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SPACE STATION ELEVATOR: The elevator door opens, Floyd and the elevator girl are seated in the circular cab.

ELEVATOR GIRL: Here you are, sir. Main level, please.

FLOYD: Allright, see you on the way back.



SPACE STATION RECEPTION AREA: Floyd approaches the receptionist, Miss Turner, at the desk.


TURNER: Good morning, sir.

FLOYD: Good morning.

TURNER: We haven't seen you out here for a long time.

FLOYD: Very nice to see you again.

TURNER: Did you have a pleasant flight, sir?

FLOYD: It was very nice, thanks. . . . I think Mr. Miller of station security is supposed to be meeting me.

TURNER: Oh, well may I call him for you?

FLOYD: Please. . . . oh, there he is.

MILLER: Hello Doctor.

FLOYD: Hello, how are you?

MILLER: Sorry I'm late.

FLOYD: That's quite allright. Gee you're looking good.

MILLER: Thank you, it's nice to have you back. Did you have a good flight?

FLOYD: Very nice indeed.

MILLER: Good. . . Well, shall we go through?

FLOYD: Okay.

TURNER: Please use number 17.

MILLER: Thank you, Miss Turner

FLOYD (to Turner): Thank you.

They enter the Passport Area. The receptionist presses the "English" bar on her console and smiles as Floyd goes through. In the automated passport section, they stop in front of a booth featuring a TV screen.

PASSPORT GIRL (TV): Welcome to Voice Print Identification. When you see the red light go on, would you please state in the following order; your destination, your nationality and your full name. Surname first, christian name and initial.

There is a pause and a red bar lights up.

FLOYD: Moon, American, Floyd, Heywood, R.

The red light goes off. There is a delay of about two seconds and the woman's face reappears.

PASSPORT GIRL (TV): Thank you. You are cleared through Voice Print Identification.

The lights go off and the woman's face disappears.

FLOYD: Thank you.

The men exit the passport area.

INT SPACE STATION - LOUNGE: Floyd and Miller walking.

FLOYD: I got time for breakfast?

MILLER: Oh I think we can manage that.

FLOYD: How long have I got?

MILLER: Your flight leaves in an hour and ten minutes. As a matter of fact, I reserved a table for you in The Earth Light Room.

FLOYD: Fine, thanks.

A lady's voice can be heard from a lounge speaker announcing a blue lady's sweater has been found in the restaurant.

MILLER: It's been about seven or eight months since we had a visit from you.

FLOYD: Well, let's see, last year...yea, about eight months.

MILLER: Hmm... I suppose you saw the work on the new section when you came in.

FLOYD: Hey...coming along great.

MILLER (chuckles): Yea, that's right.

They pass the Vision Phone Booth.

FLOYD: Oh, wait a minute, I've got to make a couple of phone calls. You go on ahead into the restaurant and I'll meet you in there.

MILLER: Right.

Floyd enters the phone booth, the glass door closes automatically.

FLOYD IN VISION PHONE: Floyd presses a series of keys, a momentary pause and a little girl of five appears on the video screen.


FLOYD: Hello!

CHILD: Hello.

FLOYD: How are you, squirt?

CHILD: Allright.

FLOYD: What are you doing?

CHILD: Playing.

FLOYD: Where's Mommy?

CHILD: Gone to shopping.

FLOYD: Well, who's taking care of you?

CHILD: Rachael.

FLOYD: May I speak to Rachael, please?

CHILD: She's gone to the bathroom. Are you coming to my party tomorrow?

FLOYD: I'm sorry sweetheart, but I can't.

CHILD: Why not?

FLOYD: Well, you know, Daddy's traveling. I'm very sorry about it, but I just can't.


FLOYD: I'll send you a very nice present though.

CHILD: Allright.

FLOYD: Anything special that you want?


FLOYD: What?

CHILD: A telephone.

FLOYD: We got lots of telephones already. Can't you think of anything else you want for your birthday? Something very special?


FLOYD: What?

CHILD: A Bush Baby.

FLOYD: A Bush Baby? Well, we will have to see about that. Listen sweetheart, I want you tell Mommy something for me, will you remember?


FLOYD: Well, tell Mommy I telephoned, okay?


FLOYD: And I'll try to telephone again tomorrow...now will you tell her that?


FLOYD: Okay sweetheart, have a nice birthday tomorrow.

CHILD: Allright.

FLOYD: And have a nice birthday party tomorrow too, huh?

CHILD: Allright.

FLOYD: Okay, now take care and be a good girl won't you.

CHILD: Allright, bye bye!

FLOYD: Bye bye. Happy birthday!

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Zero Gravity Toilet

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