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Out the cockpit window, Leia sees Luke from the bottom of the city.

LEIA: Okay. Easy, Chewie.

The Falcon positions itself under Luke.

Lando moves up through the opening of the inner hatch.

The outer hatch pops open with a hiss of pressure. Lando readies himself to help the battered warrior inside the ship.

Seeing this, Luke lets go of the weather vane and drops into the outer hatch opening.

Three TIE fighters race toward the Falcon

LEIA (into intercom): Lando?

LANDO (over intercom): Okay, let's go.

The Falcon banks away from the city.

The Falcon is closely followed by three TIE fighters, all of which keep up a heavy laser assault on the fleeing starship.

Explosions erupt all around the cockpit, buffeting the ship wildly. Leia turns to see Luke, bloody and battered, enter the cockpit supported by Lando. Leia jumps up and hugs him while Lando takes her spot in the cockpit to assist Chewie.

LUKE: Oh, Leia.

LANDO: All right, Chewie. Let's go.

Leia helps Luke from the cockpit as another huge blast rocks the ship.

CLOUD CITY: The Falcon, still followed by the three TIE fighters, races away from the cloud-covered city.

MILLENNIUM FALCON - SLEEPING QUARTERS: Luke rests on a cot, his injured arm wrapped in a protective cuff. Leia gently wipes his face. The ship lurches again.

LEIA: I'll be back.

She kisses him, then leaves the quarters.

All over the ship muted alarm buzzers sound. Lando anxiously watches the flashing lights on the control panel and hurriedly adjusts some switches. Seated next to him, Chewie points out a new blip appearing on the panel. Leia, watching over their shoulders, recognizes the shape and points upwards.

LEIA: Star Destroyer.

LANDO: All right, Chewie. Ready for light-speed.

LEIA: If your people fixed the hyperdrive.

LEIA: All the coordinates are set. It's now or never.

Chewie barks in agreement.

LANDO: Punch it!

Another explosion rocks the ship. Leia notices as a green light on the panel next to her flashes on. The Wookiee shrugs and pulls back on the light-speed throttle. The sound of the ion engine is winding up. Faces are tense, expectant. But nothing happens, and the engine goes off. Chewie lets out a frustrated howl. The flak still violently rocks the ship.

LANDO: They told me they fixed it. I trusted them to fix it. It's not my fault!

Chewie gets up from his chair and starts out of the cockpit. He gives Lando and angry shove as he storms past him.

In the distance the TIE fighters continue their chase, still shooting lasers. Vader's Star Destroyer moves behind them, determinedly following the Falcon.

VADER'S STAR DESTROYER - BRIDGE: Vader stands on the bridge looking out the window as Admiral Piett approaches him.

PIETT: They'll be in range of our tractor beam in moments, my lord.

VADER: Did your men deactivate the hyperdrive on the Millennium Falcon?

PIETT: Yes, my lord.

VADER: Good. Prepare the boarding party and set your weapons for stun.

PIETT: Yes, my lord.

MILLENNIUM FALCON: Beeping while he works, Artoo is busy connecting some wires to Threepio who now has one leg attached. Chewie enters through the doorway, grunting to himself.

THREEPIO: Noisy brute. Why don't we just go into light-speed?

Artoo beeps in response.

THREEPIO: We can't? How would you know the hyperdrive is deactivated?

Artoo whistles knowingly.

THREEPIO: The city's central computer told you? Artoo-Detoo, you know better than to trust a strange computer. Ouch! Pay attention to what you're doing!

Chewie is in the pit. He is trying to loosen something with an enormous wrench. Frustrated, he uses the wrench like a club and hits the panel...

MILLENNIUM FALCON - COCKPIT: Leia and Lando, seated in front of the control panel, are suddenly sprayed by a shower of sparks.

VADER'S STAR DESTROYER - BRIDGE: Vader stands on the bridge, watching as the Millennium Falcon is chased by the TIE fighters. As his Destroyer draws nearer, Vader's breathing gets slightly faster.

VADER: Luke.

MILLENNIUM FALCON - SLEEPING QUARTERS: Luke realizes that Vader's ship is very near. He feels resigned to his fate. He senses that he is beaten, more emotionally than physically.

LUKE: Father.

VADER: Son, come with me.

LUKE (moaning): Ben, why didn't you tell me?

Lando and Leia are at the controls of the Falcon.

LANDO (into intercom): Chewie!

Meanwhile, in the ship's hold, Chewie continues to work frantically on the hyperdrive mechanism.

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