think if you stay, something bad will happen. I think I might hurt you. You don't want to get hurt, do you?

Jean (gets up and starts leaving): No, I guess not. I don't want to get bruised. . . . Don't forget, you have a dinner date with Kimball tomorrow.

Bateman: Thanks. It slipped my mind completely.

A crowded restaurant. Bateman and Kimball sit across from each other, eating some beef dishes.

Kimball: So. The night he disappeared. Any thoughts about what you did?

Bateman: I'm not sure. Uh, I had a shower, and some sorbet?

Kimball: I think you're getting your dates mixed up.

Bateman: Well, where do you place Paul that night?

He tells Patrick that according to his datebook, Paul had dinner with Marcus Halberstram, though Marcus denied it.

Bateman: Does Marcus have an alibi?

Kimball: Yes. I've checked it out, it's clean. Now, where were you?"

Bateman: Well, where was Marcus?

Kimball: He wasn't with Paul Allen. He was at Atlantis with Craig McDermott, Fredrick Dibble, Harry Newman, George Butner, and... you.

Bateman (looks up): Oh right, yeah, of course.

Kimball makes a 'slipped your mind' gesture.

Bateman: We had wanted Paul Allen to come, but he had made plans. And I guess I had dinner with Victoria the following night.

Kimball: Personally, I think the guy just went a little nutso, split town for a while, maybe he did go to London. Sightseeing, drinking, whatever. Anyway, I'm pretty sure he'll turn up sooner or later. I mean, to think that one of his friends killed him for no reason whatsoever would be too ridiculous. (with an eerie smile) Isn't that right Patrick?

Patrick smiles back faintly.

Patrick takes a limo to the part of town where he met Christie. She's standing on the same corner. He rolls down the window and calls out to her.

Christie: I'm not so sure about this, I had to go to emergency last time.

He promises that this won't be anything like last time. She says no.

Bateman: Just come in the limo and talk to me for a minute. The driver is here. You'll be safe.

He holds out some money. Reluctantly, she takes it and gets in. He hands her a drink.

Bateman (repeats): Nothing like last time. I promise. Alright. You look great. How have you been?

Christie: I might need a little surgery after last time. My friend told me I should maybe even get a lawyer.

Bateman (writing her a cheque): Lawyers are so complicated.

She takes it and bolts from the car. The car keeps pace with her as she walks. Bateman rolls down the window and whistles at her, waving more money. She stops and looks at the wad. She tries to grab it, but he pulls his hand back. He opens the car door again, moving over to let her get back in.

Bateman: Half now, half later.

He closes the door. He tells her her name is Christie again, and that they are meeting a friend of his named Elizabeth.

Bateman: She'll be joining us in my new apartment shortly. You'll like her. She's a very nice girl.

Paul Allen's apartment. Patrick breaks open a capsule of ecstasy onto a spoon, and puts it into a bottle of wine. A redhead woman in a white silk shirt and black jacket is sitting on the couch across from Christie. She tells her she looks familiar.

Elizabeth: Did you go to Dalton? I think I met you at a surf bar, didn't I. It was spicy. Well maybe not spicy but it was definitely a surf bar.

She talks on and on in a self-important tone, neither Patrick or Christie really listening to her. Christie tells Patrick that this place is nicer than his other one.

Bateman: It's not that nice.

Christie: Where did you two meet?

Elizabeth: At the Kentucky Derby in 86. You were hanging out with that bimbo Alison Poole. Hot number.

Bateman: What do you mean? She was a hot number.

Elizabeth: If you had a platinum card she'd give you a blowjob. Listen, this girl worked at a tanning salon, need I say more?

She sips her wine. She asks what Christie does.

Bateman: She's my... cousin. She's from... France.

Elizabeth asks for the phone to call someone. She asks if Christie summers in Southampton. The person she's calling doesn't answer.

Bateman: Elizabeth, it's 3 in the morning.

Elizabeth: He's a god damn drug dealer, these are his peak hours.

She says that the wine tastes weird. She leaves the man a message on his answering machine. She looks at Bateman when she can't remember where she is.

Bateman: Paul Allen's.

Elizabeth: I want the number, idiot. Anyway I'm at Paul Norman's and I'll try you again later, and if I don't see you at Canal Bar tomorrow I'm going to sic my hairdresser on you.

She hangs up.

Elizabeth: Did you know that guy who disappeared, didn't he work at Pierce and Pierce? Was he a friend of yours?

He says no. She asks if he has any coke. He shakes his head.

Elizabeth: Or a Halcyon? I would take a Halcyon.

Bateman: Listen, I would just like to see the two of you *get it on*.

They stare at him.

Bateman: What's wrong with that? It's totally disease-free.

Elizabeth: Patrick you're a lunatic.

He asks her if she finds Christie attractive.

Elizabeth: Let's not get lewd. I'm in no mood for lewd conversation.

He says he thinks it would be a turn-on. She asks Christie if he does this all the time. Christie remains silent. He tells her to drink her wine.

Bateman: You're telling me you've never gotten it on with a girl?

Elizabeth: No. I'm not a lesbian. Why would you think I would be into that?

Bateman: Well, you went to Sarah Lawrence for one thing.

Elizabeth: Those are Sarah Lawrence GUYS, Patrick. You're making me feel weird.

Some time later, the drugs having kicked in, and Elizabeth and Christie are feeling each other up on the couch. Patrick says wistfully

Bateman: Did you know that Whitney Houston's debut LP, called simply 'Whitney Houston', had four number-one singles on it? Did you know that Christie?

Elizabeth (starts laughing): You actually listen to Whitney Houston? You own a Whitney Houston CD? More than one?

She laughs, falling off the couch.

Bateman: It's hard to choose a favorite amongst so many great tracks. But 'The Greatest Love of All' is one of the best, most powerful songs ever written, about self-preservation, dignity, its universal message crosses all boundaries and instills one with the hope that it's not too late to better ourselves.

Elizabeth is still laughing.

Bateman: Since, Elizabeth, it's impossible in this world we live in to empathize with others, but we can always empathize with ourselves. It's an important message, crucial really, and it's beautifully stated on the album.

All three have sex, Patrick on top of both of them. He moves his face down to Elizabeth's torso, and she starts giggling. Christie rolls out from underneath them. She watches them as they fool around under the sheets, and she starts gathering her clothes. A stain begins to form on the sheets: Blood. Elizabeth is screaming. Patrick looks up at Christie with blood on his mouth and a crazed look on his face.

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