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Warlords of Atlantis - 1978

Around the beginning of the 20th century, British archaeologist Professor Aitken and his son, Charles, have chartered a ship called the Texas Rose to take them out to sea, where they plan to dive underwater in a diving bell designed by engineer Greg Collinson. Although everyone aboard the ship, including Greg, thinks that the Professors Aitken are just going to look at fish, Charles and his father are secretly searching for proof of the existence of the lost city of Atlantis. He and Greg find it on their first dive, and then some.

First, they are attacked by a reptilian sea monster, which comes through the bottom of the diving bell, but Greg is able to fend it off by sticking a live wire into its mouth, electrocuting it. Immediately following this, Greg and Charles discover a statue made of solid gold, which is then hoisted up to the Texas Rose. Deckhands Grogan, Fenn and Jacko desire the gold statue for themselves and hatch a scheme to steal it.

Grogan cuts the line to the diving bell, trapping Greg and Charles at the bottom of the sea, and then someone (we don't see who but are meant to think it was one of the three mutinous sailors) shoots the elder Professor Aitken in the back. As Grogan goes to attack the Texas Rose's captain, Daniels, a gigantic octopus known as the Sentinel, sent by the inhabitants of Atlantis, attacks the ship. Daniels, Grogan, Fenn and Jacko are kidnapped by the octopus and taken to Atlantis along with Greg and Charles in the diving bell.

The six castaways find themselves washed ashore within a vast, air-filled cavern beneath the ocean floor. Here they are greeted by Atmir, one of the Atlantean ruling class, and the eyeless-helmeted, spear-wielding Guardians, who promise to take them "to safety". En route, Greg, Charles and the others are told by Atmir that Atlantis is not just one city, but seven cities, the first two of which have been "lost beneath the waters of the outer limits forever" and the third one, Troya, is now deserted and empty.

Atmir takes the surface-dwellers through the causeway, a prehistoric swamp inhabited by a millipede-like monster called the Mogdaan, and then on to Vaar, the fourth city. Once here, Greg and the others are thrown into a dungeon — all, that is, except for Charles. As a scientist, he is deemed intelligent enough to be granted an audience with Atraxon and Atsil, the king and queen of Atlantis in Chinqua, the fifth city. They wish to make Charles one of them, and explain how they originally came from Mars and are using their mind powers to shape human history.

Meanwhile, Greg and the Texas Rose's crew make friends with Briggs, the captain of the Mary Celeste and unofficial leader of the Atlanteans' human slaves, and his daughter, Delphine. Briggs informs them they are to be slaves to protect Vaar from the constant attacks of creatures known as Zaargs. They will be given gills so they can never leave Atlantis and return to the oxygen-rich surface world, as the Atlanteans, being originally from Mars, breathe a different atmosphere.

A convenient Zaarg attack allows Greg and the others to escape from their cell, but also claims the life of Briggs who is devoured alive by a Zaarg. Her father dead, a distraught Delphine helps Greg and the crew escape from their cells and shows them a way into Atraxon's palace in Chinqua through the sewers so that they can rescue Charles. Greg, Daniels and Grogan go with her, leaving Fenn and Jacko to guard the tunnel entrance.

Charles is enjoying his newfound status amongst the intellectual Atlanteans and may not even want to be rescued, especially once they show him the "utopia" they aim to create on Earth, leaving him drunk with dreams of power. When they finally reach Charles he refuses to leave, but Greg deals him a knock-out blow and they carry him away from the influence of the Atlanteans. After regaining consciousness, Charles then clears his head and chooses to escape with Greg and the rest.

They steal some rifles the Atlantians have acquired from a ship they plundered and retrace the route they took through the causeway when being brought to Vaar. They again encounter the Mogdaan, which kills Jacko, and just about make it through a swamp filled with piranha-like fish that leap out of the water, before finally reaching the diving bell.

However, Admir and the Guardians are there waiting for them, having used underground canals to rush ahead to retrieve Charles. Using some form of Telekinesis, Admir causes the sea water to erupt violently so as to discourage Greg and the rest from fleeing. But they take a chance and dive into the water, while Delphine, who Greg knows cannot leave with them, covers their escape.

He bids her farewell and joins the rest in the diving bell, which he manages to get working, and they escape from Atlantis. They rise to the surface (somehow without a cable lifting) and all five make it back to the Texas Rose. Once on deck they are met by Sandy, the ship's cabin boy, who has been caring for Charles' father since he was shot. Holding Fenn and Grogan at gun point, he tells Greg and Charles what had happened when they were in the diving bell.

