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Luke's fighter, its wings closed, speeds away from the icy planet. Soon it disappears into the stars.

Artoo notices their X-wing banks sharply and flies away in a new direction. The monitor screen on Luke's control panel prints out a question from the concerned Artoo.

LUKE (into comlink): There's nothing wrong, Artoo. I'm just setting a new course.

Artoo beeps once again.

LUKE (into comlink): We're not going to regroup with the others.

Artoo begins a protest, whistling an unbelieving, "What?!" Luke reads Artoo's exclamation on his control panel.

LUKE (into comlink): We're going to the Dagobah system.

Artoo chirps up.

LUKE (into comlink): Yes, Artoo?

Artoo utters a soft, carefully phrased steam of whistles.

LUKE (into comlink, chuckling): That's all right. I'd like to keep it on manual control for a while.

The little droid lets out a defeated whimper. Luke smiles, and continues on his course.

The Millennium Falcon speeds away from Hoth, closely followed by one huge Star Destroyer and four tiny TIE fighters. As it is pursued, the Falcon races toward two very bright star-sized objects.

Inside the cockpit, Chewie lets out a loud howl. Han checks as the ship is buffeted by exploding flak. He appears to be doing six things at once.

HAN (harried): I saw them! I saw them!

LEIA: Saw what?

HAN: Star Destroyers, two of them, coming right at us.

Threepio bumps and bangs his way into the cockpit.

THREEPIO: Sir, sir! Might I suggest...

HAN (to Leia): Shut him up or shut him down! (to Chewie) Check the deflector shield!

The rocking of the ship flings Threepio into Chewie, irritating the Wookie, shoving the droid out of the way. Chewie barks a reply as he readjusts an overhead switch.

HAN: Oh, great. Well, we can still outmaneuver them.

The Millennium Falcon races toward one of the huge oncoming Star Destroyers. Suddenly, the Falcon starts into a deep dive straight down, closely followed by four TIE fighters.

The underside of the Star Destroyer continues on a collision course with two oncoming Star Destroyers. Slowly, it starts to veer to the left.

STAR DESTROYER - BRIDGE: Out the front window, the two approaching Star Destroyers can be seen veering to the left.

IMPERIAL OFFICER: Take evasive action!

Alarms sound all over the huge ship. The two other Star Destroyers get closer, one of them moving over the bridge so close that it makes brushing contact with it.

The Millennium Falcon races away from the colliding Star Destroyers, still followed by four TIE fighters. Laser bolts spark the pitch-black skies.

Things have calmed down a bit, but the race isn't over yet. Chewie barks at Han. Leia is still trying to recover from the steep dive. The ship is buffeted by laser blasts.

HAN: Prepare to make the jump to light-speed.

THREEPIO: But, sir!

The buffeting of lasers becomes louder and stronger.

LEIA: They're getting closer!

HAN (with a gleam in his eye): Oh yeah? Watch this.

Expectantly, they look out the cockpit window as stars do not go into hyperspace, but just sit there. Han and Chewie look at each other and are thrown into an acute state of concern.

LEIA: Watch what?

Han tries again. Still nothing.

HAN: I think we're in trouble.

THREEPIO: If I may say so, sir, I noticed earlier that the hyperdrive motivator has been damaged. It's impossible to go to light-speed!

HAN: We're in trouble!

The explosions become heavier. The Falcon races into the starry vastness, followed by the four Imperial TIE fighters and an Imperial Star Destroyer. Stars race by as flak bursts outside the Falcon's window.

Han works furiously at some control panels while giving various orders to Chewie.

HAN: Horizontal boosters...! (Chewie barks) Alluvial dampers...! Well that's not it. (Chewie barks) Bring me the hydrospanners!

Chewie hurries over to the pit and places the tools on the edge.

HAN: I don't know how we're going to get out of this one.

Suddenly, a loud thump hits the side of the Falcon, causing it to lurch radically. Chewie barks. The tools fall into the pit on top of Han.

HAN: Oww! Chewie!

More turbulence rocks the ship.

HAN: That was no laser blast! Something hit us.

LEIA (over comlink): Han, get up here!

Han climbs out of the hold like a shot. Both he and Chewie run out of the hold and toward the cockpit.

HAN: Come on, Chewie!

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