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Star Destroyers escort Vader's Super Destroyer, as the massive construct cruises through space.

VADER'S CHAMBER: Admiral Piett hesitates in the entryway to Vader's private cubicle.

After a moment, he steps into the room and pauses at the surprising sight before him. Darth Vader, his back turned, is silhouetted in the gloom on the far side of the chamber. A robotic arm attends him.

Among the various apparatuses surrounding them, a respirator tube now retracts from Vader's uncovered head. The head is bald with a mass of ugly scar tissue covering it. The robotic arm then lowers the mask and helmet onto Vader's head.

When it is in place, the Dark Lord turns to face Piett.

VADER: Yes, Admiral?

PIETT: Our ships have sighted the Millennium Falcon, lord. But... it has entered an asteroid field and we cannot risk...

VADER (interrupting): Asteroids do not concern me, Admiral. I want that ship and not excuses.

PIETT: Yes, lord.

ASTEROID CAVE: The pirate starship rests in a dark, dripping asteroid cave. It is so dark that the cave's exact dimensions are impossible to determine.

Han and Chewie busily shut down the engine and all electronic systems. Threepio and Leia watch worriedly. HAN I'm going to shut down everything but the emergency power systems.

THREEPIO: Sir, I'm almost afraid to ask, but... does that include shutting me down, too?

HAN (thinking otherwise): No, I need you to talk to the Falcon, find out what's wrong with the hyperdrive.

Suddenly, the ship lurches, causing all the loose items in the cockpit to go flying. Chewie howls.

THREEPIO: Sir, it's quite possible this asteroid is not entirely stable.

HAN: Not entirely stable? I'm glad you're here to tell us these things. Chewie, take the professor in the back and plug him into the hyperdrive.

THREEPIO: Oh! Sometimes I just don't understand human behavior. After all, I'm only trying to do my job in the most...

The sliding door closes behind the indignant Threepio as Chewie and he move back to the hold.

Suddenly, the ship lurches again, throwing Leia across the cabin into Han's arms. Then, abruptly, the motion stops as suddenly as it started. With some surprise, Han and Leia realize they are in each other's arms.

LEIA: Let go.

HAN: Sshh!

LEIA: Let go, please.

Leia flushes, averting her eyes. She's not exactly fighting to get free. But, of course, Han blows it...

HAN: Don't get excited.

LEIA (rises in anger): Captain, being held by you isn't quite enough to get me excited.

HAN: Sorry, sweetheart. We haven't got time for anything else.

Han grins quickly wickedly at Leia as he turns and exits through the door.

Leia's confused emotions show clearly on her lovely face.

DAGOBAH - BOG CLEARING: The mist has dispersed a bit, but it is still a very gloomy-looking swamp.

Luke carries supplies and an equipment box from the shore to the clearing.

He ignites a little fusion furnace and warms his hands before it. Taking a power cable, he plugs it into Artoo's noselike socket.

LUKE: Ready for some power? Okay. Let's see now. Put that in there. There you go.

The droid whistles his appreciation.

LUKE (sighs): Now all I gotta do is find this Yoda... if he even exists.

Luke then opens a container of processed food and sits before the thermal heater.

LUKE: Really strange place to find a Jedi Master.

Artoo is beeping to Luke's comments as he eats his meal.

LUKE: This place gives me the creeps.

Nervously, he looks around at the foreboding jungle.

LUKE: Still... there's something familiar about this place. I feel like... I don't know...

STRANGE VOICE: Feel like what?

Luke jumps out of his skin. Artoo screeches in terror. The young warrior pulls out his laser gun as he spins around, looking for the speaker. Mysteriously standing right in front of Luke is a strange, greenish creature, not more than two feet tall. The wizened little thing is dressed in rags.

LUKE (looking at the creature): Like we're being watched!

CREATURE: Away with your weapon! I mean you no harm. . . . I am wondering, why are you here?

LUKE: I'm looking for someone.

After some hesitation, Luke puts away his weapon, although he really doesn't understand why. Artoo watches with interest.

CREATURE: Looking? Found someone, you have, I would say, hmmm? (laughs)

LUKE (Trying to keep from smiling): Right.

CREATURE: Help you I can. Yes, mmmm.

LUKE: I don't think so. I'm looking for a great warrior.

CREATURE: Ahhh! A great warrior. (laughs and starts to move) Wars not make one great.

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