Daniels convinces Sandy to hand over the pistols, but then points them at Sandy, Greg and Charles, revealing that it was he who shot the professor, who had refused his offer to make a profit out of their discovery. Fenn and Grogan lock them up with Charles' father, but as they ponder on what to do with them, the octopus from earlier attacks and begins to tear the ship apart. Daniels is crushed by the statue, while everyone else escapes by life boat. Adrift, Charles jokes “We'll just have to be better prepared next time”.

Contamination - 1980

A large ship drifts into New York Harbor, seemingly abandoned. The ship is discovered to be carrying large containers of coffee, hidden inside of which are a series of football-sized green eggs. The crew sent in to explore the ghost ship find the mutilated remains of the former crew gathered in one place, and they soon discover the reason why: when heated up enough, the green eggs explode, spraying a viscous liquid over everything.

The liquid is toxic to living creatures, and causes the body to immediately explode. The military's answer to this phenomenon is Colonel Stella Holmes (Marleau). She establishes a link between the green eggs and a recent mission to Mars that ended badly for the two astronauts who descended to the planet. One of them disappeared, and the other, Commander Hubbard (McCulloch), had a breakdown and subsequently became an alcoholic.

When pressed, Hubbard agrees to help Holmes in her investigation of the insidious plot to bring the deadly eggs to Manhattan, and it takes them, along with sarcastic New York cop Tony Aris (Masé), to a Colombian coffee plantation. All is not as it seems; Hubbard's former astronaut colleague is apparently alive and well and living under the influence of a monstrous alien cyclops, which is using mind control to further its plot to flood the world with the green eggs and wipe out human life on Earth.

The Deadly Spawn - 1983

Two campers are nearby when a meteor falls to Earth. When they go to investigate, they are attacked and eaten by a bizarre life form that emerges from the crashed rock. Nearby the crash site is a large house located on a rural plot of land. The house is the home of Sam and Barb, and their two children, high school–age Pete and his younger brother Charles. When Sam goes into the basement, he is eaten by the bizarre monstrosity. Barb suffers the same fate when she goes down to see what happened to Sam.

The creatures have no eyes, and Charles discovers they are sensitive to sound. The large three-headed creature almost eats him when he snaps his fingers. Adding to the horror, he sees Barb's disembodied head lying on the cement floor, partially consumed by spawn, and realizes that the creatures have killed his parents. Charles stands motionless against a basement wall. The teen characters of the film try to find a way to stop the angry space monsters before they reproduce and literally eat humanity.

Strange Invaders - 1983

In 1958, the town of Centerville, Illinois was invaded by a race of aliens. The invaders could fire lasers from their eyes and hands and reduce humans to "crystallized" glowing blue orbs. They took over the form of the humans who were either captured or killed. Twenty five years later, university lecturer Charles Bigelow (Paul Le Mat) learns that his ex-wife, Margaret Newman (Diana Scarwid), has disappeared while attending her mother's funeral in Centerville, and travels there to find her.

The disguised aliens all appear human and the town of Centerville appears to have not progressed beyond 1958. The aliens try to capture Bigelow as he escapes, but only capture his dog, Louie. Seeing a photo of an alien in a tabloid magazine, Bigelow soon finds Margaret, who is now revealed to be one of the aliens. She warns Bigelow to escape with Elizabeth (Lulu Sylbert), their human/alien hybrid daughter, to protect her from the aliens, who want to take her to their home-world. Bigelow and his daughter Elizabeth escape from the departing alien ship and the town-folk blue orbs are transformed back to their original human forms.

Lifeforce - 1985

A joint US-UK crew on board the nuclear-powered space shuttle Churchill is on a mission to investigate Halley's Comet under the command of US Air Force Colonel Thomas Wolfe Carlsen. They find a 150-mile long alien spaceship hidden in the comet's corona, seemingly derelict. Upon entering the spacecraft, the crew finds hundreds of dead, shriveled bat-like creatures and three naked humanoid bodies (two male and one female) in suspended animation within glass containers.

The crew recovers the three aliens and begins the return trip to Earth. During the return journey, Mission Control loses contact with the shuttle and a rescue mission is launched to investigate. The rescuers discover that the Churchill has been severely damaged by fire, with its internal components (including video) destroyed, and the three containers bearing the aliens are all that remain intact. The aliens are taken to the European Space Research Centre in London where they are watched over by Dr. Leonard Bukovsky and Dr. Hans Fallada.

Prior to an autopsy, the female alien, referred to throughout the film as the Space Girl, awakens and fully drains the "life force" out of a guard, as well as some extra energy from the intervening Bukovsky. The Space Girl then escapes the research facility and proceeds to drain various other humans of their life force, revealing in the interim an ability to shape-shift. It transpires that the aliens are in fact part of a race of space vampires that consume the life force of living beings.

To make matters worse, their victims, which are in a mummified state when completely drained, are temporarily revived as zombies that are also capable of draining others of their life forces, each victim needing a regular infusion of life energy every two hours lest they disintegrate or explode into clouds of ash. Most of the population of London are turned into zombies, all preying on the horrified survivors for their "lifeforce". It's up to Carlsen and Major Caine of the SAS to stop them before the whole world turns into a big blood-hunt.

The Hidden - 1987

Jack DeVries, a quiet citizen with no criminal past, robs a Los Angeles Wells Fargo bank, kills all of the security guards inside, and leads the Los Angeles Police Department on a high-speed chase. The chase ends when DeVries encounters a police blockade overseen by detective Thomas Beck. DeVries is shot several times, smashes through the blockade and crashes the Ferrari he is driving. DeVries is taken to a hospital, where a doctor informs Beck and his partner, Det. Cliff Willis that DeVries is not expected to survive the night.

Upon his return to LAPD headquarters, Beck and his supervisor, Lt. John Masterson, meet FBI Special Agent Lloyd Gallagher, who informs them that Beck has been assigned to work with Gallagher to track down DeVries. When told of DeVries's condition, Gallagher rushes off to the hospital. Meanwhile, at the hospital, DeVries suddenly awakens. Disconnecting his life-support equipment, he approaches the comatose man in the next bed, Jonathan P. Miller. After DeVries forces Miller's mouth open, a slug-like alien emerges from DeVries' mouth and transfers itself into Miller's body.

Gallagher arrives to find DeVries dead on the floor and Miller's bed abandoned. Gallagher tells Beck to put out an alert on Miller, who refuses, because of Miller's lack of a criminal history. Miller goes to a record store where he beats the store's owner to death. He then goes to a car dealership, where he kills three men and steals a red Ferrari. He then visits a strip club, where the alien leaves Miller's body and takes over the body of a stripper named Brenda.

She kills a man and takes his car. Gallagher and Beck pursue her to a rooftop, where they mortally wound her in a gun battle. As Brenda dies, Gallagher points a strangely-shaped, alien weapon at her; however, she leaps from the roof. As Masterson arrives from his house to take charge of the scene, the alien transfers itself from Brenda's dying body to Masterson's dog. Gallagher refuses to explain the strange phenomenon of ordinary citizens turning into crazed killers.

The Puppet Masters - 1994

When a flying saucer reportedly lands in rural Iowa, The Old Man (who runs a secret branch of the CIA), decides to investigate. He goes in person, accompanied by agents Sam and Jarvis, as well as Dr Mary Sefton, a NASA specialist in alien biology. They find that aliens have indeed landed and are planning to use their mind-control powers to take over our planet.

Impostor - 2001

The movie takes place in the year 2079. 45 years earlier, Earth was attacked by a hostile and implacable alien civilization from Alpha Centauri. Force shield domes are put in place to protect cities, and a totalitarian global military government is established to effect the war and the survival of humans. The film follows Spencer Olham, a designer of top secret government weapons. He is arrested by Major Hathaway of the Earth Security Administration (ESA), being identified as a replicant created by the aliens.

The ESA intercepted an alien transmission which cryptanalysts decoded as programming Olham's target to be the Chancellor, whom he was scheduled to meet. Such replicants are perfect biological copies of existing humans, complete with transplanted memories, and do not know they are replicants. Each has a powerful "u-bomb" in their chest, which can only be detected by dissection or a high-tech medical scan, since it only assembles itself when it gets in proximity to its target.

Detection via the special scan works by comparing against a previous scan, if there was one. Major Hathaway begins interrogating Olham. As he's about to drill out his chest to find the bomb, Olham breaks loose and escapes, accidentally killing his friend Nelson in the process. With the help of underground stalker Cale, Olham avoids capture and sneaks into the hospital where his wife Maya is an administrator to get the high-tech scan redone and prove he's not a replicant.

But the scan is interrupted by security forces before it can deliver the answer. Olham and his wife are eventually captured by Hathaway's troops in a forest near an alien crash site near the spot where they spent a weekend. Inside the ship they discover the corpses of the real Maya and Spencer, who were indeed killed on their weekend picnic.

At that moment Olham realizes aloud that he really is a replicant and the secondary trigger (his awareness of who he was) detonates his bomb, destroying himself, Maya, Hathaway, and everything in a wide area. In the final scene, the news announces that Hathaway and the Olhams were killed in an enemy attack, as if the government was covering up the true resolution or didn't know it. Cale wonders if he really knew Olham's true identity.

Returner - 2002

Milly is a soldier from 2084, where humanity is on the verge of extinction because of the "Daggra", an alien race. In mankind's final stronghold in Tibet, Milly leaps into a newly built time portal just before the fortress is overrun. The portal sends her to 2002, where her mission is to kill the first Daggra, who faked a crash landing, and stop him from signaling his invasion fleet. Milly lands in the aftermath of a shootout in Tokyo Bay, Japan, where a hitman named Miyamoto holds the murderous Triad mobster Mizoguchi at gunpoint.

Her arrival allows the mobster to escape and Miyamoto takes Milly, who he thinks he accidentally shot, back to his place. She was saved by a plate of metal in her coat. She tapes a tiny bomb to his neck and threatens him into helping her on her mission. Miyamoto has a personal score to settle with Mizoguchi, who killed his childhood friend by kidnapping him and selling off his organs. That night, Miyamoto sees Milly cleaning up his trenchcoat on a coat hanger, so he tells her to go back to sleep.

The next morning he discovers photos of himself and a newspaper article on his death. He shows these to his weapons supplier Shi, who tells him it's an elaborate trick the Triads wouldn't waste their time on. With Shi's help, they track down where the alien spaceship crashed, but it was taken away to the National Institute of Space Science. They try to get to the spaceship to kill the alien, but Mizoguchi arrives and tries to take the facility over. Milly is surprised at the alien, it is not what she expected. She hesitates to kill it as Mizoguchi advances on the lab.

Using Miyamoto as its mouthpiece, the alien says it wants to go home. Milly realizes that she has been lied to. The humans and not the aliens, started the war which has been destroying the human race. They started it when they captured and killed the alien. She now knows they have to stop Mizoguchi as he wants the alien technology to take over the world. Following the destruction of the Space Science lab, Mizoguchi and his goons take the alien and its ship. Meanwhile, Miyamoto and Milly regroup for the next part of her mission.

Dreamcatcher - 2003

Jonesy, Beaver, Pete and Henry are four friends on an annual hunting trip in Maine. As children, they all acquired telepathy which they call "the line". A flashback shows them as they save a mentally handicapped boy named Douglas "Duddits" Cavell from bullies and befriend him. Jonesy sees Duddits beckoning him to cross the street, but as he does so Jonesy is hit by a car. His injuries heal with mysterious speed and 6 months later he is able to make the group's annual trip.

Jonesy meets a man lost in the forest named Rick McCarthy. He is very ill, so Jonesy and Beaver let him rest and recover inside their cabin. Suddenly herds of forest animals flee past their cabin, followed by two military helicopters that announce the area is now quarantined. Jonesy and Beaver return to the cabin to find a trail of blood from the bedroom to the bathroom, where Rick sits semi-catatonic on the toilet, the room covered with blood.

Suddenly Rick is thrown from the toilet, dead into the tub as a creature writhes and screams in the toilet. Beaver attempts to trap the creature under the toilet lid, but a three-foot long lamprey-like creature, with multiple rows of razor-sharp teeth, kills him. Jonesy tries to escape but is confronted by a large alien called Mr. Grey, who possesses Jonesy's body and emits a red-dust around the entire cabin.

Nearby, Henry and Pete crash their red land-rover to avoid running-over a frostbitten woman from Rick's original hunting party. Henry walks for help while Pete stays with the woman. She dies and also excretes a worm, which Pete barely manages to kill. Mr. Grey then tricks and 'kidnaps' Pete, but Jonesy telepathically warns Henry to stay hidden. Henry returns to the cabin to find Beaver dead and the worm that killed him laying a group of eggs. In order to kill all of the alien larvae, he sets fire to the cabin.


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